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This Reference Manual output has not been verified, and may contain omissions or errors. Report any problems on the tracking issue

Index entries are given by paragraph number.

& operator 4.5(1), 4.5.3(3)

* operator 4.5(1), 4.5.5(1)

** operator 4.5(1), 4.5.6(7)

+ operator 4.5(1), 4.5.3(1), 4.5.4(1)

- operator 4.5(1), 4.5.3(1), 4.5.4(1)

/ operator 4.5(1), 4.5.5(1)

/= operator 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1), 6.6(6/3)

10646:2020, ISO/IEC standard 1.2(8/5)

14882:2020, ISO/IEC standard 1.2.1(9/5)

1539-1:2018, ISO/IEC standard 1.2.1(3/5)

1989:2002, ISO standard 1.2.1(4/5)

3166-1:2020, ISO standard 1.2(4.1/5)

60559:2020, ISO/IEC standard 1.2.1(10/5)

639-3:2007, ISO standard 1.2(1.1/3)

6429:1992, ISO/IEC standard 1.2.1(5/5)

646:1991, ISO/IEC standard 1.2.1(2/5)

8601-1:2019, ISO standard 1.2.1(6/5)

8859-1:1998, ISO/IEC standard 1.2.1(7/5)

9899:2018, ISO/IEC standard 1.2.1(8/5)

< operator 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1)

<= operator 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1)

= operator 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1)

> operator 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1)

>= operator 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1)


abnormal completion 7.6.1(2/2)

abnormal state of an object 13.9.1(4) [partial] 9.8(21), 11.6(6/5), A.13(17)

abnormal task 9.8(4)

abnormal termination of a partition 10.2(25.c)

abort of a partition E.1(7) of a task 9.8(4) of the execution of a construct 9.8(5)

abort completion point 9.8(15)

abort-deferred operation 9.8(5)

abort_statement 9.8(2) used 5.1(4/2), P.1

Abort_Task in Ada.Task_Identification C.7.1(3/5)

abortable_part 9.7.4(5) used 9.7.4(2), P.1

abs operator 4.5(1), 4.5.6(1)

absolute deadline active D.2.6(14/5) base D.2.6(14/5)

absolute value 4.5(1), 4.5.6(1)

abstract data type (ADT) See private types and private extensions 7.3(1) See also abstract type 3.9.3(1/2)

abstract formal subprogram 12.6(8.d/2)

abstract subprogram 3.9.3(1/2), 3.9.3(3/2)

abstract type 1.3.1(1/5), 3.9.3(1.2/2), 3.9.3(1/2)

abstract_subprogram_declaration 3.9.3(1.1/3) used 3.1(3/3), P.1

ACATS Ada Conformity Assessment Test Suite 1.3(1.f/5)

accept_alternative 9.7.1(5) used 9.7.1(4), P.1

accept_statement 9.5.2(3) used 5.1(5/5), 9.7.1(5), P.1

acceptable interpretation 8.6(14)

Access attribute 3.10.2(24/1), 3.10.2(32/5) See also Unchecked_Access attribute 13.10(3)

access discriminant 3.7(9/2)

access parameter 6.1(24/2)

access paths distinct 6.2(12/3)

access result type 6.1(24/2)

access type 1.3.1(2/5), 3.10(1) subpool 13.11.4(22/3)

access types input-output unspecified A.7(6)

access value 3.10(1)

access-to-constant type 3.10(10)

access-to-object type 3.10(7/1)

access-to-subprogram type 3.10(7/1), 3.10(11)

access-to-variable type 3.10(10)

Access_Check 11.5(11/2) [partial] 4.1(13), 4.1.5(8/3), 4.6(51/5), 4.8(10.4/3)

access_definition 3.10(6/2) used 3.3.1(2/3), 3.6(7/2), 3.7(5/5), 5.5.2(2.1/5), 6.1(13/2), 6.1(15/5), 6.5(2.3/2), 8.5.1(2/5), 12.4(2/3), P.1

access_to_object_definition 3.10(3) used 3.10(2/2), P.1

access_to_subprogram_definition 3.10(5) used 3.10(2/2), P.1

access_type_definition 3.10(2/2) used 3.2.1(4/2), 12.5.4(2), P.1

accessibility distributed 3.10.2(32.1/3) from shared passive library units E.2.1(8)

accessibility level 1.3.1(4/5), 3.10.2(3/5)

accessibility rule Access attribute 3.10.2(28/3), 3.10.2(32/5) checking in generic units 12.3(11.s) not part of generic contract 3.9.1(4.k) requeue statement 9.5.4(6/3) type conversion 4.6(24.17/4), 4.6(24.21/4) type conversion, array components 4.6(24.6/2)

accessibility rules See also Heart of Darkness 3.10.2(3.b/3)

Accessibility_Check 11.5(19.1/2) [partial] 3.10.2(29), 4.6(39.1/2), 4.6(48/3), 4.8(10.1/3), 6.5(8/5), 6.5(21/3), 9.5.4(7.2/5), 13.11.4(25/3), 13.11.4(26/3), E.4(18/1)

accessible partition E.1(7)

accumulator reduction attribute 4.5.10(24/5)

accuracy 4.6(32), G.2(1)

ACID 1.3(1.f/5)

ACK in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

acquire execution resource associated with protected object 9.5.1(5/4)

actions concurrent 9.10(16/5) conflicting 9.10(17/5) potentially conflicting 9.10(17/5) sequential 9.10(11/5)

activation of a task 9.2(1)

activation failure 9.2(1)

Activation_Is_Complete in Ada.Task_Identification C.7.1(4/3)

activator of a task 9.2(5)

active absolute deadline D.2.6(14/5)

active locale A.19(8/3)

active partition 10.2(28/3), E.1(2)

active priority D.1(15/5)

actual 12.3(7/5)

actual duration D.9(12/5)

actual parameter for a formal parameter 6.4.1(3)

actual subtype 3.3(23/5), 12.5(4) of an object 3.3.1(9/2)

actual type 12.5(4)

actual_parameter_part 6.4(4) used 4.1.6(10/3), 6.4(2), 6.4(3), 9.5.3(2), P.1

Actual_Quantum in Ada.Dispatching.Round_Robin D.2.5(4/5)

Acute in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

ACVC Ada Compiler Validation Capability 1.3(1.f/5)

Ada A.2(2/5)

Ada calling convention 6.3.1(3/3)

Ada Commentary Integration Document (ACID) 1.3(1.f/5)

Ada Compiler Validation Capability ACVC 1.3(1.f/5)

Ada Conformity Assessment Test Suite ACATS 1.3(1.f/5)

Ada Issue (AI) 1.3(1.f/5)

Ada Rapporteur Group (ARG) 1.3(1.f/5)

Ada.Ada.Unchecked_Deallocate_Subpool 13.11.5(3/5)

Ada.Assertions 11.4.2(12/5)

Ada.Asynchronous_Task_Control D.11(3/5)

Ada.Calendar 9.6(10/5)

Ada.Calendar.Arithmetic 9.6.1(8/5)

Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(15/5)

Ada.Calendar.Time_Zones 9.6.1(2/5)

Ada.Characters A.3.1(2/5)

Ada.Characters.Conversions A.3.4(2/5)

Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(2/5)

Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(3/5)

Ada.Command_Line A.15(3/5)

Ada.Complex_Text_IO G.1.3(9.1/2)

Ada.Containers A.18.1(3/5)

Ada.Containers.Bounded_Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.20(1/3)

Ada.Containers.Bounded_Hashed_Maps A.18.21(1/3)

Ada.Containers.Bounded_Hashed_Sets A.18.23(1/3)

Ada.Containers.Bounded_Indefinite_Holders A.18.32(1/5)

Ada.Containers.Bounded_Multiway_Trees A.18.25(1/3)

Ada.Containers.Bounded_Ordered_Maps A.18.22(1/3)

Ada.Containers.Bounded_Ordered_Sets A.18.24(1/3)

Ada.Containers.Bounded_Priority_Queues A.18.31(2/5)

Ada.Containers.Bounded_Synchronized_Queues A.18.29(2/5)

Ada.Containers.Bounded_Vectors A.18.19(1/3)

Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(5/5)

Ada.Containers.Generic_Array_Sort A.18.26(3/5)

Ada.Containers.Generic_Constrained_Array_Sort A.18.26(7/5)

Ada.Containers.Generic_Sort A.18.26(9.2/5)

Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(2/5)

Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(2/5)

Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.12(2/3)

Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Hashed_Maps A.18.13(2/3)

Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Hashed_Sets A.18.15(2/3)

Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(5/5)

Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Multiway_Trees A.18.17(2/3)

Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Maps A.18.14(2/3)

Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Ordered_Sets A.18.16(2/3)

Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Vectors A.18.11(2/3)

Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(7/5)

Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(2/5)

Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(2/5)

Ada.Containers.Synchronized_Queue_Interfaces A.18.27(3/5)

Ada.Containers.Unbounded_Priority_Queues A.18.30(2/5)

Ada.Containers.Unbounded_Synchronized_Queues A.18.28(2/5)

Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(6/5)

Ada.Decimal F.2(2/5)

Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(2/5)

Ada.Directories A.16(3/5)

Ada.Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names A.16.1(3/5)

Ada.Directories.Information A.16(124/2)

Ada.Dispatching D.2.1(1.2/5)

Ada.Dispatching.EDF D.2.6(9/5)

Ada.Dispatching.Non_Preemptive D.2.4(2.2/5)

Ada.Dispatching.Round_Robin D.2.5(4/5)

Ada.Dynamic_Priorities D.5.1(3/5)

Ada.Environment_Variables A.17(3/5)

Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(2/5)

Ada.Execution_Time D.14(3/5)

Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(3/5)

Ada.Execution_Time.Interrupts D.14.3(3/5)

Ada.Execution_Time.Timers D.14.1(3/5)

Ada.Finalization 7.6(4/5)

Ada.Float_Text_IO A.10.9(33)

Ada.Float_Wide_Text_IO A.11(2/2)

Ada.Float_Wide_Wide_Text_IO A.11(3/2)

Ada.Integer_Text_IO A.10.8(21)

Ada.Integer_Wide_Text_IO A.11(2/2)

Ada.Integer_Wide_Wide_Text_IO A.11(3/2)

Ada.Interrupts C.3.2(2/5)

Ada.Interrupts.Names C.3.2(12/5)

Ada.IO_Exceptions A.13(3/5)

Ada.Iterator_Interfaces 5.5.1(2/5)

Ada.Locales A.19(3/5)

Ada.Numerics A.5(3/5)

Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.5(3/5), A.5.6(2/5)

Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(2/5)

Ada.Numerics.Complex_Arrays G.3.2(53/2)

Ada.Numerics.Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(9/1)

Ada.Numerics.Complex_Types G.1.1(25/1)

Ada.Numerics.Discrete_Random A.5.2(17/5)

Ada.Numerics.Elementary_Functions A.5.1(9/1)

Ada.Numerics.Float_Random A.5.2(5/5)

Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(2/5)

Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(2/5)

Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types G.1.1(2/5)

Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(3/5)

Ada.Numerics.Generic_Real_Arrays G.3.1(2/5)

Ada.Numerics.Real_Arrays G.3.1(31/2)

Ada.Real_Time D.8(3/5)

Ada.Real_Time.Timing_Events D.15(3/5)

Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(2/5)

Ada.Storage_IO A.9(3/5)

Ada.Streams 13.13.1(2/5)

Ada.Streams.Storage 13.13.1(12/5)

Ada.Streams.Storage.Bounded 13.13.1(26/5)

Ada.Streams.Storage.Unbounded 13.13.1(18/5)

Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(3/5)

Ada.Strings A.4.1(3/5)

Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(3/5)

Ada.Strings.Bounded.Equal_Case_Insensitive A.4.10(7/5)

Ada.Strings.Bounded.Hash A.4.9(7/5)

Ada.Strings.Bounded.Hash_Case_Insensitive A.4.9(11.7/5)

Ada.Strings.Bounded.Less_Case_Insensitive A.4.10(18/5)

Ada.Strings.Equal_Case_Insensitive A.4.10(2/5)

Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.3(5/5)

Ada.Strings.Fixed.Equal_Case_Insensitive A.4.10(5/3)

Ada.Strings.Fixed.Hash_Case_Insensitive A.4.9(11.5/3)

Ada.Strings.Fixed.Less_Case_Insensitive A.4.10(16/3)

Ada.Strings.Hash A.4.9(2/5)

Ada.Strings.Hash_Case_Insensitive A.4.9(11.2/5)

Ada.Strings.Less_Case_Insensitive A.4.10(13/5)

Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(3/5)

Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(3/5)

Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(3/5)

Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers.Bounded A.4.12(26/5)

Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers.Unbounded A.4.12(18/5)

Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(3/5)

Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Equal_Case_Insensitive A.4.10(10/5)

Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Hash A.4.9(10/5)

Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Hash_Case_Insensitive A.4.9(11.10/5)

Ada.Strings.Unbounded.Less_Case_Insensitive A.4.10(21/5)

Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(3/5)

Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding.Conversions A.4.11(15/5)

Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding.Strings A.4.11(22/5)

Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding.Wide_Strings A.4.11(30/5)

Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding.Wide_Wide_Strings A.4.11(38/5)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Bounded A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Bounded.Wide_Equal_Case_Insensitive A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Bounded.Wide_Hash A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Bounded.Wide_Hash_Case_Insensitive A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Equal_Case_Insensitive A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Fixed A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Fixed.Wide_Equal_Case_Insensitive A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Fixed.Wide_Hash A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Fixed.Wide_Hash_Case_Insensitive A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Hash A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Hash_Case_Insensitive A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(3/5)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps.Wide_Constants A.4.7(1/3), A.4.8(28/2)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Unbounded A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Unbounded.Wide_Equal_Case_Insensitive A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Unbounded.Wide_Hash A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Unbounded.Wide_Hash_Case_Insensitive A.4.7(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Bounded A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Bounded.Wide_Wide_Equal_Case_Insensitive A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Bounded.Wide_Wide_Hash A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Bounded.Wide_Wide_Hash_Case_Insensitive A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Equal_Case_Insensitive A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Fixed A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Fixed.Wide_Wide_Equal_Case_Insensitive A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Fixed.Wide_Wide_Hash A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Fixed.Wide_Wide_Hash_Case_Insensitive A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Hash A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Hash_Case_Insensitive A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(3/5)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps.Wide_Wide_Constants A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Unbounded A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Unbounded.Wide_Wide_Equal_Case_Insensitive A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Unbounded.Wide_Wide_Hash A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Unbounded.Wide_Wide_Hash_Case_Insensitive A.4.8(1/3)

Ada.Synchronous_Barriers D.10.1(3/5)

Ada.Synchronous_Task_Control D.10(3/5)

Ada.Synchronous_Task_Control.EDF D.10(5.2/5)

Ada.Tags 3.9(6/5)

Ada.Tags.Generic_Dispatching_Constructor 3.9(18.2/5)

Ada.Task_Attributes C.7.2(2/5)

Ada.Task_Identification C.7.1(2/5)

Ada.Task_Termination C.7.3(2/5)

Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(2/5)

Ada.Text_IO.Bounded_IO A.10.11(3/5)

Ada.Text_IO.Complex_IO G.1.3(3/5)

Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(3/5)

Ada.Text_IO.Text_Streams A.12.2(3/5)

Ada.Text_IO.Unbounded_IO A.10.12(3/5)

Ada.Unchecked_Conversion 13.9(3/5)

Ada.Unchecked_Deallocate_Subpool child of Ada 13.11.5(3/5)

Ada.Unchecked_Deallocation 13.11.2(3/5)

Ada.Wide_Characters A.3.1(4/5)

Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(3/5)

Ada.Wide_Command_Line A.15.1(2/5)

Ada.Wide_Directories A.16.2(2/5)

Ada.Wide_Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names A.16.2(2/5)

Ada.Wide_Directories.Information A.16.2(2/5)

Ada.Wide_Environment_Variables A.17.1(2/5)

Ada.Wide_Text_IO A.11(2/2)

Ada.Wide_Text_IO.Complex_IO G.1.4(1)

Ada.Wide_Text_IO.Editing F.3.4(1)

Ada.Wide_Text_IO.Text_Streams A.12.3(3/5)

Ada.Wide_Text_IO.Wide_Bounded_IO A.11(4/3)

Ada.Wide_Text_IO.Wide_Unbounded_IO A.11(5/3)

Ada.Wide_Wide_Characters A.3.1(6/5)

Ada.Wide_Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.6(1/3)

Ada.Wide_Wide_Command_Line A.15.1(3/5)

Ada.Wide_Wide_Directories A.16.2(3/5)

Ada.Wide_Wide_Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names A.16.2(3/5)

Ada.Wide_Wide_Directories.Information A.16.2(3/5)

Ada.Wide_Wide_Environment_Variables A.17.1(3/5)

Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO A.11(3/2)

Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO.Complex_IO G.1.5(1/2)

Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO.Editing F.3.5(1/2)

Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO.Text_Streams A.12.4(3/5)

Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO.Wide_Wide_Bounded_IO A.11(4/3)

Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO.Wide_Wide_Unbounded_IO A.11(5/3)

Ada_To_COBOL in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(14)

adafinal B.1(39/3)

adainit B.1(39/3)

Add in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(9/2)

Add_Task in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(8/2)

additive aspect 13.1.1(18.3/5)

address arithmetic 13.7.1(6) comparison 13.7(14/3) in System 13.7(12)

Address aspect 13.3(12)

Address attribute 13.3(11), J.7.1(5)

Address clause 13.3(7/2), 13.3(12)

Address_To_Access_Conversions child of System 13.7.2(2/5)

Adjacent attribute A.5.3(48)

Adjust 7.6(2) in Ada.Finalization 7.6(6/2)

adjusting the value of an object 7.6(15), 7.6(16/3)

adjustment 7.6(15), 7.6(16/3) as part of assignment 5.2(14/5)

Admission_Policy pragma D.4.1(3/5), L(1.1/5)

ADT (abstract data type) See private types and private extensions 7.3(1) See also abstract type 3.9.3(1/2)

advice 1.1.2(37)

Aft attribute 3.5.10(5)

aggregate 1.3.3(1/5), 4.3(1), 4.3(2/5) index parameter 4.3.3(6.1/5) used 4.4(7/5), 4.7(2), 6.8(2/4), 13.1.1(4/5), P.1 See also composite type 3.2(2/5)

Aggregate aspect 4.3.5(3/5)

AI 1.3(1.f/5)

aliased 3.10(9/5)

aliased view 1.3.1(5/5)

aliasing See distinct access paths 6.2(12/3)

Alignment in Ada.Strings A.4.1(6)

Alignment (subtype) aspect 13.3(26.4/2)

Alignment attribute 13.3(23/2), 13.3(26.2/2)

Alignment clause 13.3(7/2), 13.3(25/2), 13.3(26.4/2)

All_Calls_Remote aspect E.2.3(16/5)

All_Calls_Remote pragma J.15.15(6/5), L(2.1/5)

All_Checks 11.5(25/3)

All_Conflict_Checks conflict check policy 9.10.1(22/5)

All_Parallel_Conflict_Checks conflict check policy 9.10.1(20/5)

All_Tasking_Conflict_Checks conflict check policy 9.10.1(21/5)

Allocate in System.Storage_Pools 13.11(7) in System.Storage_Pools.Subpools 13.11.4(14/3)

Allocate_From_Subpool in System.Storage_Pools.Subpools 13.11.4(11/5)

Allocation_Check 11.5(19.2/2) [partial] 4.8(10.2/2), 4.8(10.3/2), 4.8(10.4/3), 13.11.4(30/3)

allocator 4.8(2/3) used 4.4(7/5), P.1

allows blocking 9.5(21/5)

allows exit 5.5.3(19/5)

Alphanumeric in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(16/3)

alphanumeric character a category of Character A.3.2(31)

Alphanumeric_Set in Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(4)

ambiguous 8.6(30)

ambiguous cursor of a vector A.18.2(240/2)

ambiguous grammar 1.1.4(14.a)

Amendment Correction 1.1.2(39.n/3)

ampersand 2.1(15/5) in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

ampersand operator 4.5(1), 4.5.3(3)

ancestor of a library unit 10.1.1(11) of a tree node A.18.10(4/3) of a type 3.4.1(10/2) ultimate 3.4.1(10/2)

ancestor of a type 1.3.1(7/5)

ancestor subtype of a formal derived type 12.5.1(5/3) of a private_extension_declaration 7.3(8)

ancestor type of an extension_aggregate 4.3.2(5/3)

Ancestor_Find in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(40.1/5), A.18.10(40/5)

ancestor_part 4.3.2(3) used 4.3.2(2), P.1

and operator 4.5(1), 4.5.1(2)

and then (short-circuit control form) 4.5(1), 4.5.1(1)

angle threshold G.2.4(10)

Annex informative 1.1.2(18) normative 1.1.2(14) Specialized Needs 1.1.2(7)

anonymous access type 3.10(12/3)

anonymous allocator 3.10.2(14/3)

anonymous array type 3.3.1(1/3)

anonymous protected type 3.3.1(1/3)

anonymous task type 3.3.1(1/3)

anonymous type 3.2.1(7/2)

Any_Priority subtype of Integer in System 13.7(16)

APC in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(19)

apostrophe 2.1(15/5) in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

Append in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(23.1/5), A.18.3(23/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(47.1/5), A.18.2(47/5) in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(13), A.4.4(14), A.4.4(15), A.4.4(16), A.4.4(17), A.4.4(18), A.4.4(19), A.4.4(20) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(12), A.4.5(13), A.4.5(14)

Append_Child in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(52/5)

Append_Vector in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(46/5)

applicable index constraint 4.3.3(10/5)

application areas 1.1.2(7)

applies aspect 13.1.1(23/3), 13.1.1(27/3), 13.1.1(29/3), 13.1.1(30/3)

apply to a callable construct by a return statement 6.5(4/2) to a loop_statement by an exit_statement 5.7(4) to a program unit by a program unit pragma J.15(2/5)

arbitrary order 1.1.4(18) allowed 2.8(12), 3.3.1(20/2), 3.5(9), 3.6(22/2), 3.11(10/1), 3.11(11/3), 3.11(13), 4.1.1(7), 4.1.2(7), 4.3(5), 4.3.1(19/5), 4.3.2(7), 4.3.3(20.3/5), 4.3.3(22), 4.3.3(23), 4.3.5(43/5), 4.3.5(44/5), 4.3.5(45/5), 4.3.5(46/5), 4.5.2(27/4), 4.5.10(24/5), 4.8(10/2), 5.2(7), 6.1.1(34/5), 6.1.1(35/3), 6.4(10/2), 6.4.1(17), 7.6(12), 7.6(16/3), 7.6.1(9/3), 7.6.1(11.1/3), 7.6.1(20.2/3), 9.7.1(15), 9.8(4), 12.3(20), 13.11.5(7/3)

Arccos in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(5) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(6)

Arccosh in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(7) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(7)

Arccot in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(5) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(6)

Arccoth in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(7) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(7)

Arcsin in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(5) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(6)

Arcsinh in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(7) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(7)

Arctan in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(5) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(6)

Arctanh in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(7) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(7)

ARG 1.3(1.f/5)

Argument in Ada.Command_Line A.15(5) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(10/2), G.3.2(31/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types G.1.1(10)

argument of a pragma 2.8(9)

Argument_Count in Ada.Command_Line A.15(4)

Argument_Error in Ada.Numerics A.5(3/5)

Arithmetic child of Ada.Calendar 9.6.1(8/5)

array 3.6(1)

array component expression 4.3.3(6)

array component iterator 5.5.2(3/3)

array for a loop 5.5.2(11/5)

array indexing See indexed_component 4.1.1(1)

array slice 4.1.2(1)

array type 1.3.1(9/5), 3.6(1)

array_aggregate 4.3.3(2/5) used 4.3(2/5), 13.4(3), P.1

array_component_association 4.3.3(5/5) used 4.3.3(4.1/5), P.1

array_component_association_list 4.3.3(4.1/5) used 4.3.3(4/5), 4.3.4(4/5), P.1

array_delta_aggregate 4.3.4(4/5) used 4.3.4(2/5), P.1

array_type_definition 3.6(2) used 3.2.1(4/2), 3.3.1(2/3), 12.5.3(2), P.1

ASCII package physically nested within the declaration of Standard A.1(36.3/2) in Standard A.1(36.3/2)

aspect 1.3.1(10/5), 13.1(0.1/3), K.1(1/3) additive 13.1.1(18.3/5) assertion 11.4.2(9/5) class-wide 13.1.1(28/4) implicitly composed 13.1.1(18.3/5) interfacing B.1(0.1/3) library unit 13.1.1(32/5) nonoverridable 13.1.1(18.3/5) predicate 3.2.4(1/5) user-defined literal 4.2.1(2/5)

aspect of representation 13.1(8/5)

aspect_clause 13.1(2/1) used 3.8(5/1), 3.11(4/1), 9.1(5/1), 9.4(5/1), 9.4(8/4), P.1

aspect_definition 13.1.1(4/5) used 13.1.1(2/3), P.1

aspect_mark 13.1.1(3/3) used 2.8(3/3), 11.4.2(6.1/3), 13.1.1(2/3), L(2.4/3), P.1

aspect_specification 13.1.1(2/3) used 3.2.1(3/3), 3.2.2(2/3), 3.3.1(2/3), 3.7(5/5), 3.8(6/3), 3.9.3(1.1/3), 4.5.10(3/5), 5.5(3/5), 5.6.1(2/5), 6.1(2/3), 6.1(15/5), 6.3(2/3), 6.5(2.1/5), 6.7(2/3), 6.8(2/4), 7.1(3/3), 7.2(2/3), 7.3(2/3), 7.3(3/3), 8.5.1(2/5), 8.5.2(2/3), 8.5.3(2/3), 8.5.4(2/3), 8.5.5(2/3), 9.1(2/3), 9.1(3/5), 9.1(6/3), 9.4(2/3), 9.4(3/3), 9.4(7/3), 9.5.2(2/3), 9.5.2(5/5), 9.5.2(8/5), 10.1.3(3/3), 10.1.3(4/3), 10.1.3(5/3), 10.1.3(6/3), 11.1(2/3), 12.1(3/3), 12.3(2/3), 12.4(2/3), 12.5(2.1/5), 12.6(2.1/3), 12.6(2.2/3), 12.7(2/3), P.1

aspects Address 13.3(12) Aggregate 4.3.5(3/5) Alignment (subtype) 13.3(26.4/2) All_Calls_Remote E.2.3(16/5) Asynchronous E.4.1(8.1/3) Atomic C.6(6.2/3) Atomic_Components C.6(6.7/3) Attach_Handler C.3.1(6.3/3) Bit_Order 13.5.3(4) Coding 13.4(7) Component_Size 13.3(70) Constant_Indexing 4.1.6(2/5) Convention B.1(2/3) CPU D.16(8/3) Default_Component_Value 3.6(22.2/3) Default_Initial_Condition 7.3.3(2/5) Default_Iterator 5.5.1(8/5) Default_Storage_Pool 13.11.3(5/4) Default_Value 3.5(56.3/3) Discard_Names C.5(1.3/4) Dispatching H.7.1(8/5) Dispatching_Domain D.16.1(18/3) Dynamic_Predicate 3.2.4(1/5) Elaborate_Body 10.2.1(26.1/5) Exclusive_Functions 9.5.1(2.2/4) Export B.1(1/3) External_Name B.1(1/3) External_Tag 13.3(75/3), K.2(65) Full_Access_Only C.6(6.5/5) Global 6.1.2(11/5) Global'Class 6.1.2(15/5) Implicit_Dereference 4.1.5(2/3) Import B.1(1/3) Independent C.6(6.3/3) Independent_Components C.6(6.10/3) Inline 6.3.2(5.1/3) Input 13.13.2(38/5) Input'Class 13.13.2(38/5) Integer_Literal 4.2.1(3/5) Interrupt_Handler C.3.1(6.2/3) Interrupt_Priority D.1(6.3/3) Iterator_Element 5.5.1(9/5) Iterator_View 5.5.1(9.1/5) Layout 13.5(1) Link_Name B.1(1/3) Machine_Radix F.1(1/5) Max_Entry_Queue_Length D.4(18/5) No_Controlled_Parts H.4.1(2/5) No_Return 6.5.1(3.2/3) Nonblocking 9.5(19/5) Output 13.13.2(38/5) Output'Class 13.13.2(38/5) Pack 13.2(5.1/3) Parallel_Calls 9.10.1(24/5) Post 6.1.1(4/5) Post'Class 6.1.1(5/5) Pre 6.1.1(2/5) Pre'Class 6.1.1(3/5) Predicate_Failure 3.2.4(14.2/4) Preelaborate 10.2.1(11/5) Priority D.1(6.2/3) Put_Image 4.10(4/5) Read 13.13.2(38/5) Read'Class 13.13.2(38/5) Real_Literal 4.2.1(4/5) Record layout 13.5(1) Relative_Deadline D.2.6(9.2/3) Remote_Call_Interface E.2.3(7/5) Remote_Types E.2.2(4/5) Shared_Passive E.2.1(4/5) Size (object) 13.3(41) Size (subtype) 13.3(48) Small 3.5.10(2/5) Stable_Properties 7.3.4(5/5) Stable_Properties'Class 7.3.4(6/5) Static 6.8(3.6/5) Static_Predicate 3.2.4(1/5) Storage_Pool 13.11(15/5) Storage_Size (access) 13.11(15/5) Storage_Size (task) 13.3(65.2/3) Stream_Size 13.13.2(1.5/2) String_Literal 4.2.1(5/5) Synchronization 9.5(12/3) Type_Invariant 7.3.2(2/3) Type_Invariant'Class 7.3.2(3/5) Unchecked_Union B.3.3(3.2/3) Use_Formal H.7.1(3/5) Variable_Indexing 4.1.6(3/5) Volatile C.6(6.4/3) Volatile_Components C.6(6.8/3) Write 13.13.2(38/5) Write'Class 13.13.2(38/5) Yield D.2.1(1.7/5)

assembly language C.1(4/3)

Assert in Ada.Assertions 11.4.2(14/2)

Assert pragma 11.4.2(3/2), L(2.2/2)

assertion 1.3.4(1/5)

assertion aspect 11.4.2(9/5)

assertion expressions 11.4.2(1.1/5)

assertion policy Assert pragma 11.4.2(18/3)

Assertion_Error raised by failure of assertion 11.4.2(18/3) raised by failure of runtime check 3.2.4(31.1/4), 4.6(57/5), 6.1.1(32/3), 6.1.1(33/3), 6.1.1(35/3), 6.5(22/5), 7.3.2(22/3), 7.3.3(9/5), 11.5(23.3/5) in Ada.Assertions 11.4.2(13/2)

Assertion_Policy pragma 11.4.2(6.1/3), 11.4.2(6/2), L(2.3/2), L(2.4/3)

assertions 11.4.2(1.1/5) child of Ada 11.4.2(12/5)

Assign in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(17.5/5), A.18.3(51.8/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(17.7/5), A.18.5(37.9/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(17.4/5), A.18.8(59.8/5) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(20/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(32/5), A.18.10(70.8/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(16.7/5), A.18.6(51.10/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(16.4/5), A.18.9(74.8/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(34.7/5), A.18.2(79.8/5) See assignment operation 5.2(3)

Assign_Task in System.Multiprocessors.Dispatching_Domains D.16.1(11/3)

assigning back of parameters 6.4.1(17)

assignment user-defined 7.6(1)

assignment operation 5.2(3), 5.2(12/5), 7.6(13) during elaboration of an object_declaration 3.3.1(18/2) during evaluation of a generic_association for a formal object of mode in 12.4(11) during evaluation of a parameter_association 6.4.1(11) during evaluation of an aggregate 4.3(5) during evaluation of an initialized allocator 4.8(7/2) during evaluation of an uninitialized allocator 4.8(9/2) during evaluation of concatenation 4.5.3(10) during execution of a for loop 5.5(9/5) during execution of an assignment_statement 5.2(12/5) during parameter copy back 6.4.1(17) list of uses 7.6.1(24.d)

assignment_statement 5.2(2) used 5.1(4/2), P.1

associated components of a record_component_association 4.3.1(10)

associated declaration of an aspect specification 13.1.1(1/3)

associated discriminants of a named discriminant_association 3.7.1(5) of a positional discriminant_association 3.7.1(5)

associated entity of an aspect specification 13.1.1(5/5)

associated object of a value of a by-reference type 6.2(10/5) of a value of a limited type 6.2(10.f)

asterisk 2.1(15/5) in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

asynchronous remote procedure call E.4.1(9/3)

Asynchronous aspect E.4.1(8.1/3)

Asynchronous pragma J.15.13(2/3), L(3.1/3)

asynchronous remote procedure call E.4(1/5)

asynchronous_select 9.7.4(2) used 9.7(2), P.1

Asynchronous_Task_Control child of Ada D.11(3/5)

at sign 2.1(15/5)

at-most-once execution E.4(11)

at_clause J.7(1) used 13.1(2/1), P.1

atomic C.6(7/3)

Atomic aspect C.6(6.2/3)

Atomic pragma J.15.8(2/3), L(4.1/3)

Atomic_Add in System.Atomic_Operations.Integer_Arithmetic C.6.4(4/5) in System.Atomic_Operations.Modular_Arithmetic C.6.5(4/5)

Atomic_Clear in System.Atomic_Operations.Test_And_Set C.6.3(6/5)

Atomic_Compare_And_Exchange in System.Atomic_Operations.Exchange C.6.2(7/5)

Atomic_Components aspect C.6(6.7/3)

Atomic_Components pragma J.15.8(5/3), L(5.1/3)

Atomic_Exchange in System.Atomic_Operations.Exchange C.6.2(6/5)

Atomic_Fetch_And_Add in System.Atomic_Operations.Integer_Arithmetic C.6.4(6/5) in System.Atomic_Operations.Modular_Arithmetic C.6.5(6/5)

Atomic_Fetch_And_Subtract in System.Atomic_Operations.Integer_Arithmetic C.6.4(7/5) in System.Atomic_Operations.Modular_Arithmetic C.6.5(7/5)

Atomic_Operations child of System C.6.1(3/5)

Atomic_Subtract in System.Atomic_Operations.Integer_Arithmetic C.6.4(5/5) in System.Atomic_Operations.Modular_Arithmetic C.6.5(5/5)

Atomic_Test_And_Set in System.Atomic_Operations.Test_And_Set C.6.3(5/5)

Attach_Handler in Ada.Interrupts C.3.2(7)

Attach_Handler aspect C.3.1(6.3/3)

Attach_Handler pragma J.15.7(4/3), L(6.1/3)

attaching to an interrupt C.3(2)

attribute 1.3.1(12/5), 4.1.4(1), K.2(1/3) representation 13.3(1/1) specifiable 13.3(5/3) specifying 13.3(1/1) stream-oriented 13.13.2(1/3)

attribute_definition_clause 13.3(2) used 13.1(2/1), P.1

attribute_designator 4.1.4(3/2) used 4.1.4(2/5), 13.1(3), 13.3(2), P.1

Attribute_Handle in Ada.Task_Attributes C.7.2(3)

attribute_reference 4.1.4(2/5) used 4.1(2/5), P.1

attributes Access 3.10.2(24/1), 3.10.2(32/5) Address 13.3(11), J.7.1(5) Adjacent A.5.3(48) Aft 3.5.10(5) Alignment 13.3(23/2), 13.3(26.2/2) Base 3.5(15) Bit_Order 13.5.3(4) Body_Version E.3(4) Callable 9.9(2) Caller C.7.1(14/3) Ceiling A.5.3(33) Class 3.9(14), 7.3.1(9), J.11(2/2) Component_Size 13.3(69) Compose A.5.3(24) Constrained 3.7.2(3/5), J.4(2) Copy_Sign A.5.3(51) Count 9.9(5) Definite 12.5.1(23/3) Delta 3.5.10(3) Denorm A.5.3(9) Digits 3.5.8(2/1), 3.5.10(7) Enum_Rep 13.4(10.2/5) Enum_Val 13.4(10.5/5) Exponent A.5.3(18) External_Tag 13.3(75/3) First 3.5(12), 3.6.2(3) First(N) 3.6.2(4) First_Bit 13.5.2(3/2) First_Valid 3.5.5(7.2/4) Floor A.5.3(30) Fore 3.5.10(4) Fraction A.5.3(21) Has_Same_Storage 13.3(73.2/4) Identity 11.4.1(9), C.7.1(12) Image 4.10(34/5), 4.10(40/5) Index 6.1.1(30.2/5) Input 13.13.2(22), 13.13.2(32) Last 3.5(13), 3.6.2(5) Last(N) 3.6.2(6) Last_Bit 13.5.2(4/2) Last_Valid 3.5.5(7.3/4) Leading_Part A.5.3(54) Length 3.6.2(9) Length(N) 3.6.2(10) Machine A.5.3(60) Machine_Emax A.5.3(8) Machine_Emin A.5.3(7) Machine_Mantissa A.5.3(6) Machine_Overflows A.5.3(12), A.5.4(4) Machine_Radix A.5.3(2), A.5.4(2) Machine_Rounding A.5.3(41.1/2) Machine_Rounds A.5.3(11), A.5.4(3) Max 3.5(19) Max_Alignment_For_Allocation 13.11.1(4/5) Max_Size_In_Storage_Elements 13.11.1(3/5) Min 3.5(16) Mod 3.5.4(16.1/2) Model A.5.3(68), G.2.2(7) Model_Emin A.5.3(65), G.2.2(4) Model_Epsilon A.5.3(66) Model_Mantissa A.5.3(64), G.2.2(3/2) Model_Small A.5.3(67) Modulus 3.5.4(17) Object_Size 13.3(58.2/5) Old 6.1.1(26/5) Output 13.13.2(19), 13.13.2(29) Overlaps_Storage 13.3(73.6/3) Parallel_Reduce(Reducer, Initial_Value) 4.5.10(33/5) Partition_Id E.1(9) Pos 3.5.5(2) Position 13.5.2(2/2) Pred 3.5(25) Preelaborable_Initialization 10.2.1(11.7/5) Priority D.5.2(3/2) Put_Image 4.10(3/5) Range 3.5(14), 3.6.2(7) Range(N) 3.6.2(8) Read 13.13.2(6), 13.13.2(14) Reduce(Reducer, Initial_Value) 4.5.10(23/5), 4.5.10(32/5) Relative_Deadline D.5.2(3.1/5) Remainder A.5.3(45) Result 6.1.1(29/5) Round 3.5.10(12) Rounding A.5.3(36) Safe_First A.5.3(71), G.2.2(5) Safe_Last A.5.3(72), G.2.2(6) Scale 3.5.10(11) Scaling A.5.3(27) Signed_Zeros A.5.3(13) Size 13.3(40), 13.3(45) Small 3.5.10(2/5) Storage_Pool 13.11(13) Storage_Size 13.3(60/3), 13.11(14), J.9(2) Stream_Size 13.13.2(1.2/3) Succ 3.5(22) Tag 3.9(16), 3.9(18) Terminated 9.9(3) Truncation A.5.3(42) Unbiased_Rounding A.5.3(39) Unchecked_Access 13.10(3), H.4(18) Val 3.5.5(5) Valid 13.9.2(3/4), H(6/5) Value 3.5(52) Version E.3(3) Wide_Image 4.10(31/5), 4.10(39/5) Wide_Value 3.5(40) Wide_Wide_Image 4.10(30/5), 4.10(38/5) Wide_Wide_Value 3.5(39.1/2) Wide_Wide_Width 3.5(37.1/5) Wide_Width 3.5(38/5) Width 3.5(39/5) Write 13.13.2(3), 13.13.2(11)

available stream attribute 13.13.2(39/2)

avoid overspecifying environmental issues 10(3.a)


Backus-Naur Form (BNF) complete listing P.1(1/5) cross reference P.2(1/3) notation 1.1.4(3) under Syntax heading 1.1.2(25)

Barrier_Limit subtype of Positive in Ada.Synchronous_Barriers D.10.1(4/3)

base 2.4.2(3), 2.4.2(6) absolute deadline D.2.6(14/5) used 2.4.2(2), P.1

base 16 literal 2.4.2(1)

base 2 literal 2.4.2(1)

base 8 literal 2.4.2(1)

Base attribute 3.5(15)

base decimal precision of a floating point type 3.5.7(9) of a floating point type 3.5.7(10/5)

base priority D.1(15/5)

base range of a decimal fixed point type 3.5.9(16) of a fixed point type 3.5.9(12) of a floating point type 3.5.7(8), 3.5.7(10/5) of a modular type 3.5.4(10) of a scalar type 3.5(6) of a signed integer type 3.5.4(9) of an enumeration type 3.5(6.b) of an ordinary fixed point type 3.5.9(13)

base subtype of a type 3.5(15)

Base_Name in Ada.Directories A.16(19/5)

based_literal 2.4.2(2) used 2.4(2), P.1

based_numeral 2.4.2(4) used 2.4.2(2), P.1

basic letter a category of Character A.3.2(27)

basic_declaration 3.1(3/3) used 3.11(4/1), P.1

basic_declarative_item 3.11(4/1) used 3.11(3), 7.1(3/3), P.1

basic_global_mode 6.1.2(5/5) used 6.1.2(4/5), H.7(3/5), P.1

Basic_Map in Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(5)

Basic_Set in Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(4)

Beaujolais effect 8.4(1.b) [partial] 3.6(18.b), 8.6(22.a), 8.6(34.a), 8.6(34.k)

become nonlimited 7.3.1(5/1), 7.5(16)

BEL in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

belong to a range 3.5(4) to a subtype 3.2(8/5)

belongs subpool to a pool 13.11.4(20/4)

bibliography 1.2.1(1/5)

big endian 13.5.3(2)

big-O notation A.18(3.b/2)

Big_Integer in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(3/5)

Big_Integers child of Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers A.5.5(3/5), A.5.6(2/5)

Big_Natural subtype of Big_Integer in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(9/5)

Big_Positive subtype of Big_Integer in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(8/5)

Big_Real in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(3/5)

Big_Reals child of Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers A.5.7(2/5)

binary literal 2.4.2(1) in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(10)

binary adding operator 4.5.3(1)

binary literal 2.4.2(1)

binary operator 4.5(9)

binary_adding_operator 4.5(4) used 4.4(4), P.1

Binary_Format in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(24)

bit field See record_representation_clause 13.5.1(1)

bit ordering 13.5.3(2)

bit string See logical operators on boolean arrays 4.5.1(2)

Bit_Order in System 13.7(15/2)

Bit_Order aspect 13.5.3(4)

Bit_Order attribute 13.5.3(4)

Bit_Order clause 13.3(7/2), 13.5.3(4)

blank in text input for enumeration and numeric types A.10.6(5/2)

Blank_When_Zero in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(7)

block_statement 5.6(2) used 5.1(5/5), P.1

blocked [partial] D.2.1(11) a task state 9(10/5) during an entry call 9.5.3(19) execution of a selective_accept 9.7.1(16) on a delay_statement 9.6(21) on an accept_statement 9.5.2(24/5) waiting for activations to complete 9.2(5) waiting for dependents to terminate 9.3(5)

blocked interrupt C.3(2)

blocking allows 9.5(21/5) non- 9.5(21/5)

blocking, potentially 9.5(34/5) delay_statement 9.6(34), D.9(5) remote subprogram call E.4(17/5)

BMP 3.5.2(2/5), 3.5.2(3/5)

BNF (Backus-Naur Form) complete listing P.1(1/5) cross reference P.2(1/3) notation 1.1.4(3) under Syntax heading 1.1.2(25)

body 3.11(5), 3.11.1(1/3) used 3.11(3), P.1

body_stub 10.1.3(2) used 3.11(5), P.1

Body_Version attribute E.3(4)

BOM_16 in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(12/3)

BOM_16BE in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(10/3)

BOM_16LE in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(11/3)

BOM_8 in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(9/3)

Boolean 3.5.3(1) in Standard A.1(5)

boolean type 3.5.3(1)

boundary entity 7.3.2(8.3/5)

Bounded child of Ada.Streams.Storage 13.13.1(26/5) child of Ada.Strings A.4.4(3/5) child of Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(26/5)

bounded error 1.1.2(31), 1.1.5(8/5) cause 4.2.1(17/5), 4.5.10(34/5), 4.8(11.1/2), 5.1(18/5), 5.5.3(28/5), 6.2(12/3), 7.6.1(14/1), 9.4(20.1/2), 9.5.1(8/5), 9.5.1(18/5), 9.8(20/5), 10.2(26), 13.9.1(9), 13.11.2(11), 13.11.2(15.2/4), A.5.2(40.1/5), A.17(25/2), A.18.2(238/3), A.18.2(239.1/3), A.18.2(239.2/3), A.18.2(239/2), A.18.2(243/2), A.18.3(152.1/3), A.18.3(152.2/3), A.18.3(152/2), A.18.4(75.7/3), A.18.4(75.8/3), A.18.7(96.19/3), A.18.7(96.20/3), A.18.10(220/3), A.18.10(221/3), A.18.18(68/3), A.18.18(69/3), A.18.19(10/3), A.18.20(14/3), A.18.21(15/3), A.18.22(12/3), A.18.23(15/3), A.18.24(12/3), A.18.25(14/3), A.18.32(11/5), C.7.1(17/3), C.7.2(13.2/1), D.3(13.6/5), E.1(10/2), E.3(6), J.7.1(11)

Bounded_Doubly_Linked_Lists child of Ada.Containers A.18.20(1/3)

Bounded_Hashed_Maps child of Ada.Containers A.18.21(1/3)

Bounded_Hashed_Sets child of Ada.Containers A.18.23(1/3)

Bounded_Indefinite_Holders child of Ada.Containers A.18.32(1/5)

Bounded_IO child of Ada.Text_IO A.10.11(3/5)

Bounded_Multiway_Trees child of Ada.Containers A.18.25(1/3)

Bounded_Ordered_Maps child of Ada.Containers A.18.22(1/3)

Bounded_Ordered_Sets child of Ada.Containers A.18.24(1/3)

Bounded_Priority_Queues child of Ada.Containers A.18.31(2/5)

Bounded_Slice in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(28.1/2), A.4.4(28.2/2)

Bounded_String in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(6)

Bounded_Synchronized_Queues child of Ada.Containers A.18.29(2/5)

Bounded_Vectors child of Ada.Containers A.18.19(1/3)

bounds of a discrete_range 3.6.1(6) of an array 3.6(13) of the index range of an array_aggregate 4.3.3(24)

box compound delimiter 3.6(15/5)

BPH in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

broadcast signal See protected object 9.4(1) See requeue 9.5.4(1)

Broken_Bar in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

BS in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

budget D.14.2(14/2)

Budget_Has_Expired in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(9/2)

Budget_Remaining in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(9/2)

Buffer_Size in Ada.Storage_IO A.9(4)

Buffer_Type in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers.Bounded A.4.12(27/5) in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers.Unbounded A.4.12(19/5)

Buffer_Type subtype of Storage_Array in Ada.Storage_IO A.9(4)

build-in-place See built in place

built in place 7.6(17.1/5)

by copy parameter passing 6.2(2)

by reference parameter passing 6.2(2)

by-copy type 6.2(3/3)

by-reference primitive 13.1(10/5)

by-reference type 6.2(4) atomic or volatile C.6(18)

Byte in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(29/3) See storage element 13.3(8)

byte sex See ordering of storage elements in a word 13.5.3(5)

Byte_Array in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(29/3)


C child of Interfaces B.3(4/5)

C interface B.3(1/4)

C standard 1.2.1(8/5)

C++ standard 1.2.1(9/5)

C_bool in Interfaces.C B.3(13.1/5)

C_float in Interfaces.C B.3(15)

C_Variadic B.3(60.16/4)

Calendar child of Ada 9.6(10/5)

Calendar_Assertion_Check 11.5(23.4/5)

call 6(2/3) master of 3.10.2(10.1/3)

call on a dispatching operation 3.9.2(2/3)

callable 9.9(2)

Callable attribute 9.9(2)

callable construct 6(2/3)

callable entity 6(2/3)

called partition E.4(1/5)

Caller attribute C.7.1(14/3)

calling convention 6.3.1(2/1), B.1(11/3) Ada 6.3.1(3/3) associated with a designated profile 3.10(11) entry 6.3.1(13/4) Intrinsic 6.3.1(4) protected 6.3.1(12/4)

calling partition E.4(1/5)

calling stub E.4(10)

CAN in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

can cause 13.1(28/5)

cancel a logical thread 5.1(16/5) a parallel construct 5.1(16/5)

Cancel_Handler in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(10/2) in Ada.Execution_Time.Timers D.14.1(7/2) in Ada.Real_Time.Timing_Events D.15(5/2)

cancellation of a delay_statement 9.6(22/3) of an entry call 9.5.3(20)

cancellation of a remote subprogram call E.4(13)

canonical form A.5.3(3)

canonical order of array components 5.5.2(11/5)

canonical semantics 11.6(2/3)

canonical-form representation A.5.3(10)

capacity of a hashed map A.18.5(41/2) of a hashed set A.18.8(63/2) of a queue A.18.27(10/3) of a vector A.18.2(2/2) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(8/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(10/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(19/5)

Capacity_Error in Ada.Containers A.18.1(5.1/3)

case expression 4.5.7(1/3)

case insensitive 2.3(5/5)

case_expression 4.5.7(5/3) used 4.5.7(2/3), P.1

case_expression_alternative 4.5.7(6/3) used 4.5.7(5/3), P.1

case_statement 5.4(2/3) used 5.1(5/5), P.1

case_statement_alternative 5.4(3) used 5.4(2/3), P.1

cast See type conversion 4.6(1/3) See unchecked type conversion 13.9(1)

catch (an exception) See handle 11(1/3)

categorization aspect E.2(2/3)

categorization pragma J.15.15(8/5) Pure J.15.15(9/5) Remote_Call_Interface J.15.15(9/5) Remote_Types J.15.15(9/5) Shared_Passive J.15.15(9/5)

categorized library unit E.2(2/3)

category of types 3.2(2/5), 3.4(1.1/2)

category determined for a formal type 12.5(6/3)

category of types 1.3.1(13/5)

catenation operator See concatenation operator 4.5(1) See concatenation operator 4.5.3(3)

Cause_Of_Termination in Ada.Task_Termination C.7.3(3/2)

CCH in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(18)

cease to exist object 7.6.1(11/3), 13.11.2(10/4) type 7.6.1(11/3)

Cedilla in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

Ceiling in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(41/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(51/2), A.18.9(71/5)

Ceiling attribute A.5.3(33)

ceiling priority of a protected object D.3(8/3)

Ceiling_Check [partial] C.3.1(11/3), D.3(13), D.3(13.5/5)

Ceiling_Locking locking policy D.3(7)

Cent_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

change of representation 13.6(1/5)

char in Interfaces.C B.3(19)

char16_array in Interfaces.C B.3(39.5/3)

char16_nul in Interfaces.C B.3(39.3/2)

char16_t in Interfaces.C B.3(39.2/2)

char32_array in Interfaces.C B.3(39.14/3)

char32_nul in Interfaces.C B.3(39.12/2)

char32_t in Interfaces.C B.3(39.11/2)

char_array in Interfaces.C B.3(23/3)

char_array_access in Interfaces.C.Strings B.3.1(4)

CHAR_BIT in Interfaces.C B.3(6)

Character 3.5.2(2/5) used 2.7(2), P.1 in Standard A.1(35/3)

character encoding A.4.11(46/3)

character plane 2.1(1/5)

character set 2.1(1/5)

character set standard 16 and 32-bit 1.2(8/5) 7-bit 1.2.1(2/5) 8-bit 1.2.1(7/5) control functions 1.2.1(5/5)

character type 1.3.1(15/5), 3.5.2(1)

character_literal 2.5(2) used 3.5.1(4), 4.1(2/5), 4.1.3(3), P.1

Character_Mapping in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(20/5)

Character_Mapping_Function in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(25)

Character_Range in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(6)

Character_Ranges in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(7)

Character_Sequence subtype of String in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(16)

Character_Set in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(4/5) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(46/2) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps.Wide_Constants A.4.8(48/2) in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(11)

Character_Set_Version in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(4/3)

characteristics [partial] 3.4(7/3)

Characters child of Ada A.3.1(2/5)

Characters_Assertion_Check 11.5(23.5/5)

chars_ptr in Interfaces.C.Strings B.3.1(5/5)

chars_ptr_array in Interfaces.C.Strings B.3.1(6/2)

check 1.3.5(1/5) language-defined 11.5(2/3), 11.6(1/3)

check, language-defined Access_Check 4.1(13), 4.1.5(8/3), 4.6(51/5), 4.8(10.4/3) Accessibility_Check 3.10.2(29), 4.6(39.1/2), 4.6(48/3), 4.8(10.1/3), 6.5(8/5), 6.5(21/3), 9.5.4(7.2/5), 13.11.4(25/3), 13.11.4(26/3), E.4(18/1) Allocation_Check 4.8(10.2/2), 4.8(10.3/2), 4.8(10.4/3), 13.11.4(30/3) Ceiling_Check C.3.1(11/3), D.3(13), D.3(13.5/5) controlled by assertion policy 3.2.4(31/5), 4.6(51/5), 6.1.1(32/3), 6.1.1(33/3), 6.1.1(35/3), 7.3.2(22/3), 7.3.3(9/5) Discriminant_Check 4.1.3(15), 4.3(6), 4.3.2(8/3), 4.3.4(16/5), 4.6(43), 4.6(45), 4.6(51/5), 4.6(52), 4.7(4/5), 4.8(10/2), 6.5(5.12/5) Division_Check 3.5.4(20), 4.5.5(22), A.5.3(47), G.1.1(40), K.2(202) Elaboration_Check 3.11(9) Index_Check 4.1.1(7), 4.1.2(7), 4.3.3(20.4/5), 4.3.3(29/3), 4.3.3(30), 4.3.4(20/5), 4.5.3(8), 4.6(51/5), 4.7(4/5), 4.8(10/2) Length_Check 4.5.1(8), 4.6(37), 4.6(52) Overflow_Check 3.5.4(20), 4.4(11), G.2.1(11), G.2.2(7), G.2.3(25), G.2.4(2), G.2.6(3/5) Partition_Check E.4(19) Program_Error_Check 3.2.4(29.1/4), 5.5(8.1/5), 5.6.1(4/5), 12.5.1(23.3/2), 13.3(75.1/3), B.3.3(22/2), H.4(23.11/5) Range_Check 3.2.2(11), 3.5(24), 3.5(27), 3.5(39.12/3), 3.5(39.4/3), 3.5(39.5/3), 3.5(43/5), 3.5(55/5), 3.5.5(7), 3.5.9(19/4), 4.2(11/5), 4.3.3(28), 4.5.1(8), 4.5.6(6), 4.5.6(13), 4.6(28), 4.6(38), 4.6(46), 4.6(51/5), 4.7(4/5), 13.13.2(35/3), A.5.3(26), A.5.3(29), A.5.3(50), A.5.3(53), A.5.3(59), A.5.3(62), K.2(11), K.2(114), K.2(122), K.2(184), K.2(220), K.2(241), K.2(41), K.2(47) Reserved_Check C.3.1(10/3) Storage_Check 11.1(6/5), 13.3(67), 13.11(17), D.7(17/1), D.7(18/1), D.7(19/1) Tag_Check 3.9.2(16), 4.6(42), 4.6(52), 5.2(10), 6.5(8.2/5) Tasking_Check 9.2(5), 9.5.3(21)

checking pragmas 11.5(1/2)

child of a library unit 10.1.1(1)

Child_Count in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(46.1/5), A.18.10(46/5)

Child_Depth in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(47.1/5), A.18.10(47/5)

choice of an exception_handler 11.2(5.b/3)

choice parameter 11.2(9)

choice_expression 4.4(2.1/3) used 3.8.1(5/3), P.1

choice_parameter_specification 11.2(4) used 11.2(3/5), P.1

choice_relation 4.4(2.2/3) used 4.4(2.1/3), P.1

chunk 5.5(8.1/5) [partial] 5.6.1(5/5)

chunk parameter 5.5(6.1/5)

Chunk_Count in Ada.Iterator_Interfaces 5.5.1(4.5/5)

Chunk_Index subtype of Positive in Ada.Iterator_Interfaces 5.5.1(4.2/5)

chunk_specification 5.5(3.1/5) used 4.5.10(3/5), 5.5(3/5), 5.6.1(2/5), P.1

Circumflex in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(12)

class of types 3.2(2/5), 3.4(1.1/2) See also package 7(1) See also tag 3.9(3)

Class attribute 3.9(14), 7.3.1(9), J.11(2/2)

class factory 3.9(30/2)

class of types 1.3.1(16/5)

class-wide aspect 13.1.1(28/4)

class-wide postcondition expression 6.1.1(5/5)

class-wide precondition expression 6.1.1(3/5)

class-wide stable property function 7.3.4(6/5)

class-wide type 3.4.1(4), 3.7(26)

class-wide type invariant 7.3.2(3/5)

cleanup See finalization 7.6.1(1)

clear execution timer object D.14.1(12/2) group budget object D.14.2(15/2) timing event object D.15(9/2) in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(13/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(12/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(14/5) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(11/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(23/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(11/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(13/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(24/5) in Ada.Environment_Variables A.17(7/2) in Ada.Streams.Storage 13.13.1(15/5) in Ada.Streams.Storage.Bounded 13.13.1(31/5) in Ada.Streams.Storage.Unbounded 13.13.1(23/5)

cleared termination handler C.7.3(9/2)

clock 9.6(6/3) in Ada.Calendar 9.6(12) in Ada.Execution_Time D.14(5/2) in Ada.Execution_Time.Interrupts D.14.3(3/5) in Ada.Real_Time D.8(6)

clock jump D.8(32)

clock tick D.8(23)

Clock_For_Interrupts in Ada.Execution_Time D.14(9.3/3)

Close in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(8) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(8) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(10) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(11)

close result set G.2.3(5)

closed entry 9.5.3(5) of a protected object 9.5.3(7/3) of a task 9.5.3(6/3)

closed under derivation 1.3.1(16/5), 3.2(2.b/5), 3.4(28)

closure downward 3.10.2(13.b/2), 3.10.2(37/5)

COBOL child of Interfaces B.4(7/5)

COBOL interface B.4(1/3)

COBOL standard 1.2.1(4/5)

COBOL_Character in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(13)

COBOL_To_Ada in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(15)

code point for characters 3.5.2(2/5), 3.5.2(11.p/3)

code_statement 13.8(2) used 5.1(4/2), P.1

Coding aspect 13.4(7)

coextension of an object 3.10.2(14.4/3)

Col in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(37/5)

collection of an access type 7.6.1(11.1/3)

colon 2.1(15/5) in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(10)

column number A.10(9)

comma 2.1(15/5) in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

Command_Line child of Ada A.15(3/5)

Command_Name in Ada.Command_Line A.15(6)

comment 2.7(2)

comments, instructions for submission 0.2(57.22/5)

Commercial_At in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(10)

Communication_Error in System.RPC E.5(5)

comparison operator See relational operator 4.5.2(1)

compatibility composite_constraint with an access subtype 3.10(15/2) constraint with a subtype 3.2.2(12) delta_constraint with an ordinary fixed point subtype J.3(9/4) digits_constraint with a decimal fixed point subtype 3.5.9(18/4) digits_constraint with a floating point subtype J.3(10/4) discriminant constraint with a subtype 3.7.1(10) index constraint with a subtype 3.6.1(7) range with a scalar subtype 3.5(8) range_constraint with a scalar subtype 3.5(8)

compatible a type, with a convention B.1(12)

compilation 10.1.1(2) separate 10.1(1)

compilation unit 1.3.3(2/5), 10.1(2), 10.1.1(9)

compilation units needed by a compilation unit 10.2(2/5) remote call interface E.2.3(18) shared passive library unit E.2.1(11)

compilation_unit 10.1.1(3) used 10.1.1(2), P.1

compile-time error 1.1.2(27), 1.1.5(4)

compile-time semantics 1.1.2(28)

complete context 8.6(4)

completely defined 3.11.1(8)

completion abnormal 7.6.1(2/2) compile-time concept 3.11.1(1/3) normal 7.6.1(2/2) run-time concept 7.6.1(2/2)

completion and leaving (completed and left) 7.6.1(2/2)

completion legality [partial] 3.10.1(13/5) entry_body 9.5.2(16)

Complex in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types G.1.1(3) in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(9)

Complex_Arrays child of Ada.Numerics G.3.2(53/2)

Complex_Elementary_Functions child of Ada.Numerics G.1.2(9/1)

Complex_IO child of Ada.Text_IO G.1.3(3/5) child of Ada.Wide_Text_IO G.1.4(1) child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO G.1.5(1/2)

Complex_Matrix in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(4/2)

Complex_Text_IO child of Ada G.1.3(9.1/2)

Complex_Types child of Ada.Numerics G.1.1(25/1)

Complex_Vector in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(4/2)

component 3.2(2/5) of a type 3.2(6/2) of the nominal subtype 3.9.1(4.2/5)

component subtype 3.6(10)

component_choice_list 4.3.1(5/5) used 4.3.1(4/2), P.1

component_clause 13.5.1(3) used 13.5.1(2/5), P.1

component_declaration 3.8(6/3) used 3.8(5/1), 9.4(6), P.1

component_definition 3.6(7/2) used 3.6(3), 3.6(5), 3.8(6/3), P.1

component_item 3.8(5/1) used 3.8(4), P.1

component_list 3.8(4) used 3.8(3/5), 3.8.1(3), P.1

Component_Size aspect 13.3(70)

Component_Size attribute 13.3(69)

Component_Size clause 13.3(7/2), 13.3(70)

components of a record type 3.8(9/2)

Compose in Ada.Directories A.16(20/5) in Ada.Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names A.16.1(14/3)

Compose attribute A.5.3(24)

Compose_From_Cartesian in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(9/2), G.3.2(29/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types G.1.1(8)

Compose_From_Polar in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(11/2), G.3.2(32/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types G.1.1(11)

composite type 1.3.1(18/5), 3.2(2/5)

composite_constraint 3.2.2(7) used 3.2.2(5), P.1

compound delimiter 2.2(10)

compound_statement 5.1(5/5) used 5.1(3), P.1

concatenation operator 4.5(1), 4.5.3(3)

concrete subprogram See nonabstract subprogram 3.9.3(1/2)

concrete type See nonabstract type 3.9.3(1/2)

concurrent actions 9.10(16/5)

concurrent processing See parallel construct 5.1(1/5) See task 9(1/5)

condition 4.5.7(4/3) used 4.5.7(3/3), 5.3(2), 5.5(3/5), 5.5(4.1/5), 5.7(2), 9.5.2(7), 9.7.1(3), P.1 See also exception 11(1/3)

conditional expression 4.5.7(1/3)

conditional_entry_call 9.7.3(2) used 9.7(2), P.1

conditional_expression 4.5.7(2/3) used 4.4(7/5), P.1

conditionally evaluated subexpression 6.1.1(22.16/5)

conditionally executed 5.5(6.3/5)

conditionally produces iteration 5.5(6.4/5)

configuration of the partitions of a program E(4)

configuration pragma 10.1.5(8) Assertion_Policy 11.4.2(7/3) Detect_Blocking H.5(4/2) Discard_Names C.5(4) Locking_Policy D.3(5) Normalize_Scalars H.1(4) Partition_Elaboration_Policy H.6(5/2) Priority_Specific_Dispatching D.2.2(4/2) Profile 13.12(14/3) Queuing_Policy D.4(5) Restrictions 13.12(8/3) Reviewable H.3.1(4) Suppress 11.5(5/2) Task_Dispatching_Policy D.2.2(4/2) Unsuppress 11.5(5/2)

confirming aspect specification 13.1(18.2/5) nonoverridable aspect 13.1.1(18.4/5) operational aspect 13.1(18.2/5) representation aspect 13.1(18.2/5) representation item 13.1(18.2/5) representation value 13.1(18.2/5)

conflict 9.10(17/5) potentially 9.10(17/5)

conflict check policy 9.10.1(1/5)

Conflict_Check_Policy pragma 9.10.1(3/5), L(6.2/5)

conformance 6.3.1(1) of an implementation 1.1.3(1) See also full conformance, mode conformance, subtype conformance, type conformance

Conjugate in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(13/2), G.3.2(34/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types G.1.1(12), G.1.1(15)

consistency among compilation units 10.1.4(5)

constant 3.3(13/3) result of a function_call 6.4(12/2) See also literal 4.2(1) See also static 4.9(1)

constant indexing 4.1.6(12/3)

constant object 3.3(13/3)

constant view 3.3(13/3)

Constant_Indexing aspect 4.1.6(2/5)

Constant_Reference in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(17.3/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(17.3/5), A.18.5(17.5/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(17.3/5), A.18.8(58.3/5) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(18/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(30/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(16.3/5), A.18.6(16.5/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(16.3/5), A.18.9(73.3/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(34.3/5), A.18.2(34.5/5)

Constant_Reference_Type in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(51.10/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(37.11/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(59.10/5) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(16/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(70.10/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(51.12/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(74.10/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(79.10/5)

Constants child of Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.6(3/5)

constituent of a construct 1.1.4(17) operative 4.4(9.2/5)

constrained 3.2(9) known to be 3.3(23.1/3) object 3.3.1(9/2) object 6.4.1(16) subtype 3.2(9), 3.4(6), 3.5(7), 3.5.1(10), 3.5.4(9), 3.5.4(10), 3.5.7(11), 3.5.9(13), 3.5.9(16), 3.6(15/5), 3.6(16), 3.7(26), 3.9(15) subtype 3.10(14/3) subtype K.2(33)

Constrained attribute 3.7.2(3/5), J.4(2)

constrained by its initial value 3.3.1(9/2) [partial] 4.8(6/3), 6.5(5.12/5)

constrained_array_definition 3.6(5) used 3.6(2), P.1

constraint 3.2.2(5) [partial] 3.2(7/2) null 3.2(7/2) of a first array subtype 3.6(16) of a subtype 3.2(8/5) of an object 3.3.1(9/2) used 3.2.2(3/2), P.1

Constraint_Error raised by case expression 4.5.7(21/3) raised by case statement 5.4(13) raised by detection of a bounded error 13.9.1(9), 13.11.2(15.2/4), A.18.2(238/3), A.18.2(239.2/3), A.18.2(246/2), A.18.3(152.2/3), A.18.4(75.8/3), A.18.7(96.20/3), A.18.10(221/3), A.18.18(69/3) raised by discriminant-dependent aggregate 4.3.1(19/5) raised by failure of runtime check 3.2.2(12), 3.5(24), 3.5(27), 3.5(39.12/3), 3.5(39.4/3), 3.5(39.5/3), 3.5(43/5), 3.5(55/5), 3.5.4(20), 3.5.5(7), 3.5.9(19/4), 3.9.2(16), 4.1(13), 4.1.1(7), 4.1.2(7), 4.1.3(15), 4.1.5(8/3), 4.2(11/5), 4.3(6), 4.3.2(8/3), 4.3.3(20.4/5), 4.3.3(31), 4.3.4(16/5), 4.3.4(20/5), 4.4(11), 4.5(10), 4.5(11), 4.5(12), 4.5.1(8), 4.5.3(8), 4.5.5(22), 4.5.6(6), 4.5.6(13), 4.6(28), 4.6(57/5), 4.6(60), 4.7(4/5), 4.8(10.4/3), 4.8(10/2), 5.2(10), 6.5(5.12/5), 6.5(8.2/5), 11.1(4), 11.5(10/5), 13.13.2(35/3), A.5.3(26), A.5.3(29), A.5.3(47), A.5.3(50), A.5.3(53), A.5.3(59), A.5.3(62), E.4(19), E.4(20.u), E.4(20.v), G.1.1(40), G.2.1(12), G.2.2(7), G.2.3(26), G.2.4(3), G.2.6(4), K.2(11), K.2(114), K.2(122), K.2(184), K.2(202), K.2(220), K.2(241), K.2(261), K.2(41), K.2(47) raised by object of discriminated type 3.8.1(21.1/3) in Standard A.1(46)

Construct 1.1.4(16), 1.3.3(4/5) master 7.6.1(3/5) parallel 5.1(1/5)

constructor See initialization 3.3.1(18/2) See initialization 7.6(1) See initialization expression 3.3.1(4) See Initialize 7.6(1) See initialized allocator 4.8(4)

container 1.3.3(5/5) cursor A.18(2/5) list A.18.3(1/2) map A.18.4(1/2) set A.18.7(1/2) vector A.18.2(1/2)

container aggregate 1.3.3(7/5), 4.3.5(1/5)

container element iterator 5.5.2(3/3)

container type aggregate aspect 4.3.5(5/5)

container_aggregate 4.3.5(13/5) used 4.3(2/5), P.1

container_element_association 4.3.5(18/5) used 4.3.5(17/5), P.1

container_element_association_list 4.3.5(17/5) used 4.3.5(16/5), P.1

Containers child of Ada A.18.1(3/5)

Containers_Assertion_Check 11.5(23.6/5)

Containing_Directory in Ada.Directories A.16(17/5) in Ada.Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names A.16.1(11/3)

Contains in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(43/2) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(32/2) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(44/2), A.18.8(57/2) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(41/3) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(42/2) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(52/2), A.18.9(72/2) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(71/2)

context free grammar complete listing P.1(1/5) cross reference P.2(1/3) notation 1.1.4(3) under Syntax heading 1.1.2(25)

context_clause 10.1.2(2) used 10.1.1(3), P.1

context_item 10.1.2(3) used 10.1.2(2), P.1

contiguous representation [partial] 13.1(7.a/2), 13.5.2(5), 13.7.1(12), 13.9(9), 13.9(17/3), 13.11(17.d), 13.11(21.6/5)

Continue in Ada.Asynchronous_Task_Control D.11(3/5)

contract model of generics 12.3(1.a/5)

control character a category of Character A.3.2(22) a category of Character A.3.3(4), A.3.3(15) See also format_effector 2.1(13/3)

Control_Set in Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(4)

Controlled in Ada.Finalization 7.6(5/5)

controlled type 1.3.1(19/5), 7.6(2), 7.6(9/2)

controlling access result 3.9.2(2/3)

controlling formal parameter 3.9.2(2/3)

controlling operand 3.9.2(2/3)

controlling result 3.9.2(2/3)

controlling tag for a call on a dispatching operation 3.9.2(1/5)

controlling tag value 3.9.2(14) for the expression in an assignment_statement 5.2(9)

controlling type of a formal_abstract_subprogram_declaration 12.6(8.5/5)

convention 6.3.1(2/1), B.1(11/3)

Convention aspect B.1(2/3)

Convention pragma J.15.5(4/3), L(8.1/3)

conversion 4.6(1/3), 4.6(28) access 4.6(24.11/2), 4.6(24.18/2), 4.6(24.19/2), 4.6(47) arbitrary order 1.1.4(18) array 4.6(24.2/2), 4.6(36) composite (non-array) 4.6(21/3), 4.6(40) enumeration 4.6(21.1/2), 4.6(34) numeric 4.6(24.1/2), 4.6(29) unchecked 13.9(1) value 4.6(5/5) view 4.6(5/5)

Conversion_Error in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(30)

Conversions child of Ada.Characters A.3.4(2/5) child of Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(15/5)

Convert in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding.Conversions A.4.11(16/3), A.4.11(17/3), A.4.11(18/3), A.4.11(19/3), A.4.11(20/3)

convertible 4.6(4/3) required 4.6(24.13/2), 4.6(24.4/2), 8.6(27.1/4)

Copy in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.20(10/5) in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Hashed_Maps A.18.21(13/5) in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Hashed_Sets A.18.23(13/5) in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Ordered_Maps A.18.22(10/5) in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Ordered_Sets A.18.24(10/5) in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(17.6/5), A.18.3(51.9/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(17.8/5), A.18.5(37.10/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(17.5/5), A.18.8(59.9/5) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(21/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(33/5), A.18.10(70.9/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(16.8/5), A.18.6(51.11/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(16.5/5), A.18.9(74.9/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(34.8/5), A.18.2(79.9/5)

copy back of parameters 6.4.1(17)

copy parameter passing 6.2(2)

Copy_Array in Interfaces.C.Pointers B.3.2(15)

Copy_File in Ada.Directories A.16(13/2)

Copy_Local_Subtree in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(54.1/5)

Copy_Sign attribute A.5.3(51)

Copy_Subtree in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(54.2/5), A.18.10(54/5)

Copy_Terminated_Array in Interfaces.C.Pointers B.3.2(14)

Copyright_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

core language 1.1.2(2), 1.3.3(8/5)

Correction 1.1.2(39.aa/3), 1.1.2(39.nn/5), 1.1.2(39.qq/5)

corresponding constraint 3.4(6)

corresponding discriminants 3.7(18)

corresponding expression class-wide type invariant 7.3.2(8/5)

corresponding expresssion class-wide postcondition 6.1.1(18/5) class-wide precondition 6.1.1(18/5)

corresponding index for an array_aggregate 4.3.3(8)

corresponding subtype 3.4(18/3)

corresponding value of the target type of a conversion 4.6(28)

Corrigendum 1.1.2(39.n/3), 1.1.2(39.nn/5), 1.1.2(39.qq/5), 1.1.2(, 1.1.2(39.ww/5)

Cos in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(4) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(5)

Cosh in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(6) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(7)

Cot in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(4) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(5)

Coth in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(6) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(7)

Count in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(4) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(7) in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(48), A.4.4(49), A.4.4(50) in Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.3(13), A.4.3(14), A.4.3(15) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(43), A.4.5(44), A.4.5(45) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(5)

Count attribute 9.9(5)

Count_Type in Ada.Containers A.18.1(5/2)

Country in Ada.Locales A.19(6/3)

Country code standard 1.2(4.1/5)

Country_Code in Ada.Locales A.19(4/4)

Country_Unknown in Ada.Locales A.19(5/3)

cover a type 3.4.1(9/5) of a choice and an exception 11.2(6)

cover a value 3.8.1(1.a) by a discrete_choice 3.8.1(9) by a discrete_choice_list 3.8.1(13)

covered global aspect 6.1.2(38/5)

CPU aspect D.16(8/3)

CPU clock tick D.14(15/2)

CPU pragma J.15.9(2/3), L(8.2/3)

CPU subtype of CPU_Range in System.Multiprocessors D.16(4/3)

CPU time of a task D.14(11/3)

CPU_Range in System.Multiprocessors D.16(4/3)

CPU_Set in System.Multiprocessors.Dispatching_Domains D.16.1(9.1/4)

CPU_Tick in Ada.Execution_Time D.14(4/2)

CPU_Time in Ada.Execution_Time D.14(4/2)

CPU_Time_First in Ada.Execution_Time D.14(4/2)

CPU_Time_Last in Ada.Execution_Time D.14(4/2)

CPU_Time_Unit in Ada.Execution_Time D.14(4/2)

CR in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

create 3.1(12) in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(6), A.8.4(18.10/5), A.8.4(18.3/5) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(6), A.8.1(15.10/5), A.8.1(15.3/5) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(8), A.12.1(26.10/5), A.12.1(26.3/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(9), A.10.1(85.10/5), A.10.1(85.3/5) in System.Multiprocessors.Dispatching_Domains D.16.1(7/4), D.16.1(9.2/4)

Create_Directory in Ada.Directories A.16(7/2)

Create_Path in Ada.Directories A.16(9/2)

Create_Subpool in System.Storage_Pools.Subpools 13.11.4(7/3)

creation of a protected object C.3.1(10/3) of a return object 6.5(5.12/5) of a tag 13.14(20/2) of a task object D.1(17/4) of an object 3.3(1)

critical section See intertask communication 9.5(1)

CSI in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(19)

Currency_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

current column number A.10(9)

current index of an open direct file A.8(4) of an open stream file A.12.1(1.1/1)

current instance of a generic unit 8.6(18) of a type 8.6(17/3)

current line number A.10(9)

current mode of an open file A.7(7)

current page number A.10(9)

Current size of a stream file A.12.1(1.1/1) of an external file A.8(3)

Current_Directory in Ada.Directories A.16(5/2)

Current_Error in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(17), A.10.1(20)

Current_Handler in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(10/2) in Ada.Execution_Time.Timers D.14.1(7/2) in Ada.Interrupts C.3.2(6) in Ada.Real_Time.Timing_Events D.15(5/2)

Current_Indent in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(14/5)

Current_Input in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(17), A.10.1(20)

Current_Output in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(17), A.10.1(20)

Current_State in Ada.Synchronous_Task_Control D.10(4/5)

Current_Task in Ada.Task_Identification C.7.1(3/5)

Current_Task_Fallback_Handler in Ada.Task_Termination C.7.3(5/2)

Current_Use in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Priority_Queues A.18.31(7/5) in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Synchronized_Queues A.18.29(6/5) in Ada.Containers.Synchronized_Queue_Interfaces A.18.27(7/5) in Ada.Containers.Unbounded_Priority_Queues A.18.30(7/5) in Ada.Containers.Unbounded_Synchronized_Queues A.18.28(6/5)

cursor ambiguous A.18.2(240/2) for a container A.18(2/5) invalid A.18.2(248/2), A.18.3(153/2), A.18.4(76/2), A.18.7(97/2), A.18.10(222/3) in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(7/5), A.18.3(51.3/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(4/5), A.18.5(37.4/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(4/5), A.18.8(59.3/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(9/5), A.18.10(70.3/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(5/5), A.18.6(51.5/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(5/5), A.18.9(74.3/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(9/5), A.18.2(79.3/5)


dangling reference 13.11.2(15.1/4)

dangling references prevention via accessibility rules 3.10.2(3/5)

Data_Error in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(18) in Ada.IO_Exceptions A.13(4) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(15) in Ada.Storage_IO A.9(9) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(26) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(85/5)

date and time formatting standard 1.2.1(6/5)

Day in Ada.Calendar 9.6(13) in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(23/2)

Day_Count in Ada.Calendar.Arithmetic 9.6.1(10/2)

Day_Duration subtype of Duration in Ada.Calendar 9.6(11/2)

Day_Name in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(17/2)

Day_Number subtype of Integer in Ada.Calendar 9.6(11/2)

Day_of_Week in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(18/2)

DC1 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

DC2 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

DC3 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

DC4 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

DCS in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(18)

deadline active D.2.6(14/5) base D.2.6(14/5) relative D.3(13.2/5)

Deadline subtype of Time in Ada.Dispatching.EDF D.2.6(9/5)

Deallocate in System.Storage_Pools 13.11(8) in System.Storage_Pools.Subpools 13.11.4(15/3)

Deallocate_Subpool in System.Storage_Pools.Subpools 13.11.4(12/3)

deallocation of storage 13.11.2(1)

Decimal child of Ada F.2(2/5)

decimal digit a category of Character A.3.2(28)

decimal fixed point type 3.5.9(1), 3.5.9(6)

Decimal_Conversions in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(31)

Decimal_Digit_Set in Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(4)

Decimal_Element in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(12/3)

decimal_fixed_point_definition 3.5.9(4) used 3.5.9(2), P.1

Decimal_IO in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(73)

decimal_literal 2.4.1(2) used 2.4(2), P.1

Decimal_Output in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(11)

declaration 1.3.3(10/5), 3.1(5), 3.1(6/5)

declaration list [partial] 12.1(9.1/5) declarative_part 3.11(6.1/2) package_specification 7.1(6/2)

declarative region of a construct 8.1(1)

declarative_item 3.11(3) used 3.11(2), P.1

declarative_part 3.11(2) used 5.6(2), 6.3(2/3), 7.2(2/3), 9.1(6/3), 9.5.2(5/5), P.1

declare 3.1(8), 3.1(12)

declare expression 4.5.9(1/5)

declare_expression 4.5.9(2/5) used 4.4(7/5), P.1

declare_item 4.5.9(3/5) used 4.5.9(2/5), P.1

declared pure 10.2.1(17/5)

Decode in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding.Strings A.4.11(26/3), A.4.11(27/3), A.4.11(28/3) in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding.Wide_Strings A.4.11(34/3), A.4.11(35/3), A.4.11(36/3) in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding.Wide_Wide_Strings A.4.11(42/3), A.4.11(43/3), A.4.11(44/3)

Decrease_Indent in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(16/5)

Decrement in Interfaces.C.Pointers B.3.2(11/3)

deeper accessibility level 3.10.2(3/5) statically 3.10.2(4), 3.10.2(17)

default constant indexing function 5.5.1(16/3)

default cursor subtype 5.5.1(8/5)

default directory A.16(48/2)

default element subtype 5.5.1(9/5)

default entry queuing policy 9.5.3(17)

default initial condition 1.3.1(21/5)

default initial condition check 7.3.3(9/5)

default initial condition expression 7.3.3(2/5)

default iterator function 5.5.1(8/5)

default iterator subtype 5.5.1(8/5)

default pool 13.11.3(4.2/4)

default treatment C.3(5)

default variable indexing function 5.5.1(21/3)

Default_Aft in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(64), A.10.1(69), A.10.1(74) in Ada.Text_IO.Complex_IO G.1.3(5)

Default_Base in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(53), A.10.1(58)

Default_Bit_Order in System 13.7(15/2)

Default_Component_Value aspect 3.6(22.2/3)

Default_Currency in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(10)

Default_Deadline in Ada.Dispatching.EDF D.2.6(9/5)

Default_Exp in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(64), A.10.1(69), A.10.1(74) in Ada.Text_IO.Complex_IO G.1.3(5)

default_expression 3.7(6) used 3.7(5/5), 3.8(6/3), 6.1(15/5), 12.4(2/3), P.1

Default_Fill in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(10)

Default_Fore in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(64), A.10.1(69), A.10.1(74) in Ada.Text_IO.Complex_IO G.1.3(5)

Default_Initial_Condition aspect 7.3.3(2/5)

Default_Iterator aspect 5.5.1(8/5)

Default_Modulus in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Hashed_Maps A.18.21(10/3) in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Hashed_Sets A.18.23(10/3)

default_name 12.6(4) used 12.6(3/2), P.1

Default_Priority in System 13.7(17)

Default_Quantum in Ada.Dispatching.Round_Robin D.2.5(4/5)

Default_Radix_Mark in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(10)

Default_Relative_Deadline in Ada.Dispatching.EDF D.2.6(9/5)

Default_Separator in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(10)

Default_Setting in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(80)

Default_Storage_Pool aspect 13.11.3(5/4)

Default_Storage_Pool pragma 13.11.3(3/3), L(8.3/3)

Default_Subpool_for_Pool in System.Storage_Pools.Subpools 13.11.4(13/3)

Default_Value aspect 3.5(56.3/3)

Default_Width in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(53), A.10.1(58), A.10.1(80)

deferred constant 7.4(2/3)

deferred constant declaration 3.3.1(6/5), 7.4(2/3)

defining name 3.1(10)

defining_character_literal 3.5.1(4) used 3.5.1(3), P.1

defining_designator 6.1(6) used 6.1(4.2/2), 12.3(2/3), P.1

defining_identifier 3.1(4) used 3.2.1(3/3), 3.2.2(2/3), 3.3.1(3), 3.5.1(3), 3.10.1(2/2), 4.3.3(5.1/5), 5.5(3.1/5), 5.5(4/5), 5.5.2(2/5), 5.5.3(3/5), 6.1(7), 6.5(2.1/5), 7.3(2/3), 7.3(3/3), 8.5.1(2/5), 8.5.2(2/3), 9.1(2/3), 9.1(3/5), 9.1(6/3), 9.4(2/3), 9.4(3/3), 9.4(7/3), 9.5.2(2/3), 9.5.2(5/5), 9.5.2(8/5), 10.1.3(4/3), 10.1.3(5/3), 10.1.3(6/3), 11.2(4), 12.5(2.1/5), 12.5(2.2/5), 12.7(2/3), P.1

defining_identifier_list 3.3.1(3) used 3.3.1(2/3), 3.3.2(2), 3.7(5/5), 3.8(6/3), 6.1(15/5), 11.1(2/3), 12.4(2/3), P.1

defining_operator_symbol 6.1(11) used 6.1(6), P.1

defining_program_unit_name 6.1(7) used 6.1(4.1/2), 6.1(6), 7.1(3/3), 7.2(2/3), 8.5.3(2/3), 8.5.5(2/3), 12.3(2/3), P.1

Definite attribute 12.5.1(23/3)

definite subtype 3.3(23/5)

definition 3.1(7)

Degree_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

DEL in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

delay_alternative 9.7.1(6) used 9.7.1(4), 9.7.2(2), P.1

delay_relative_statement 9.6(4) used 9.6(2), P.1

delay_statement 9.6(2) used 5.1(4/2), 9.7.1(6), 9.7.4(4/2), P.1

Delay_Until_And_Set_CPU in System.Multiprocessors.Dispatching_Domains D.16.1(14/3)

Delay_Until_And_Set_Deadline in Ada.Dispatching.EDF D.2.6(9/5)

delay_until_statement 9.6(3) used 9.6(2), P.1

Delete in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(24/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(25/5), A.18.5(26/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(24/5), A.18.8(25/5), A.18.8(55/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(24/5), A.18.6(25/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(23/5), A.18.9(24/5), A.18.9(68/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(50/5), A.18.2(51/5) in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(8) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(8) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(10) in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(64), A.4.4(65) in Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.3(29), A.4.3(30) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(59), A.4.5(60) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(11)

Delete_Children in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(53/5)

Delete_Directory in Ada.Directories A.16(8/2)

Delete_File in Ada.Directories A.16(11/2)

Delete_First in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(25/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(26/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(25/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(52/5)

Delete_Last in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(26/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(27/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(26/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(53/5)

Delete_Leaf in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(35/5)

Delete_Subtree in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(36/5)

Delete_Tree in Ada.Directories A.16(10/2)

delimiter 2.2(8/2)

delivery of an interrupt C.3(2)

delta of a fixed point type 3.5.9(1)

delta aggregate 4.3.4(1/5)

Delta attribute 3.5.10(3)

delta_aggregate 4.3.4(2/5) used 4.3(2/5), P.1

delta_constraint J.3(2/4) used 3.2.2(6), P.1

Denominator in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(8/5)

Denorm attribute A.5.3(9)

denormalized number A.5.3(10)

denote 8.6(16) informal definition 3.1(8) name used as a pragma argument 8.6(32)

depend on a discriminant for a component 3.7(20) for a constraint or component_definition 3.7(19)

dependence elaboration 10.2(9/5) of a task on a master 9.3(1) of a task on another task 9.3(4) semantic 10.1.1(26/2)

depth accessibility level 3.10.2(3/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(19.1/5), A.18.10(19/5)

depth-first order A.18.10(5/3)

Dequeue in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Priority_Queues A.18.31(5/3) in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Synchronized_Queues A.18.29(5/3) in Ada.Containers.Synchronized_Queue_Interfaces A.18.27(6/5) in Ada.Containers.Unbounded_Priority_Queues A.18.30(5/3) in Ada.Containers.Unbounded_Synchronized_Queues A.18.28(5/3)

Dequeue_Only_High_Priority in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Priority_Queues A.18.31(6/3) in Ada.Containers.Unbounded_Priority_Queues A.18.30(6/3)

dereference 4.1(8)

Dereference_Error in Interfaces.C.Strings B.3.1(12)

derivation class for a type 3.4.1(2/2)

derived from directly or indirectly 3.4.1(2/2)

derived type 1.3.1(22/5), 3.4(1/2) [partial] 3.4(24)

derived_type_definition 3.4(2/2) used 3.2.1(4/2), P.1

descendant 10.1.1(11) at run time 3.9(12.3/3) of a tree node A.18.10(4/3) of a type 3.4.1(10/2) of the full view of a type 7.3.1(5.2/5) relationship with scope 8.2(4)

descendant of a type 1.3.1(25/5)

Descendant_Tag in Ada.Tags 3.9(7.1/2)

designate 3.10(1)

designated profile of an access-to-subprogram type 3.10(11) of an anonymous access type 3.10(12/3)

designated subtype of a named access type 3.10(10) of an anonymous access type 3.10(12/3)

designated type of a named access type 3.10(10) of an anonymous access type 3.10(12/3)

designator 6.1(5) used 6.3(2/3), P.1

destructor See finalization 7.6(1) See finalization 7.6.1(1)

Detach_Handler in Ada.Interrupts C.3.2(9)

Detect_Blocking pragma H.5(3/2), L(8.4/2)

Determinant in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(46/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Real_Arrays G.3.1(24/2)

determined category for a formal type 12.5(6/3)

determined to be unevaluated 6.1.1(24.1/5)

determines a type by a subtype_mark 3.2.2(8)

determining expression 6.1.1(22.16/5)

Device_Error in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(18) in Ada.Directories A.16(43/2) in Ada.IO_Exceptions A.13(4) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(15) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(26) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(85/5)

Diaeresis in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

Difference in Ada.Calendar.Arithmetic 9.6.1(12/2) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(32/5), A.18.8(33/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(33/5), A.18.9(34/5)

digit 2.4.1(4.1/2) used 2.4.1(3), 2.4.2(5), P.1

digits of a decimal fixed point subtype 3.5.9(6), 3.5.10(7)

Digits attribute 3.5.8(2/1), 3.5.10(7)

digits_constraint 3.5.9(5/4) used 3.2.2(6), P.1

dimensionality of an array 3.6(12)

direct access A.8(3)

direct file A.8(1/2)

Direct_IO child of Ada A.8.4(2/5)

direct_name 4.1(3) used 3.8.1(2), 4.1(2/5), 5.1(8), 9.5.2(3), 13.1(3), J.7(1), J.15.14(4/5), L(25.3/5), P.1

Direction in Ada.Strings A.4.1(6)

directly specified of a representation aspect of an entity 13.1(8/5) of an operational aspect of an entity 13.1(8.1/3)

directly visible 8.3(2), 8.3(21) within a pragma in a context_clause 10.1.6(3) within a pragma that appears at the place of a compilation unit 10.1.6(5) within a use_clause in a context_clause 10.1.6(3) within a with_clause 10.1.6(2/2) within the parent_unit_name of a library unit 10.1.6(2/2) within the parent_unit_name of a subunit 10.1.6(4)

Directories child of Ada A.16(3/5)

directory A.16(45/2)

directory entry A.16(49/2)

directory name A.16(46/2)

Directory_Entry_Type in Ada.Directories A.16(29/2)

disabled predicate checks 3.2.4(7/3)

Discard_Names aspect C.5(1.3/4)

Discard_Names pragma C.5(3), L(9)

discontiguous representation [partial] 13.1(7.a/2), 13.5.2(5), 13.7.1(12), 13.9(9), 13.9(17/3), 13.11(17.d), 13.11(21.6/5)

discrete array type 4.5.2(1)

discrete type 1.3.1(27/5), 3.2(3), 3.5(1)

discrete_choice 3.8.1(5/3) used 3.8.1(4/5), P.1

discrete_choice_list 3.8.1(4/5) used 3.8.1(3), 4.3.3(5.1/5), 4.3.3(5/5), 4.5.7(6/3), 5.4(3), P.1

Discrete_Random child of Ada.Numerics A.5.2(17/5)

discrete_range 3.6.1(3) used 3.6.1(2), 4.1.2(2), 4.3.5(20/5), P.1

discrete_subtype_definition 3.6(6) used 3.6(5), 5.5(3.1/5), 5.5(4/5), 9.5.2(2/3), 9.5.2(8/5), P.1

discriminant 1.3.1(28/5), 3.2(5/2), 3.7(1/2) of a variant_part 3.8.1(6) use in a record definition 3.8(12/3)

discriminant_association 3.7.1(3/5) used 3.7.1(2), P.1

Discriminant_Check 11.5(12) [partial] 4.1.3(15), 4.3(6), 4.3.2(8/3), 4.3.4(16/5), 4.6(43), 4.6(45), 4.6(51/5), 4.6(52), 4.7(4/5), 4.8(10/2), 6.5(5.12/5)

discriminant_constraint 3.7.1(2) used 3.2.2(7), P.1

discriminant_part 3.7(2) used 3.10.1(2/2), 7.3(2/3), 7.3(3/3), 12.5(2.1/5), 12.5(2.2/5), P.1

discriminant_specification 3.7(5/5) used 3.7(4), P.1

discriminants known 3.7(26) unknown 3.7(1.b/2) unknown 3.7(26)

discriminated type 3.7(8/2)

dispatching 3.9(3) child of Ada D.2.1(1.2/5)

Dispatching aspect H.7.1(8/5)

dispatching call on a dispatching operation 3.9.2(1/5)

dispatching domain D.16.1(16/4)

dispatching operation 3.9.2(1/5), 3.9.2(2/3) [partial] 3.9(1)

dispatching operation set H.7.1(14/5)

dispatching point D.2.1(4/5) [partial] D.2.3(8/2), D.2.4(9/3)

dispatching policy for tasks 9(10.a/3) [partial] D.2.1(5/2)

dispatching, task D.2.1(4/5)

Dispatching_Domain in System.Multiprocessors.Dispatching_Domains D.16.1(5/3)

Dispatching_Domain aspect D.16.1(18/3)

Dispatching_Domain pragma J.15.10(2/3), L(9.1/3)

Dispatching_Domain_Error in System.Multiprocessors.Dispatching_Domains D.16.1(4/3)

Dispatching_Domains child of System.Multiprocessors D.16.1(3/5)

dispatching_operation_set H.7.1(9/5)

dispatching_operation_specifier H.7.1(10/5) used H.7.1(9/5), P.1

Dispatching_Policy_Error in Ada.Dispatching D.2.1(1.4/3)

Display_Format in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(22)

displayed magnitude (of a decimal value) F.3.2(14)

disruption of an assignment 9.8(21), 13.9.1(5) [partial] 11.6(6/5)

distinct access paths 6.2(12/3)

distinguished receiver notation 4.1.3(19.e/2)

distributed accessibility 3.10.2(32.1/3)

distributed program E(3)

distributed system E(2)

distributed systems C(1)

divide 2.1(15/5) in Ada.Decimal F.2(6/3)

divide operator 4.5(1), 4.5.5(1)

Division_Check 11.5(13/2) [partial] 3.5.4(20), 4.5.5(22), A.5.3(47), G.1.1(40), K.2(202)

Division_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

DLE in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

Do_APC in System.RPC E.5(10)

Do_RPC in System.RPC E.5(9)

documentation (required of an implementation) 1.1.3(18), M.1(1/5), M.2(1/5), M.3(1/5)

documentation requirements 1.1.2(34), M(1/5) summary of requirements M.1(1/5)

Dollar_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

dope 13.5.1(15.d)

dot 2.1(15/5)

dot selection See selected_component 4.1.3(1)

double in Interfaces.C B.3(16)

Double_Complex in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(10.2/5)

Double_Imaginary subtype of Imaginary in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(10.3/5)

Double_Precision in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(6)

Double_Precision_Complex_Types in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(10.1/5)

Doubly_Linked_Lists child of Ada.Containers A.18.3(5/5)

downward closure 3.10.2(13.b/2), 3.10.2(37/5)

drift rate D.8(41)

Duration in Standard A.1(43)

dynamic binding See dispatching operation 3.9(1)

dynamic semantics 1.1.2(30)

Dynamic_Predicate aspect 3.2.4(1/5)

Dynamic_Priorities child of Ada D.5.1(3/5)

dynamically determined tag 3.9.2(1/5)

dynamically enclosing of one execution by another 11.4(2)

dynamically tagged 3.9.2(5/2)


e in Ada.Numerics A.5(3/5)

EDF child of Ada.Dispatching D.2.6(9/5) child of Ada.Synchronous_Task_Control D.10(5.2/5)

EDF_Within_Priorities task dispatching policy D.2.6(7/5)

edited output F.3(1/2)

Editing child of Ada.Text_IO F.3.3(3/5) child of Ada.Wide_Text_IO F.3.4(1) child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO F.3.5(1/2)

effect external 1.1.3(8)

efficiency 11.5(29/5), 11.6(1/3)

Eigensystem in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(49/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Real_Arrays G.3.1(27/2)

Eigenvalues in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(48/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Real_Arrays G.3.1(26/2)

elaborable 3.1(11.f)

Elaborate pragma 10.2.1(20), L(10)

Elaborate_All pragma 10.2.1(21), L(11)

Elaborate_Body aspect 10.2.1(26.1/5)

Elaborate_Body pragma J.15.14(6/5), L(12.1/5)

elaborated 3.11(8)

elaboration 1.3.4(3/5), 3.1(11) abstract_subprogram_declaration 3.9.3(11.1/2) access_definition 3.10(17/2) access_type_definition 3.10(16) array_type_definition 3.6(21) aspect_clause 13.1(19/1) choice_parameter_specification 11.4(7) chunk_specification 5.5(8.1/5) component_declaration 3.8(17) component_definition 3.6(22/2), 3.8(18/2) component_list 3.8(17) declaration with a True Import aspect B.1(38/3) declarative_part 3.11(7) deferred constant declaration 7.4(10/3) delta_constraint J.3(11) derived_type_definition 3.4(26) digits_constraint 3.5.9(19/4) discrete_subtype_definition 3.6(22/2) discriminant_constraint 3.7.1(12/5) entry_declaration 9.5.2(22/1) enumeration_type_definition 3.5.1(10) exception_declaration 11.1(5) expression_function_declaration 6.8(8/3) fixed_point_definition 3.5.9(17) floating_point_definition 3.5.7(13) full type definition 3.2.1(11) full_type_declaration 3.2.1(11) generic body 12.2(2) generic_declaration 12.1(10) generic_instantiation 12.3(20) incomplete_type_declaration 3.10.1(12) index_constraint 3.6.1(8) integer_type_definition 3.5.4(18) loop_parameter_specification 5.5(9/5) nongeneric package_body 7.2(6) nongeneric subprogram_body 6.3(6) null_procedure_declaration 6.7(5/3) number_declaration 3.3.2(7) object_declaration 3.3.1(15) of library units for a foreign language main subprogram B.1(39/3) package_body of Standard A.1(50) package_declaration 7.1(8) partition E.1(6) partition E.5(21) per-object constraint 3.8(18.1/1) pragma 2.8(12) private_extension_declaration 7.3(17) private_type_declaration 7.3(17) protected declaration 9.4(12) protected_body 9.4(15) protected_definition 9.4(13) range_constraint 3.5(9) real_type_definition 3.5.6(5) record_definition 3.8(16) record_extension_part 3.9.1(5) record_type_definition 3.8(16) renaming_declaration 8.5(3) single_protected_declaration 9.4(12) single_task_declaration 9.1(10) subprogram_declaration 6.1(31/2) subtype_declaration 3.2.2(9) subtype_indication 3.2.2(9) task declaration 9.1(10) task_body 9.1(13) task_definition 9.1(11) use_clause 8.4(12) variant_part 3.8.1(22)

elaboration control 10.2.1(1/5)

elaboration dependence library_item on another 10.2(9/5)

Elaboration_Check 11.5(20) [partial] 3.11(9)

element of a storage pool 13.11(11) in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(14.1/5), A.18.3(14/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(14.1/5), A.18.5(14/5), A.18.5(31/2) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(15.1/5), A.18.8(15/5), A.18.8(52/2) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(12/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(24.1/5), A.18.10(24/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(13.1/5), A.18.6(13/5), A.18.6(39/2) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(14.1/5), A.18.9(14/5), A.18.9(65/2) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(27/5), A.18.2(28.1/5), A.18.2(28/5) in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(26) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(20)

element type container aggregate 4.3.5(7/5), 4.3.5(9/5)

Element_Count in Ada.Streams.Storage 13.13.1(14/5) in Ada.Streams.Storage.Bounded 13.13.1(30/5) in Ada.Streams.Storage.Unbounded 13.13.1(22/5)

elementary type 1.3.1(30/5), 3.2(2/5)

Elementary_Functions child of Ada.Numerics A.5.1(9/1)

eligible a type, for a convention B.1(14/3)

else part of a selective_accept 9.7.1(11)

EM in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

embedded systems C(1), D(1/5)

Empty in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(10.3/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(7.3/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(8.2/5) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(8.2/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(15.3/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(8.3/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(9.2/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(12.4/5)

empty element of a vector A.18.2(4/2)

empty holder A.18.18(3/3)

Empty_Holder in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(7/3)

Empty_List in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(8/2), A.18.3(51.4/5)

Empty_Map in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(5/2), A.18.5(37.5/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(6/2), A.18.6(51.6/5)

Empty_Set in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(5/2), A.18.8(59.4/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(6/2), A.18.9(74.4/5)

Empty_Tree in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(10/3), A.18.10(70.4/5)

Empty_Vector in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(10/2), A.18.2(79.4/5)

enabled invariant expression 7.3.2(21/4) postcondition expression 6.1.1(19/5) precondition expression 6.1.1(19/5) predicate checks 3.2.4(7/3)

encapsulation See package 7(1)

enclosing immediately 8.1(13)

Encode in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding.Strings A.4.11(23/3), A.4.11(24/3), A.4.11(25/3) in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding.Wide_Strings A.4.11(31/3), A.4.11(32/3), A.4.11(33/3) in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding.Wide_Wide_Strings A.4.11(39/3), A.4.11(40/3), A.4.11(41/3)

Encoding in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(13/3)

encoding scheme A.4.11(46/3)

Encoding_Error in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(8/3)

Encoding_Scheme in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(4/3)

end of a line 2.2(2/3)

End_Error in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(18) in Ada.IO_Exceptions A.13(4) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(15) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(26) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(85/5)

End_Of_File in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(16) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(13) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(12) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(34/5)

End_Of_Line in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(30/5)

End_Of_Page in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(33/5)

End_Search in Ada.Directories A.16(33/2)

endian big 13.5.3(2) little 13.5.3(2)

ENQ in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

Enqueue in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Priority_Queues A.18.31(5/3) in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Synchronized_Queues A.18.29(5/3) in Ada.Containers.Synchronized_Queue_Interfaces A.18.27(5/5) in Ada.Containers.Unbounded_Priority_Queues A.18.30(5/3) in Ada.Containers.Unbounded_Synchronized_Queues A.18.28(5/3)

entity 3.1(12.b) [partial] 3.1(1/5)

entity with runtime name text C.5(1.1/4)

entry closed 9.5.3(5) open 9.5.3(5) single 9.5.2(20)

entry call 9.5.3(1) simple 9.5.3(1)

entry calling convention 6.3.1(13/4)

entry family 9.5.2(20)

entry index subtype 3.8(18/2), 9.5.2(20)

entry queue 9.5.3(12)

entry queuing policy 9.5.3(17) default policy 9.5.3(17)

entry_barrier 9.5.2(7) used 9.5.2(5/5), P.1

entry_body 9.5.2(5/5) used 9.4(8/4), P.1

entry_body_formal_part 9.5.2(6) used 9.5.2(5/5), P.1

entry_call_alternative 9.7.2(3/2) used 9.7.2(2), 9.7.3(2), P.1

entry_call_statement 9.5.3(2) used 5.1(4/2), 9.7.2(3.1/2), P.1

entry_declaration 9.5.2(2/3) used 9.1(5/1), 9.4(5/1), P.1

entry_index 9.5.2(4) used 9.5.2(3), P.1

entry_index_specification 9.5.2(8/5) used 9.5.2(6), P.1

Enum_Rep attribute 13.4(10.2/5)

Enum_Val attribute 13.4(10.5/5)

enumeration literal 3.5.1(6/3)

enumeration type 1.3.1(31/5), 3.2(3), 3.5.1(1)

enumeration_aggregate 13.4(3) used 13.4(2), P.1

Enumeration_IO in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(79)

enumeration_literal_specification 3.5.1(3) used 3.5.1(2), P.1

enumeration_representation_clause 13.4(2) used 13.1(2/1), P.1

enumeration_type_definition 3.5.1(2) used 3.2.1(4/2), P.1

environment 10.1.4(1)

environment declarative_part 10.1.4(1) for the environment task of a partition 10.2(13)

environment task 10.2(8)

environment variable A.17(1/2)

Environment_Task in Ada.Task_Identification C.7.1(3/5)

Environment_Variables child of Ada A.17(3/5)

EOT in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

EPA in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(18)

epoch D.8(19)

equal operator 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1)

Equal_Case_Insensitive child of Ada.Strings A.4.10(2/5) child of Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.10(7/5) child of Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.10(5/3) child of Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.10(10/5)

Equal_Element in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(7.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(11.1/5)

Equal_Subtree in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(14/3)

equality operator 4.5.2(1) special inheritance rule for tagged types 3.4(17/2), 4.5.2(14/3)

equals sign 2.1(15/5)

Equals_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(10)

equivalence of use_clauses and selected_components 8.4(1.a)

equivalent element of a hashed set A.18.8(64/2) of an ordered set A.18.9(78/2)

equivalent key of a hashed map A.18.5(42/2) of an ordered map A.18.6(55/2)

Equivalent_Elements in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(46/5), A.18.8(47/5), A.18.8(48/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(3/2)

Equivalent_Keys in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(34/5), A.18.5(35/5), A.18.5(36/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(3/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(63/2)

Equivalent_Sets in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(8/2) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(9/2)

erroneous execution 1.1.2(32), 1.1.5(10/5) cause 3.7.2(4), 3.9(25.3/2), 6.4.1(18/3), 9.8(21), 9.10(19/5), 11.5(26/5), 13.3(13/3), 13.3(27), 13.3(28/2), 13.9.1(8), 13.9.1(12/3), 13.9.1(13/3), 13.11(21), 13.11.2(16/3), 13.11.4(31.1/4), 13.13.2(53/2), A.10.3(22/1), A.12.1(36.1/1), A.13(17), A.17(28/2), A.18.2(252/2), A.18.3(157/2), A.18.4(80/2), A.18.7(101/2), A.18.18(70/3), A.18.19(11/3), A.18.20(15/3), A.18.21(16/3), A.18.22(13/3), A.18.23(16/3), A.18.24(13/3), A.18.25(15/3), B.1(38.1/5), B.3.1(51), B.3.1(55), B.3.1(56), B.3.1(57), B.3.2(35), B.3.2(36), B.3.2(37), B.3.2(38), B.3.2(39), B.3.2(42), C.3.1(14), C.3.1(14.1/3), C.7.1(18), C.7.2(14), C.7.2(15), C.7.2(15.1/2), D.2.6(31/2), D.5.1(12), D.11(9), D.14(19/2), D.14.1(25/2), D.14.2(35/2), H.4(26), H.4(27)

error compile-time 1.1.2(27), 1.1.5(4) link-time 1.1.2(29), 1.1.5(4) run-time 1.1.2(30), 1.1.5(6), 11.5(2/3), 11.6(1/3) See also bounded error, erroneous execution

ESA in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

ESC in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

Establish_RPC_Receiver in System.RPC E.5(12)

ETB in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

ETX in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

evaluable 3.1(11.f)

evaluated operative constituent 4.4(9.2/5)

evaluation 1.3.4(5/5), 3.1(11) aggregate 4.3(5) allocator 4.8(7/2) array_aggregate 4.3.3(21/5) attribute_reference 4.1.4(11/5) case_expression 4.5.7(21/3) concatenation 4.5.3(5) dereference 4.1(13) discrete_range 3.6.1(8) extension_aggregate 4.3.2(7) generalized_reference 4.1.5(8/3) generic_association 12.3(21) generic_association for a formal object of mode in 12.4(11) if_expression 4.5.7(20/3) indexed_component 4.1.1(7) initialized allocator 4.8(7/2) membership test 4.5.2(27/4) name 4.1(11/2) name that has a prefix 4.1(12) null literal 4.2(9/5) numeric literal 4.2(9/5) parameter_association 6.4.1(7) prefix 4.1(12) primary that is a name 4.4(10) qualified_expression 4.7(4/5) quantified_expression 4.5.8(6/5) range 3.5(9) range_attribute_reference 4.1.4(11/5) record_aggregate 4.3.1(18) record_component_association_list 4.3.1(19/5) reduction_attribute_reference 4.5.10(24/5) selected_component 4.1.3(14) short-circuit control form 4.5.1(7) slice 4.1.2(7) string_literal 4.2(10/5) uninitialized allocator 4.8(8) Val 3.5.5(7), K.2(261) Value 3.5(55/5) value conversion 4.6(28) value_sequence 4.5.10(20/5) view conversion 4.6(52) Wide_Value 3.5(43/5) Wide_Wide_Value 3.5(39.4/3)

exception 1.3.5(2/5), 11(1/3), 11.1(1)

exception occurrence 1.3.5(3/5), 11(1/3)

exception_choice 11.2(5) used 11.2(3/5), P.1

exception_declaration 11.1(2/3) used 3.1(3/3), P.1

exception_handler 11.2(3/5) used 11.2(2), P.1

Exception_Id in Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(2/5)

Exception_Identity in Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(5/2)

Exception_Information in Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(5/2)

Exception_Message in Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(4/3)

Exception_Name in Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(2/5), 11.4.1(5/2)

Exception_Occurrence in Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(3/5)

Exception_Occurrence_Access in Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(3/5)

exception_renaming_declaration 8.5.2(2/3) used 8.5(2), P.1

Exceptions child of Ada 11.4.1(2/5)

Exchange child of System.Atomic_Operations C.6.2(5/5)

Exchange_Handler in Ada.Interrupts C.3.2(8)

Exclamation in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

exclamation point 2.1(15/5)

Exclude in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(24/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(23/5), A.18.8(54/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(23/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(22/5), A.18.9(67/5)

excluded from stable property checks 7.3.4(24/5)

excludes null subtype 3.10(13.1/2)

exclusive protected operation 9.5.1(2.4/4)

Exclusive_Functions aspect 9.5.1(2.2/4)

executable 3.1(11.f)

execution 1.3.4(7/5), 3.1(11) abort_statement 9.8(4) aborting the execution of a construct 9.8(5) accept_statement 9.5.2(24/5) Ada program 9(1/5) assignment_statement 5.2(7), 7.6(17), 7.6.1(12/2) asynchronous_select with a delay_statement trigger 9.7.4(7) asynchronous_select with a procedure call trigger 9.7.4(6/2) asynchronous_select with an entry call trigger 9.7.4(6/2) block_statement 5.6(5) call on a dispatching operation 3.9.2(14) call on an inherited subprogram 3.4(27/2) case_statement 5.4(11/3) conditional_entry_call 9.7.3(3) delay_statement 9.6(20) dynamically enclosing 11.4(2) entry_body 9.5.2(26) entry_call_statement 9.5.3(8) exit_statement 5.7(5) extended_return_statement 6.5(5.12/5) goto_statement 5.8(5) handled_sequence_of_statements 11.2(10) handler 11.4(7) if_statement 5.3(5/3) included by another execution 11.4(2.a) instance of Unchecked_Deallocation 7.6.1(10) loop_statement 5.5(7/5) loop_statement with a for loop_parameter_specification 5.5(9/5) loop_statement with a while iteration_scheme 5.5(8) null_statement 5.1(13) partition 10.2(25) pragma 2.8(12) program 10.2(25) protected subprogram call 9.5.1(3) raise_statement with an exception_name 11.3(4/4) re-raise statement 11.3(4/4) remote subprogram call E.4(9) requeue protected entry 9.5.4(9) requeue task entry 9.5.4(8) requeue_statement 9.5.4(7/5) selective_accept 9.7.1(15) sequence_of_statements 5.1(15) simple_return_statement 6.5(6/2) subprogram call 6.4(10/2) subprogram_body 6.3(7) task 9.2(1) task_body 9.2(1) timed_entry_call 9.7.2(4/2)

execution resource associated with a protected object 9.4(18) required for a task to run 9(10/5)

execution time of a task D.14(11/3)

Execution_Time child of Ada D.14(3/5)

exhaust a budget D.14.2(14/2)

exist cease to 7.6.1(11/3), 13.11.2(10/4), 13.11.5(7.1/4)

Exists in Ada.Directories A.16(24/2) in Ada.Environment_Variables A.17(5/2)

exit_statement 5.7(2) used 5.1(4/2), P.1

Exit_Status in Ada.Command_Line A.15(7)

Exp in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(3) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(4)

expanded name 4.1.3(4)

Expanded_Name in Ada.Tags 3.9(7/2)

expected profile 8.6(26) accept_statement entry_direct_name 9.5.2(11) Access attribute_reference prefix 3.10.2(2.3/2) attribute_definition_clause name 13.3(4) character_literal 4.2(3) formal subprogram actual 12.6(6) formal subprogram default_name 12.6(5) name in an aspect_specification 13.1.1(8/3) subprogram_renaming_declaration 8.5.4(3)

expected type 8.6(20/2) abort_statement task_name 9.8(3/5) access attribute_reference 3.10.2(2/2) Access attribute_reference prefix 3.10.2(2.3/2) actual parameter 6.4.1(3) aggregate 4.3(3/5) allocator 4.8(3/3) array delta aggregate 4.3.4(6/5) array_aggregate 4.3.3(7/2) array_aggregate component expression 4.3.3(7/2) array_aggregate discrete_choice 4.3.3(8) assignment_statement expression 5.2(4/2) assignment_statement variable_name 5.2(4/2) Attach_Handler pragma second argument J.15.7(6/3) attribute_definition_clause expression or name 13.3(4) attribute_designator expression 4.1.4(7) base expression of a delta aggregate 4.3.4(7/5) case_expression selecting_expression 4.5.7(15/3) case_expression_alternative discrete_choice 4.5.7(15/3) case_statement selecting_expression 5.4(4/3) case_statement_alternative discrete_choice 5.4(4/3) character_literal 4.2(3) code_statement 13.8(4) component_clause expressions 13.5.1(7) component_declaration default_expression 3.8(7) condition 4.5.7(14/3) CPU pragma argument J.15.9(3/3) decimal fixed point type digits 3.5.9(6) delay_relative_statement expression 9.6(5) delay_until_statement expression 9.6(5) delta aggregate base expression 4.3.4(7/5) delta_constraint expression J.3(3/4) dependent_expression 4.5.7(8/3) dereference name 4.1(8) discrete_subtype_definition range 3.6(8) discriminant default_expression 3.7(7) discriminant_association expression 3.7.1(6) Dispatching_Domains pragma argument J.15.10(3/3) entry_index 9.5.2(11) enumeration_representation_clause expressions 13.4(4) expression in an aspect_specification 13.1.1(7/3) expression of a Default_Component_Value aspect 3.6(22.4/3) expression of a Default_Value aspect 3.5(56.5/3) expression of a predicate aspect 3.2.4(2/3) expression of expression function 6.8(3/4) expression of extended_return_object_declaration 6.5(3/5) expression of simple_return_statement 6.5(3/5) extension_aggregate 4.3.2(4/2) extension_aggregate ancestor expression 4.3.2(4/2) external name J.15.5(6/3) first_bit 13.5.1(7) fixed point type delta 3.5.9(6) generic formal in object actual 12.4(4) generic formal object default_expression 12.4(3) index_constraint discrete_range 3.6.1(4) indexable_container_object_prefix 4.1.6(11/3) indexed_component expression 4.1.1(4) integer_literal 4.2(4/5) Interrupt_Priority pragma argument J.15.11(5/3) invariant expression 7.3.2(4/3) iterable_name 5.5.2(3/3) iterator_name 5.5.2(3/3) last_bit 13.5.1(7) link name J.15.5(6/3) linker options B.1(10.1/3) membership test simple_expression 4.5.2(3/3) modular_type_definition expression 3.5.4(5/5) name in an aspect_specification 13.1.1(7/3) number_declaration expression 3.3.2(3) object in an aspect_specification 13.1.1(6/3) object_declaration initialization expression 3.3.1(4) parameter default_expression 6.1(17) position 13.5.1(7) postcondition expression 6.1.1(6/3) precondition expression 6.1.1(6/3) Priority pragma argument J.15.11(5/3) quantified_expression 4.5.8(5/3) range simple_expressions 3.5(5) range_attribute_designator expression 4.1.4(7) range_constraint range 3.5(5) real_literal 4.2(4/5) real_range_specification bounds 3.5.7(5/5) record delta aggregate 4.3.4(5/5) record_aggregate 4.3.1(8/2) record_component_association expression 4.3.1(10) reference_object_name 4.1.5(5/3) Relative_Deadline pragma argument J.15.12(3/3) requested decimal precision 3.5.7(4) restriction parameter expression 13.12(5) selecting_expression case_expression 4.5.7(15/3) selecting_expression case_statement 5.4(4/3) short-circuit control form relation 4.5.1(1) signed_integer_type_definition simple_expression 3.5.4(5/5) slice discrete_range 4.1.2(4) Storage_Size pragma argument J.15.4(4/3) string_literal 4.2(4/5) subpool_handle_name 4.8(3/3) type_conversion operand 4.6(6) Unchecked_Access attribute 13.10(4.a) variant_part discrete_choice 3.8.1(6)

expiration time [partial] 9.6(1) for a delay_relative_statement 9.6(20) for a delay_until_statement 9.6(20)

expires execution timer D.14.1(15/3)

explicit class-wide postcondition expression 7.3.4(23/5)

explicit declaration 3.1(5)

explicit initial value 3.3.1(1/3)

explicit specific postcondition expression 7.3.4(23/5)

explicit_actual_parameter 6.4(6) used 6.4(5), P.1

explicit_dereference 4.1(5) used 4.1(2/5), P.1

explicit_generic_actual_parameter 12.3(5) used 12.3(4), P.1

explicitly aliased parameter 6.1(23.1/3)

explicitly assign 10.2(2/5)

explicitly limited record 3.8(13.1/3)

exponent 2.4.1(4), 4.5.6(11/3) used 2.4.1(2), 2.4.2(2), P.1

Exponent attribute A.5.3(18)

exponentiation operator 4.5(1), 4.5.6(7)

Export aspect B.1(1/3)

Export pragma J.15.5(3/3), L(13.1/3)

exported entity B.1(23/3)

expression 4.4(1/3), 4.4(2) case 4.5.7(1/3) conditional 4.5.7(1/3) declare 4.5.9(1/5) if 4.5.7(1/3) of a return statement 6.5(5.b.2/5) of an extended_return_statement 6.5(5.1/5) parenthesized 4.4(9.1/5) predicate-static 3.2.4(15/3) quantified 4.5.8(0.1/4) reduction 4.5.10(1/5) used 2.8(3/3), 3.3.1(2/3), 3.3.2(2), 3.5.4(4), 3.5.7(2), 3.5.9(3), 3.5.9(4), 3.7(6), 3.7.1(3/5), 4.1.1(2), 4.1.4(3/2), 4.1.4(5), 4.3.1(4/2), 4.3.2(3), 4.3.3(3/5), 4.3.3(5.1/5), 4.3.3(5/5), 4.3.4(3/5), 4.3.4(4/5), 4.3.5(15/5), 4.3.5(18/5), 4.3.5(20/5), 4.3.5(21/5), 4.4(7/5), 4.5.7(3/3), 4.5.7(4/3), 4.5.7(5/3), 4.5.7(6/3), 4.5.8(3/3), 4.5.9(2/5), 4.5.10(5/5), 4.6(2), 4.7(2), 5.2(2), 5.4(2/3), 6.4(6), 6.5(2.1/5), 6.5(2/2), 6.8(2/4), 9.5.2(4), 9.6(3), 9.6(4), 11.3(2/2), 11.4.2(3/2), 12.3(5), 13.1.1(4/5), 13.3(2), 13.5.1(4), 13.12(4.1/2), B.1(8), B.1(10.1/3), D.2.2(2.2/2), J.7(1), J.8(1), J.15.4(2/3), J.15.5(2/3), J.15.5(3/3), J.15.7(4/3), J.15.9(2/3), L(2.2/2), L(6.1/3), L(8.2/3), L(13.1/3), L(14.1/3), L(19), L(27.2/2), L(35.1/3), P.1

expression function 6.8(3.1/5) static 6.8(3.6/5)

expression_function_declaration 6.8(2/4) used 3.1(3/3), 9.4(8/4), P.1

extended_digit 2.4.2(5) used 2.4.2(4), P.1

extended_global_mode H.7(3/5) used 6.1.2(4/5), P.1

Extended_Index subtype of Index_Type'Base in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(7/2)

extended_return_object_declaration 6.5(2.1/5) used 6.5(2.2/3), P.1

extended_return_statement 6.5(2.2/3) used 5.1(5/5), P.1

extension of a private type 3.9(2.1/2), 3.9.1(1/2) of a record type 3.9(2.1/2), 3.9.1(1/2) of a type 3.9(2/2), 3.9.1(1/2) in Ada.Directories A.16(18/5)

extension_aggregate 4.3.2(2) used 4.3(2/5), P.1

extensions to Ada 2005 1.1.2(39.ff/3), 2.2(14.d/3), 2.8(19.f/3), 3.2.1(16.g/3), 3.2.2(15.e/3), 3.2.4(52.b/3), 3.3(26.j/3), 3.3.1(33.l/3), 3.5(63.n/3), 3.5.5(17.b/3), 3.6(30.j/3), 3.7(37.m/3), 3.8(31.j/3), 3.8.1(29.f/3), 3.9.3(17.l/3), 3.10.1(23.m/3), 3.10.2(41.r/3), 4.1(17.h/3), 4.1.5(16.a/3), 4.1.6(23.a/3), 4.3.1(31.f/3), 4.5.2(39.l/3), 4.5.7(25.a/3), 4.5.8(13.a/3), 4.8(20.q/3), 5.1(22.e/3), 5.5.1(22.b/3), 5.5.2(17.a/3), 6.1(42.m/3), 6.1.1(44.a/3), 6.3(11.g/3), 6.3.2(7.d/3), 6.5(28.s/3), 6.5.1(11.b/3), 6.7(7.b/3), 6.8(10.a/3), 7.1(17.e/3), 7.2(15.f/3), 7.3(25.g/3), 7.3.2(41.a/3), 7.6(27.l/3), 8.4(16.h/3), 8.5.1(10.h/3), 8.5.2(6.a/3), 8.5.3(6.b/3), 8.5.4(21.g/3), 8.5.5(7.c/3), 8.6(34.w/3), 9.1(32.j/3), 9.4(35.h/3), 9.5(72.b/3), 9.5.2(37.e/3), 9.5.4(20.b/3), 10.1.3(24.d/3), 10.2.1(28.m/3), 11.1(8.c/3), 11.4.2(28.c/3), 12.1(24.d/3), 12.3(29.j/3), 12.4(12.i/3), 12.5(16.g/3), 12.5.1(28.j/3), 12.6(24.e/3), 12.7(25.f/3), 13.1.1(39.b/3), 13.2(9.d/3), 13.3(86.o/3), 13.11.1(5.d/3), 13.11.3(9.c/4), 13.11.4(35.a/3), 13.11.5(10.f/3), 13.12.1(13.c/3), 13.13.2(60.v/3), A.3.5(64.a/3), A.3.6(1.a/3), A.4.7(49.g/3), A.4.8(51.b/3), A.4.9(12.d/3), A.4.10(22.a/3), A.4.11(108.a/3), A.12.1(36.g/3), A.16.1(38.b/3), A.18.2(264.d/3), A.18.3(164.d/3), A.18.4(84.d/3), A.18.5(62.e/3), A.18.6(95.f/3), A.18.7(105.d/3), A.18.8(88.e/3), A.18.9(116.e/3), A.18.10(233.c/3), A.18.17(12.a/3), A.18.18(74.b/3), A.18.19(17.a/3), A.18.20(20.a/3), A.18.21(22.a/3), A.18.22(19.a/3), A.18.23(21.a/3), A.18.24(18.a/3), A.18.25(20.a/3), A.18.26(13.b/3), A.18.27(17.b/3), A.18.28(12.c/3), A.18.29(13.a/3), A.18.30(17.c/3), A.18.31(14.a/3), A.19(12.b/3), B.1(51.e/3), B.3.3(32.c/3), C.3.1(25.d/3), C.6(26.f/3), D.1(29.g/3), D.2.4(11.b/3), D.2.6(34.c/3), D.7(22.j/3), D.10(12.b/3), D.10.1(15.a/3), D.14.3(7.a/3), D.16(16.c/3), D.16.1(34.b/3), E.2.1(11.e/5), E.2.2(20.k/3), E.2.2(20.m/5), E.2.3(20.f/3), E.4.1(10.b/3), H.4(28.h/3), J.15.9(6.a/3), J.15.10(5.a/3)

extensions to Ada 2012 1.1.2(, 3.2.4(52.d/4), 3.3(26.p/5), 3.3.2(10.d/5), 3.5(63.o/4), 3.7(37.o/5), 3.8(31.k/5), 3.10(26.o/5), 3.10.2(41.jj/5), 4.2.1(24.a/5), 4.3.1(31.h/5), 4.3.3(49.l/5), 4.3.4(30.a/5), 4.3.5(91.a/5), 4.5.9(12.a/5), 4.5.10(52.a/5), 4.9(, 4.10(56.b/5), 5.1(22.f/5), 5.2.1(8.a/5), 5.5(32.c/5), 5.5.1(22.e/5), 5.5.2(17.e/5), 5.5.3(37.a/5), 5.6.1(9.a/5), 6.1(42.q/5), 6.1.1(44.h/5), 6.1.2(44.a/5), 6.3.1(26.m/4), 6.5(, 6.5.1(11.d/5), 6.8(10.b/4), 7.3.2(41.i/4), 7.3.3(12.a/5), 7.3.4(32.a/5), 7.5(26.k/5), 8.1(18.r/4), 8.5.1(10.k/5), 9.4(35.k/5), 9.5(72.f/5), 9.5.1(25.b/4), 9.5.2(37.f/5), 9.10.1(26.b/5), 10.2.1(28.u/5), 11.3(8.c/4), 11.5(31.m/5), 12.4(12.j/5), 12.5(16.k/5), 12.6(24.h/5), 13.1(29.x/5), 13.1.1(39.f/5), 13.3(86.s/5), 13.4(16.e/5), 13.5.1(32.f/5), 13.11(43.m/5), 13.11.3(9.e/4), 13.12.1(13.e/5), 13.13.1(39.e/5), 13.13.2(60.dd/4), A.4.12(36.a/5), A.5.2(62.d/5), A.5.5(3.a/5), A.5.6(25.b/5), A.5.7(28.b/5), A.12.1(36.i/4), A.15.1(3.a/5), A.16.2(3.a/5), A.17.1(3.a/5), A.18(12.f/5), A.18.2(264.q/5), A.18.3(164.o/5), A.18.4(84.l/5), A.18.5(62.h/5), A.18.6(95.j/5), A.18.7(105.l/5), A.18.8(88.i/5), A.18.9(116.j/5), A.18.10(233.f/5), A.18.32(16.b/5), B.1(51.g/4), B.3(84.k/4), C.6(26.k/5), C.6.1(6.a/5), C.6.2(24.a/5), C.6.3(11.a/5), C.6.4(18.a/5), C.6.5(18.a/5), D.2.1(17.e/5), D.3(23.f/5), D.4(23.f/5), D.4.1(8.b/5), D.5.2(11.b/5), D.7(22.m/4), D.13(13.e/5), D.16(16.d/5), H.4(28.m/5), H.4.1(5.c/5), H.5(7.b/5), H.7(9.a/5), H.7.1(20.a/5)

extensions to Ada 83 1.1.2(39.g), 2.1(19.b), 2.8(19.d), 2.8(29.a), 3.2.3(8.b), 3.3(26.a), 3.3.1(33.a), 3.3.2(10.a), 3.4(38.d), 3.5(63.b), 3.5.2(11.f), 3.5.4(36.a), 3.5.5(17.a), 3.5.9(28.b/3), 3.6(30.a), 3.6.1(18.a), 3.6.3(8.e), 3.7(37.a), 3.7.2(4.b/1), 3.8(31.a), 3.8.1(29.a), 3.9(33.a), 3.9.1(17.a), 3.9.2(24.a), 3.10(26.a), 3.10.1(23.a), 3.10.2(41.a), 3.11(14.a/2), 4.1(17.a), 4.1.3(19.a), 4.1.4(19.a), 4.2(14.b), 4.3(6.b), 4.3.1(31.a), 4.3.2(13.a), 4.3.3(49.a), 4.4(15.a), 4.5.2(39.a), 4.5.3(14.d), 4.5.5(35.a), 4.6(71.d), 4.8(20.b), 4.9(44.a), 5.1(22.a), 5.2(29.a), 5.4(18.a), 6.1(42.a), 6.2(15.a), 6.3(11.a), 6.3.1(26.a), 6.4.1(19.b), 6.6(9.a), 7.3(25.a), 7.4(14.a), 7.5(26.a), 7.6(27.b), 8.2(13.b), 8.3(29.p), 8.4(16.e), 8.5.5(7.a), 8.6(34.b), 9.1(32.a/1), 9.4(35.a/3), 9.5.2(37.a), 9.5.4(20.a), 9.6(40.b), 9.7(4.a), 9.7.4(14.a), 10.1.1(35.n), 10.1.2(32.a), 10.1.3(24.a), 10.1.4(10.b/2), 10.2(34.d), 10.2.1(28.c), 11.2(12.a), 11.4.1(20.a), 11.5(31.a), 12.1(24.a), 12.3(29.c), 12.4(12.b), 12.5.4(13.b), 12.7(25.a), 13.1(29.b/1), 13.3(86.a), 13.4(16.a), 13.5.3(9.a), 13.7(38.a.1/1), 13.8(14.a), 13.9.2(14.d), 13.11(43.a), 13.12(17.b), 13.13(1.c), 13.14(20.e), A.1(56.d), A.2(4.e/3), A.3(1.a/3), A.4(1.a/3), A.5(5.b), A.5.3(72.g), A.5.4(4.c), A.6(1.b), A.9(11.a/3), A.10(11.a), A.10.1(86.b), A.11(5.a), A.15(22.b/3), B(2.b), B.1(51.a), C(1.a), D(6.a), D.1(29.b), E(1.a), F(7.b), G(7.a), G.2(3.a), G.2.1(16.g), H(6.b), J.7(2.c), J.15.1(6.b/3)

extensions to Ada 95 1.1.2(39.s/2), 2.1(19.f/2), 2.3(8.c/2), 3.2.2(15.d/2), 3.3.1(33.g/2), 3.3.1(33.h/2), 3.4(38.i/2), 3.5(63.j/2), 3.5.2(11.l/2), 3.5.4(36.k/2), 3.6(30.g/2), 3.6.3(8.h/2), 3.8(31.e/2), 3.8(31.f/2), 3.9(33.e/2), 3.9.1(17.b/2), 3.9.2(24.c/2), 3.9.3(17.d/2), 3.9.4(36.a/2), 3.10(26.g/2), 3.10.1(23.j/2), 3.10.2(41.g/2), 4.1.3(19.e/2), 4.2(14.d/2), 4.3(6.k/2), 4.3.1(31.c/2), 4.3.3(49.f/2), 4.5.2(39.f/2), 4.6(71.l/2), 4.8(20.h/2), 5.1(22.d/2), 6.1(42.f/2), 6.4(31.d/2), 6.5(28.i/2), 6.5.1(11.a/2), 6.7(7.a/2), 7.3(25.d/2), 7.4(14.j/2), 7.5(26.c/2), 7.6(27.c/2), 8.3.1(16.b/2), 8.5.1(10.d/2), 8.5.4(21.a/2), 8.6(34.q/2), 9.1(32.e/2), 9.4(35.b/2), 9.6.1(91.b/2), 9.7.4(14.b/2), 10.1.1(35.r/2), 10.1.2(32.g/2), 10.1.2(32.h/3), 10.1.3(24.b/2), 10.2.1(28.g/2), 11.3(8.b/2), 11.4.1(20.f/2), 11.4.2(28.a/2), 11.5(31.g/2), 12.3(29.i/2), 12.4(12.e/2), 12.5.1(28.c/2), 12.5.5(8.a/2), 12.6(24.a/2), 12.7(25.b/2), 13.1(29.i/2), 13.5.1(32.e/2), 13.7(38.e/2), 13.7.1(16.d/2), 13.11(43.e/2), 13.12(17.c/3), 13.12.1(13.a/2), 13.13.1(39.b/2), 13.13.2(60.i/2), A.1(56.h/2), A.3.1(7.b/2), A.3.2(60.c/2), A.3.4(35.a/2), A.4.2(68.a/2), A.4.5(88.d/2), A.4.6(8.b/2), A.4.7(49.b/2), A.4.8(51.a/2), A.4.9(12.c/2), A.5(5.c/2), A.5.3(72.i/2), A.10.7(26.b/2), A.10.11(29.a/2), A.10.12(29.a/2), A.11(5.b/2), A.12.4(5.a/2), A.16(131.c/2), A.17(33.b/2), A.18(12.d/3), A.18.1(8.c/2), A.18.2(264.b/2), A.18.3(164.a/2), A.18.5(62.c/2), A.18.6(95.d/2), A.18.8(88.c/2), A.18.9(116.c/2), A.18.11(13.a/2), A.18.12(12.a/2), A.18.13(13.a/2), A.18.14(13.a/2), A.18.15(5.d/2), A.18.16(5.d/2), A.18.26(13.a/2), B.3(84.b/2), B.3.1(60.b/2), B.3.3(32.a/2), C.7.3(17.a/2), D.2.2(21.a/2), D.2.4(11.a/2), D.2.5(19.a/2), D.2.6(34.b/2), D.3(23.a/2), D.5.1(19.a/2), D.5.2(11.a/2), D.7(22.b/2), D.10(12.a/2), D.11(19.a/2), D.13(13.a/3), D.14(29.b/2), D.14.1(29.a/2), D.14.2(38.a/2), D.15(27.a/2), E.2.2(20.c/3), F.3.5(6.a/2), G.1.1(58.g/2), G.1.3(35.a/2), G.1.5(1.a/2), G.3(1.c/3), G.3.1(91.b/2), G.3.2(161.b/2), H.4(28.c/2), H.5(7.a/2), H.6(17.a/2), J.15.1(6.c/3)

external call 9.5(4/3)

external effect of the execution of an Ada program 1.1.3(8) volatile/atomic objects C.6(20/5)

external file A.7(1)

external interaction 1.1.3(8)

external name B.1(34)

external requeue 9.5(7)

external streaming type supports 13.13.2(52/3)

External_Name aspect B.1(1/3)

External_Tag in Ada.Tags 3.9(7/2)

External_Tag aspect 13.3(75/3), K.2(65)

External_Tag attribute 13.3(75/3)

External_Tag clause 13.3(7/2), 13.3(75/3), K.2(65)

extra permission to avoid raising exceptions 11.6(5/5)

extra permission to reorder actions 11.6(6/5)


factor 4.4(6) used 4.4(5), P.1

factory 3.9(30/2)

failure of a language-defined check 11.5(2/3) in Ada.Command_Line A.15(8)

fall-back handler C.7.3(9/2)

False 3.5.3(1)

family entry 9.5.2(20)

Feminine_Ordinal_Indicator in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

FF in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

Field subtype of Integer in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.5(3/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(6)

FIFO_Queuing queuing policy D.4(7/5)

FIFO_Within_Priorities task dispatching policy D.2.3(2/2)

file as file object A.7(2/3)

file name A.16(46/2)

file terminator A.10(7)

File_Access in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(18)

File_Kind in Ada.Directories A.16(22/2)

File_Mode in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(4) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(4) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(6) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(4)

File_Size in Ada.Directories A.16(23/2)

File_Type in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(3) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(3) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(5/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(3)

filter iterator construct 5.5(6.2/5)

Filter_Type in Ada.Directories A.16(30/2)

finalization of a master 7.6.1(4) of a protected object 9.4(20) of a protected object C.3.1(12/3) of a task object J.7.1(8) of an object 7.6.1(5) of environment task for a foreign language main subprogram B.1(39/3) child of Ada 7.6(4/5)

Finalize 7.6(2) in Ada.Finalization 7.6(6/2), 7.6(8/2)

Find in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(41/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(30/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(43/5), A.18.8(56/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(38/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(38/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(49/5), A.18.9(69/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(68/5)

Find_In_Subtree in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(39.1/5), A.18.10(39/5)

Find_Index in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(67/2)

Find_Token in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(50.1/3), A.4.4(51) in Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.3(15.1/3), A.4.3(16) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(45.1/3), A.4.5(46)

Fine_Delta in System 13.7(9)

First in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(33/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(27/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(40/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(28/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(41/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(58/5) in Ada.Iterator_Interfaces 5.5.1(3/3), 5.5.1(4.6/5)

First attribute 3.5(12), 3.6.2(3)

first element of a hashed set A.18.8(68/2) of a set A.18.7(6/2) of an ordered set A.18.9(81/3)

first node of a hashed map A.18.5(46/2) of a map A.18.4(6/2) of an ordered map A.18.6(58/3)

first subtype 3.2.1(6/5), 3.4.1(5)

First(N) attribute 3.6.2(4)

first_bit 13.5.1(5) used 13.5.1(3), P.1

First_Bit attribute 13.5.2(3/2)

First_Child in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(60.1/5), A.18.10(60/5)

First_Child_Element in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(61.1/5), A.18.10(61/5)

First_Element in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(34/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(29/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(42/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(59/5)

First_Index in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(57/5)

First_Key in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(30/5)

First_Valid attribute 3.5.5(7.2/4)

Fixed child of Ada.Strings A.4.3(5/5)

fixed point type 3.5.9(1)

Fixed_Conversions in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(14/5)

Fixed_IO in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(68)

fixed_point_definition 3.5.9(2) used 3.5.6(2), P.1

Float 3.5.7(12), 3.5.7(14) in Standard A.1(21)

Float_Conversions in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(13/5)

Float_IO in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(63)

Float_Random child of Ada.Numerics A.5.2(5/5)

Float_Text_IO child of Ada A.10.9(33)

Float_Wide_Text_IO child of Ada A.11(2/2)

Float_Wide_Wide_Text_IO child of Ada A.11(3/2)

Floating in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(9)

floating point type 3.5.7(1)

floating_point_definition 3.5.7(2) used 3.5.6(2), P.1

Floor in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(40/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(50/2), A.18.9(70/5)

Floor attribute A.5.3(30)

Flush in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(10.1/5) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(10.1/5) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(25/1) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(21/5)

Fore attribute 3.5.10(4)

form of an external file A.7(1) in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(9), A.8.4(18.13/5), A.8.4(18.6/5) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(9), A.8.1(15.13/5), A.8.1(15.6/5) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(11), A.12.1(26.13/5), A.12.1(26.6/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(12), A.10.1(85.13/5), A.10.1(85.6/5)

formal object, generic 12.4(1)

formal package, generic 12.7(1)

formal parameter of a subprogram 6.1(17)

formal parameter set H.7.1(13/5)

formal subprogram, generic 12.6(1)

formal subtype 12.5(5)

formal type 12.5(5)

formal_abstract_subprogram_declaration 12.6(2.2/3) used 12.6(2/2), P.1

formal_access_type_definition 12.5.4(2) used 12.5(3/2), P.1

formal_array_type_definition 12.5.3(2) used 12.5(3/2), P.1

formal_complete_type_declaration 12.5(2.1/5) used 12.5(2/3), P.1

formal_concrete_subprogram_declaration 12.6(2.1/3) used 12.6(2/2), P.1

formal_decimal_fixed_point_definition 12.5.2(7) used 12.5(3/2), P.1

formal_derived_type_definition 12.5.1(3/5) used 12.5(3/2), P.1

formal_discrete_type_definition 12.5.2(2) used 12.5(3/2), P.1

formal_floating_point_definition 12.5.2(5) used 12.5(3/2), P.1

formal_group_designator H.7.1(5/5) used H.7.1(4/5), P.1

formal_incomplete_type_declaration 12.5(2.2/5) used 12.5(2/3), P.1

formal_interface_type_definition 12.5.5(2/2) used 12.5(3/2), P.1

formal_modular_type_definition 12.5.2(4) used 12.5(3/2), P.1

formal_object_declaration 12.4(2/3) used 12.1(6), P.1

formal_ordinary_fixed_point_definition 12.5.2(6) used 12.5(3/2), P.1

formal_package_actual_part 12.7(3/2) used 12.7(2/3), P.1

formal_package_association 12.7(3.1/2) used 12.7(3/2), P.1

formal_package_declaration 12.7(2/3) used 12.1(6), P.1

formal_parameter_name H.7.1(6/5) used H.7.1(4/5), P.1

formal_parameter_set H.7.1(4/5)

formal_part 6.1(14) used 5.5.3(3/5), 6.1(12), 6.1(13/2), P.1

formal_private_type_definition 12.5.1(2) used 12.5(3/2), P.1

formal_signed_integer_type_definition 12.5.2(3) used 12.5(3/2), P.1

formal_subprogram_declaration 12.6(2/2) used 12.1(6), P.1

formal_type_declaration 12.5(2/3) used 12.1(6), P.1

formal_type_definition 12.5(3/2) used 12.5(2.1/5), P.1

format_effector 2.1(13/3)

Formatting child of Ada.Calendar 9.6.1(15/5)

Fortran child of Interfaces B.5(4/5)

Fortran interface B.5(1/3)

Fortran standard 1.2.1(3/5)

Fortran_Character in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(12/3)

Fortran_Integer in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(5)

forward iterator 5.5.2(4/5)

Forward_Iterator in Ada.Iterator_Interfaces 5.5.1(3/3)

Fraction attribute A.5.3(21)

Fraction_One_Half in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

Fraction_One_Quarter in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

Fraction_Three_Quarters in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

Free in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(7) in Interfaces.C.Strings B.3.1(11)

freed See nonexistent 13.11.2(10/4)

freeing storage 13.11.2(1)

freezing by a constituent of a construct 13.14(4/1) by an expression 13.14(8/4) by an implicit call 13.14(8.1/3) by an object name 13.14(8/4) class-wide type caused by the freezing of the specific type 13.14(15/5) constituents of a full type definition 13.14(15/5) designated subtype caused by an allocator 13.14(13) entity 13.14(2) entity caused by a body 13.14(3/5) entity caused by a construct 13.14(4/1) entity caused by a name 13.14(11) entity caused by the end of an enclosing construct 13.14(3/5) expression of an expression function by a call 13.14(10.1/4) expression of an expression function by Access attribute 13.14(10.3/4) expression of an expression function by an instantiation 13.14(10.2/4) first subtype caused by the freezing of the type 13.14(15/5) generic_instantiation 13.14(5/3) nominal subtype caused by a name 13.14(11) object_declaration 13.14(6) profile 13.14(2.1/3) profile of a callable entity by an instantiation 13.14(10.2/4) profile of a function call 13.14(10.1/4) specific type caused by the freezing of the class-wide type 13.14(15/5) subtype caused by a record extension 13.14(7) subtype caused by an implicit conversion 13.14(8.2/1) subtype caused by an implicit dereference 13.14(11.1/1) subtypes of the profile of a callable entity 13.14(14/3) type caused by a range 13.14(12) type caused by an expression 13.14(10/5) type caused by the freezing of a subtype 13.14(15/5)

freezing points entity 13.14(2)

Friday in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(17/2)

From_Big_Integer in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(12/5), A.5.6(13/5)

From_Big_Real in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(13/5), A.5.7(14/5)

From_Quotient_String in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(19/5)

From_String in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(15/5) in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(16/5)

From_Universal_Image in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(16/5) in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(17/5), A.5.7(18/5)

FS in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

full access object C.6(8.2/5) type C.6(8.2/5)

full conformance for discrete_subtype_definitions 6.3.1(24) for expressions 6.3.1(19) for known_discriminant_parts 6.3.1(23) for profiles 6.3.1(18/3) required 3.10.1(4/3), 6.3(4/5), 6.7(2.1/3), 6.8(4/3), 7.3(9/5), 8.3(12.3/5), 8.5.4(5/3), 9.5.2(14), 9.5.2(16), 9.5.2(17), 10.1.3(11/5), 10.1.3(12)

full constant declaration 3.3.1(6/5) corresponding to a formal object of mode in 12.4(10/2)

full declaration 7.4(2/3)

full name of a file A.16(47/2)

full stop 2.1(15/5)

full type 1.3.1(32/5), 3.2.1(8/2)

full type definition 3.2.1(8/2)

full view 1.3.1(33/5) of a type 3.2.1(8/2)

Full_Access_Only aspect C.6(6.5/5)

Full_Name in Ada.Directories A.16(15/5), A.16(39/2)

Full_Stop in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

full_type_declaration 3.2.1(3/3) used 3.2.1(2), P.1

function 1.3.2(1/5), 6(1) expression 6.8(3.1/5) property 7.3.4(2/5) stable property 7.3.4(7/5) with a controlling access result 3.9.2(2/3) with a controlling result 3.9.2(2/3)

function call master of 3.10.2(10.1/3)

function instance 12.3(13)

function_call 6.4(3) used 4.1(2/5), P.1

function_specification 6.1(4.2/2) used 6.1(4/2), 6.8(2/4), P.1


gaps 13.3(52.d/2)

general access type 3.10(7/1), 3.10(8)

general_access_modifier 3.10(4) used 3.10(3), P.1

generalized iterator 5.5.2(3/3)

generalized_indexing 4.1.6(10/3) used 4.1(2/5), P.1

generalized_reference 4.1.5(4/3) used 4.1(2/5), P.1

Generate_Deadlines pragma D.2.6(9.4/5), L(13.2/5)

generation of an interrupt C.3(2)

Generator in Ada.Numerics.Discrete_Random A.5.2(19) in Ada.Numerics.Float_Random A.5.2(7)

generic actual 12.3(7/5)

generic actual parameter 12.3(7/5)

generic actual subtype 12.5(4)

generic actual type 12.5(4)

generic body 12.2(1)

generic contract issue 10.2.1(10/2), 12.3(11.y) [partial] 3.2.4(29/3), 3.4(5.1/3), 3.7(10/3), 3.7.1(7/3), 3.9.1(3/2), 3.9.3(7/5), 3.9.4(17/2), 3.10.2(28.1/3), 3.10.2(32/5), 4.1.6(9/5), 4.2.1(16/5), 4.5.2(9.8/5), 4.6(24.24/5), 4.8(5.6/3), 4.9(37/2), 6.1.1(17.2/4), 6.3.1(17.a), 6.4.1(5.4/4), 6.4.1(6.3/4), 6.5.1(6/5), 7.3(8), 8.3(26/2), 8.3.1(7/2), 8.5.1(5.1/5), 8.5.4(4.3/2), 9.1(9.9/2), 9.4(11.13/2), 9.4(11.8/2), 9.5(17/3), 9.5(71/5), 9.5.2(13.4/2), 10.2.1(11.8/5), 10.2.1(11/5), 10.2.1(17/5), 12.4(8.3/5), 12.6(8.3/2), 13.1.1(18.7/5), 13.11.2(3.1/3), 13.11.4(23/3), 13.13.2(49/4), B.3.3(10/3), C.3.1(7/3), D.2.1(1.12/5), E.2.3(15.1/5), H.4.1(4/5), J.15.7(7/3), J.15.14(12/5)

generic contract model 12.3(1.a/5)

generic contract/private type contract analogy 7.3(19.a)

generic formal 12.1(9)

generic formal object 12.4(1)

generic formal package 12.7(1)

generic formal subprogram 12.6(1)

generic formal subtype 12.5(5)

generic formal type 12.5(5)

generic function 12.1(8/2)

generic instance 1.3.3(12/5)

generic package 12.1(8/2)

generic procedure 12.1(8/2)

generic subprogram 12.1(8/2)

generic unit 1.3.3(13/5), 12(1) See also dispatching operation 3.9(1)

generic_actual_part 12.3(3) used 12.3(2/3), 12.7(3/2), P.1

Generic_Array_Sort child of Ada.Containers A.18.26(3/5)

generic_association 12.3(4) used 12.3(3), 12.7(3.1/2), P.1

Generic_Bounded_Length in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(4)

Generic_Complex_Arrays child of Ada.Numerics G.3.2(2/5)

Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions child of Ada.Numerics G.1.2(2/5)

Generic_Complex_Types child of Ada.Numerics G.1.1(2/5)

Generic_Constrained_Array_Sort child of Ada.Containers A.18.26(7/5)

generic_declaration 12.1(2) used 3.1(3/3), 10.1.1(5), P.1

Generic_Dispatching_Constructor child of Ada.Tags 3.9(18.2/5)

Generic_Elementary_Functions child of Ada.Numerics A.5.1(3/5)

generic_formal_parameter_declaration 12.1(6) used 12.1(5), P.1

generic_formal_part 12.1(5) used 12.1(3/3), 12.1(4), P.1

generic_instantiation 12.3(2/3) used 3.1(3/3), 10.1.1(5), P.1

Generic_Keys in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(50/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(62/5)

generic_package_declaration 12.1(4) used 12.1(2), P.1

Generic_Real_Arrays child of Ada.Numerics G.3.1(2/5)

generic_renaming_declaration 8.5.5(2/3) used 8.5(2), 10.1.1(6), P.1

Generic_Sort child of Ada.Containers A.18.26(9.2/5)

Generic_Sorting in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(47/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(75/5)

generic_subprogram_declaration 12.1(3/3) used 12.1(2), P.1

Get in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers.Unbounded A.4.12(20/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(41/5), A.10.1(47/5), A.10.1(54/5), A.10.1(55/5), A.10.1(59/5), A.10.1(60/5), A.10.1(65/5), A.10.1(67/5), A.10.1(70/5), A.10.1(72/5), A.10.1(75/5), A.10.1(77/5), A.10.1(81/5), A.10.1(83/5) in Ada.Text_IO.Complex_IO G.1.3(6), G.1.3(8/5)

Get_CPU in Ada.Interrupts C.3.2(10.1/3) in System.Multiprocessors.Dispatching_Domains D.16.1(13/3)

Get_CPU_Set in System.Multiprocessors.Dispatching_Domains D.16.1(9.3/4)

Get_Deadline in Ada.Dispatching.EDF D.2.6(9/5)

Get_Dispatching_Domain in System.Multiprocessors.Dispatching_Domains D.16.1(10/3)

Get_First_CPU in System.Multiprocessors.Dispatching_Domains D.16.1(8/3)

Get_Immediate in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(44/5), A.10.1(45/5)

Get_Last_CPU in System.Multiprocessors.Dispatching_Domains D.16.1(9/4)

Get_Last_Release_Time in Ada.Dispatching.EDF D.2.6(9/5)

Get_Line in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(49.1/5), A.10.1(49/5) in Ada.Text_IO.Bounded_IO A.10.11(8/2), A.10.11(9/2), A.10.11(10/2), A.10.11(11/2) in Ada.Text_IO.Unbounded_IO A.10.12(8/2), A.10.12(9/2), A.10.12(10/2), A.10.12(11/2)

Get_Next_Entry in Ada.Directories A.16(35/2)

Get_Priority in Ada.Dynamic_Priorities D.5.1(5)

Get_Relative_Deadline in Ada.Dispatching.EDF D.2.6(9/5)

Get_UTF_8 in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers.Unbounded A.4.12(23/5)

Global aspect 6.1.2(11/5), 6.1.2(16/5)

global to 8.1(15)

global variable set 6.1.2(24/5)

Global'Class aspect 6.1.2(15/5)

global_aspect_definition 6.1.2(2/5) used 13.1.1(4/5), P.1

global_aspect_element 6.1.2(3/5) used 6.1.2(2/5), P.1

global_designator 6.1.2(7/5) used 6.1.2(2/5), P.1

global_mode 6.1.2(4/5) used 6.1.2(2/5), 6.1.2(3/5), P.1

global_name 6.1.2(8/5) used 6.1.2(6/5), 6.1.2(7/5), P.1

global_set 6.1.2(6/5) used 6.1.2(3/5), P.1

glyphs 2.1(15.a/5)

goto_statement 5.8(2) used 5.1(4/2), P.1

govern a variant 3.8.1(20)

govern a variant_part 3.8.1(20)

grammar ambiguous 1.1.4(14.a) complete listing P.1(1/5) cross reference P.2(1/3) notation 1.1.4(3) resolution of ambiguity 1.1.4(14.a), 8.6(3) under Syntax heading 1.1.2(25)

graphic character a category of Character A.3.2(23)

graphic symbols 2.1(15.a/5)

graphic_character 2.1(14/3) used 2.5(2), 2.6(3), P.1

Graphic_Set in Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(4)

Grave in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

greater than operator 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1)

greater than or equal operator 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1)

greater-than sign 2.1(15/5)

Greater_Than_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(10)

Greatest_Common_Divisor in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(19/5)

Group_Budget in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(4/3)

Group_Budget_Error in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(11/2)

Group_Budget_Handler in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(5/5)

Group_Budgets child of Ada.Execution_Time D.14.2(3/5)

GS in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

guard 9.7.1(3) used 9.7.1(2), P.1


handle an exception 11(1/3) an exception occurrence 11(1.a) an exception occurrence 11.4(1), 11.4(7) subpool 13.11.4(18/3)

handle an exception 1.3.5(4/5)

handled_sequence_of_statements 11.2(2) used 5.6(2), 6.3(2/3), 6.5(2.2/3), 7.2(2/3), 9.1(6/3), 9.5.2(3), 9.5.2(5/5), P.1

handler 11.2(5.a) execution timer D.14.1(13/2) group budget D.14.2(14/2) interrupt C.3(2) termination C.7.3(8/3) timing event D.15(10/2)

Handling child of Ada.Characters A.3.2(2/5) child of Ada.Wide_Characters A.3.5(3/5) child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Characters A.3.6(1/3)

Has_Element in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(9.1/5), A.18.3(9.2/5), A.18.3(51.6/5), A.18.3(69.4/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(6.1/5), A.18.5(6.2/5), A.18.5(37.7/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(6.1/5), A.18.8(6.2/5), A.18.8(59.6/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(12.1/5), A.18.10(12/5), A.18.10(70.6/5), A.18.10(92.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(7.1/5), A.18.6(7.2/5), A.18.6(51.8/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(7.1/5), A.18.9(7.2/5), A.18.9(74.6/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(11.1/5), A.18.2(11.2/5), A.18.2(79.6/5), A.18.2(97.4/5)

Has_Same_Storage attribute 13.3(73.2/4)

Hash child of Ada.Strings A.4.9(2/5) child of Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.9(7/5) child of Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.9(10/5)

Hash_Case_Insensitive child of Ada.Strings A.4.9(11.2/5) child of Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.9(11.7/5) child of Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.9(11.5/3) child of Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.9(11.10/5)

Hash_Type in Ada.Containers A.18.1(4/2)

Hashed_Maps child of Ada.Containers A.18.5(2/5)

Hashed_Sets child of Ada.Containers A.18.8(2/5)

Head in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(70), A.4.4(71) in Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.3(35), A.4.3(36) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(65), A.4.5(66)

head (of a queue) D.2.1(5/2)

heap management user-defined 13.11(1) See also allocator 4.8(1)

Heart of Darkness 3.10.2(3.b/3)

held priority D.11(4/2)

heterogeneous input-output A.12.1(1)

hexadecimal literal 2.4.2(1)

hexadecimal digit a category of Character A.3.2(30)

hexadecimal literal 2.4.2(1)

Hexadecimal_Digit_Set in Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(4)

hidden from all visibility 8.3(5), 8.3(14) by lack of a with_clause 8.3(20/2) for a declaration completed by a subsequent declaration 8.3(19) for overridden declaration 8.3(15) within the declaration itself 8.3(16)

hidden from direct visibility 8.3(5), 8.3(21) by an inner homograph 8.3(22) where hidden from all visibility 8.3(23)

hiding 8.3(5)

Hierarchical_File_Names child of Ada.Directories A.16.1(3/5) child of Ada.Wide_Directories A.16.2(2/5) child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Directories A.16.2(3/5)

High_Order_First 13.5.3(2) in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(25) in System 13.7(15/2)

highest precedence operator 4.5.6(1)

highest_precedence_operator 4.5(7)

Hold in Ada.Asynchronous_Task_Control D.11(3/5)

Holder in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(6/5)

homograph 8.3(8)

Hour in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(24/2)

Hour_Number subtype of Natural in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(20/2)

HT in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

HTJ in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

HTS in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

Hyphen in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

hyphen-minus 2.1(15/5)


i in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types G.1.1(5) in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(10)

identifier 2.3(2/2) used 2.8(2), 2.8(3/3), 2.8(21), 2.8(23), 3.1(4), 3.8(3/5), 4.1(3), 4.1.3(3), 4.1.4(3/2), 4.5.10(4/5), 5.5(2), 5.6(2), 6.1(5), 7.1(3/3), 7.2(2/3), 9.1(4), 9.1(6/3), 9.4(4), 9.4(7/3), 9.5.2(3), 9.5.2(5/5), 9.10.1(3/5), 11.4.2(6.1/3), 11.4.2(6/2), 11.5(4.1/2), 11.5(4/2), 13.1.1(3/3), 13.1.1(4/5), 13.12(4/2), 13.12(11/3), D.2.2(2), D.2.2(2.2/2), D.3(3), D.3(4), D.3(4.a), D.4(3), D.4(4/5), D.4.1(3/5), H.6(3/2), J.10(3/2), J.15.5(2/3), J.15.5(3/3), J.15.5(4/3), L(1.1/5), L(2.3/2), L(2.4/3), L(6.2/5), L(8.1/3), L(13.1/3), L(14.1/3), L(20), L(21), L(23), L(25.1/2), L(27.2/2), L(27.3/3), L(29), L(36), L(37), L(37.3/2), M.2(98), P.1

identifier specific to a pragma 2.8(10/3)

identifier_extend 2.3(3.1/3) used 2.3(2/2), P.1

identifier_start 2.3(3/2) used 2.3(2/2), P.1

Identity in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(22) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(22) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(22/2)

Identity attribute 11.4.1(9), C.7.1(12)

idle task D.11(4/2)

IEEE floating point arithmetic B.2(10.a), G.2.2(11.a/5)

IEEE_Float_32 B.2(10.a)

IEEE_Float_64 B.2(10.a)

if expression 4.5.7(1/3)

if_expression 4.5.7(3/3) used 4.5.7(2/3), P.1

if_statement 5.3(2) used 5.1(5/5), P.1

illegal construct 1.1.2(27) partition 1.1.2(29)

Im in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(7/2), G.3.2(27/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types G.1.1(6)

image of a value 4.10(1/5) in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(35/2), 9.6.1(37/2) in Ada.Numerics.Discrete_Random A.5.2(26) in Ada.Numerics.Float_Random A.5.2(14) in Ada.Task_Identification C.7.1(3/5) in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(13)

Image attribute 4.10(34/5), 4.10(40/5)

Imaginary in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types G.1.1(4/5)

Imaginary subtype of Imaginary in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(10)

immediate scope of (a view of) an entity 8.2(11) of a declaration 8.2(2) of a pragma 8.2(12/4)

Immediate_Reclamation restriction H.4(10)

immediately enclosing 8.1(13)

immediately visible 8.3(4), 8.3(21)

immediately within 8.1(13)

immutably limited 7.5(8.1/3)

implementation 1.1.3(1.a)

implementation advice 1.1.2(37) summary of advice M.3(1/5)

implementation defined 1.1.3(18) summary of characteristics M.2(1/5)

implementation permissions 1.1.2(36)

implementation requirements 1.1.2(33)

implementation-dependent See unspecified 1.1.3(18)

implemented by a protected entry 9.4(11.1/3) by a protected subprogram 9.4(11.1/3) by a task entry 9.1(9.2/3)

implicit conversion legality 8.6(27.1/4)

implicit declaration 3.1(5)

implicit initial values for a subtype 3.3.1(10)

implicit subtype conversion 4.6(59), 4.6(60) Access attribute 3.10.2(30/5) access discriminant 3.7(27/2) array bounds 4.6(38) array index 4.1.1(7) assignment to view conversion 4.6(55/5) assignment_statement 5.2(11/5) bounds of a decimal fixed point type 3.5.9(16) bounds of a fixed point type 3.5.9(14) bounds of a range 3.5(9), 3.6(18) choices of aggregate 4.3.3(22) component defaults 3.3.1(13/5) default value of a scalar 3.3.1(11.1/5) delay expression 9.6(20) derived type discriminants 3.4(21) discriminant values 3.7.1(12/5) entry index 9.5.2(24/5) expressions in aggregate 4.3.1(19/5) expressions of aggregate 4.3.3(23) function return 6.5(5.12/5), 6.5(6/2) generic formal object of mode in 12.4(11) inherited enumeration literal 3.4(29) initialization expression 3.3.1(17/5) initialization expression of allocator 4.8(7/2) Interrupt_Priority aspect D.1(17/4), D.3(6.1/3) named number value 3.3.2(6) operand of concatenation 4.5.3(9) parameter passing 6.4.1(10), 6.4.1(11), 6.4.1(17) Priority aspect D.1(17/4), D.3(6.1/3) qualified_expression 4.7(4/5) reading a view conversion 4.6(56/5) result of inherited function 3.4(27/2)

implicit_dereference 4.1(6) used 4.1(4), P.1

Implicit_Dereference aspect 4.1.5(2/3)

implicitly composed aspect 13.1.1(18.3/5)

Import aspect B.1(1/3)

Import pragma J.15.5(2/3), L(14.1/3)

imported entity B.1(23/3)

in (membership test) 4.5(1), 4.5.2(2/3)

In_Range in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(10/5) in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(12/5)

inaccessible partition E.1(7)

inactive a task state 9(10/5)

Include in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(22/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(21/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(21/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(20/5)

included one execution by another 11.4(2.a) one range in another 3.5(4)

incompatibilities with Ada 2012 5.5.2(17.b/4)

incompatibilities with Ada 2005 1.1.2(, 2.3(8.d/3), 2.9(3.e/3), 3.4(38.m/3), 3.5.1(16.c/3), 3.7(37.l/3), 3.8.1(29.e/3), 3.9(33.j/3), 3.9.3(17.j/3), 3.10.2(41.p/3), 4.3.1(31.e/3), 4.3.2(13.e/3), 4.5.2(39.k/3), 4.8(20.o/3), 4.9.1(10.d/3), 6.3.1(26.h/3), 6.4.1(19.e/3), 6.5(28.q/3), 8.5.1(10.g/3), 8.5.1(10.i/5), 8.6(34.v/3), 9.4(35.g/3), 10.1.2(32.i/3), 10.2.1(28.k/3), 11.4.2(28.b/3), 12.5.1(28.i/3), 12.5.4(13.e/3), 12.6(24.d/3), 12.7(25.e/3), 13.1(29.p/5), 13.3(86.n/3), 13.13.2(60.u/3), A.3.2(60.d/3), A.4.3(109.d/3), A.4.4(106.i/3), A.4.5(88.e/3), A.16(131.e/3), A.17(33.c/3), A.18.1(8.d/3), A.18.2(264.c/3), A.18.3(164.c/3), A.18.5(62.d/3), A.18.6(95.e/3), A.18.8(88.d/3), A.18.9(116.d/3), B.1(51.d/3), B.3(84.i/3), B.3.3(32.b/3), C.3.1(25.e/3), C.3.2(28.b/3), C.6(26.e/3), C.7.1(21.d/3), D.2.1(17.b/3), D.7(22.g/3), D.14(29.c/3), E.2.2(20.j/5), E.2.3(20.e/3), J.15.7(8.a/3)

incompatibilities with Ada 2012 1.1.2(39.pp/5), 2.3(8.f/5), 2.9(3.g/5), 3.3(26.o/5), 3.5.9(28.e/4), 3.9.3(17.o/5), 3.10.2(41.hh/4), 4.1.3(19.m/5), 4.1.5(16.b/4), 4.1.6(23.b/5), 4.1.6(23.c/5), 4.3(6.l/5), 4.4(15.g/4), 4.5.2(39.q/5), 4.9(44.z/5), 5.5.1(22.c/4), 6.1.1(44.e/5), 6.3.1(26.l/5), 6.4.1(19.l/5), 6.5.1(11.c/5), 8.5.4(21.h/5), 9.5(72.e/5), 9.5.4(20.e/4), 10.2.1(28.t/5), 12.5.1(28.o/4), 12.6(24.g/5), 13.1(29.u/4), 13.1.1(39.c/5), 13.1.1(39.d/4), 13.13.2(, A(4.k/5), A.3.2(60.h/5), A.3.5(64.b/5), A.8.1(17.c/5), A.8.4(20.b/5), A.10.1(86.f/5), A.12.1(36.h/5), A.18.2(264.n/5), A.18.3(164.n/5), A.18.5(62.g/5), A.18.6(95.i/5), A.18.8(88.h/5), A.18.9(116.i/5), A.18.10(233.e/5), A.18.18(74.d/5), A.18.19(17.c/5), A.18.20(20.c/5), A.18.21(22.c/5), A.18.22(19.c/5), A.18.23(21.b/5), A.18.24(18.b/5), A.18.25(20.c/5), B.1(51.f/5), B.3(84.j/5), D.13(13.c/4), D.16.1(34.d/5), E.2.1(11.f/4), E.2.3(20.i/4), E.2.3(20.j/5), H.4(28.l/5)

incompatibilities with Ada 83 1.1.2(39.e), 2.8(19.c), 2.9(3.a), 3.2.2(15.a), 3.2.3(8.a), 3.4(38.b), 3.5(63.a/1), 3.5.2(11.b), 3.6.3(8.b), 4.2(14.a), 4.3.3(49.a.1/1), 4.5.5(35.a.1/2), 4.6(71.a), 4.8(20.a/1), 4.9(44.m), 5.4(18.a.1/1), 6.5(28.a/2), 7.1(17.a/5), 8.6(34.a), 12.3(29.b), 12.5.1(28.a), 12.5.3(16.a), 12.5.4(13.a), 13.1(29.a), 13.14(20.a), A.5.3(72.d), A.5.4(4.a), A.8.1(17.a), A.10.1(86.a), C.6(26.b), J.15.1(6.a/3)

incompatibilities with Ada 95 1.1.2(39.p/2), 2.9(3.c/2), 3.7.1(15.c/2), 3.9(33.d/3), 3.9.2(24.b/2), 3.10(26.e/2), 3.10.1(23.h/2), 3.10.2(41.b/2), 4.3(6.e/2), 4.3.2(13.b/2), 4.5.5(35.d/2), 4.6(71.j/2), 4.8(20.g/2), 5.2(29.d/2), 6.5(28.g/2), 8.3(29.s/2), 8.5.1(10.b/2), 8.6(34.n/2), 9.7.2(7.b/3), 10.1.2(32.f/2), 10.2.1(28.e/2), 11.4.1(20.e/3), 13.5.1(32.d/2), 13.5.2(5.c/2), 13.11(43.d/2), 13.11.3(9.b/3), 13.14(20.p/2), 13.14(20.t/3), A.4.1(6.a/3), A.4.3(109.a/3), A.4.4(106.f/3), A.4.5(88.b/2), A.4.7(49.a/2), A.5.2(62.a/2), A.8.1(17.b/2), A.8.4(20.a/2), A.10.1(86.c/2), A.10.7(26.a/3), A.12.1(36.b/2), B.3(84.a/3), C.3.1(25.a/2), D.7(22.a/2), D.8(51.a/3), E.2.2(20.b/3), E.2.3(20.b/3), E.5(30.a/2)

incompatiblities with Ada 2012 7.3.2(41.h/5), D.2.6(34.e/5)

incomplete type 1.3.1(35/5), 3.2(4.1/2), 3.10.1(2.1/4)

incomplete view 1.3.1(37/5), 3.10.1(2.1/4) tagged 3.10.1(2.1/4)

incomplete_type_declaration 3.10.1(2/2) used 3.2.1(2), P.1

inconsistencies with Ada 2005 1.1.2(39.z/3), 2.1(19.g/3), 3.5(63.l/3), 3.9(33.i/3), 4.3.2(13.d/3), 4.3.3(49.i/3), 4.5.2(39.i/3), 4.6(71.u/3), 6.4.1(19.d/3), 6.5(28.n/3), 7.6.1(, 8.5.4(21.f.1/3), 9.6.1(91.c/3), 13.3(86.l/3), A.10.5(52.a/3), A.10.8(26.a/3), A.16(131.d/3), A.18.3(164.b/3), D.14.2(38.b/3)

inconsistencies with Ada 2012 1.1.2(, 3.2.4(52.c/5), 3.3.1(33.n/5), 3.10.2(41.aa/5), 4.3.3(49.k/4), 4.4(15.f/4), 4.5.2(39.p/4), 4.7(10.b/5), 6.1.1(44.b/4), 6.4.1(19.k/5), 6.5(28.x/5), 7.3.2(41.b/4), 8.6(34.y/4), 9.5(72.d/5), 9.5.4(20.c/4), 9.6.1(91.e/5), 12.5(16.j/5), 13.11.2(19.e/4), A.18.2(264.l/5), A.18.3(164.m/5), A.18.4(84.k/5), A.18.7(105.k/5), A.18.10(233.d/5), A.18.11(13.b/4), A.18.12(12.b/4), A.18.13(13.b/4), A.18.14(13.b/4), A.18.15(5.e/4), A.18.16(5.e/4), A.18.17(12.b/4), A.18.18(74.c/4), A.18.19(17.b/5), A.18.20(20.b/5), A.18.21(22.b/5), A.18.22(19.b/5), A.18.25(20.b/5), A.19(12.c/4), C.3.1(25.f/5), C.6(26.j/5), D.2.1(17.d/5), D.16.1(34.c/4)

inconsistencies with Ada 83 1.1.2(39.b), 3.4(38.a), 3.5.2(11.a), 3.5.7(22.a), 3.5.9(28.a), 3.6.3(8.a), 3.7.1(15.a), 4.5.3(14.a), 4.5.6(13.a.1/1), 9.6(40.a), 11.1(8.a), 12.3(29.a), 13.3(58.a.1/2), A.6(1.a), G.2.1(16.c), G.2.3(27.b)

inconsistencies with Ada 95 1.1.2(39.m/2), 3.3.1(33.f/2), 3.5.2(11.h/2), 3.6.3(8.g/2), 3.9(33.b/2), 3.10(26.c/2), 4.8(20.f/2), 4.9(44.s/2), 6.5(28.f.1/3), 7.6.1(24.v.1/3), 9.6(40.e/2), 11.4.1(20.b/2), 13.13.2(60.g/2), A.4.4(106.e/2), A.12.1(36.a/3), B.3.1(60.a/2)

Increase_Indent in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(15/5)

Increment in Interfaces.C.Pointers B.3.2(11/3)

indefinite subtype 3.3(23/5), 3.7(26)

Indefinite_Doubly_Linked_Lists child of Ada.Containers A.18.12(2/3)

Indefinite_Hashed_Maps child of Ada.Containers A.18.13(2/3)

Indefinite_Hashed_Sets child of Ada.Containers A.18.15(2/3)

Indefinite_Holders child of Ada.Containers A.18.18(5/5)

Indefinite_Multiway_Trees child of Ada.Containers A.18.17(2/3)

Indefinite_Ordered_Maps child of Ada.Containers A.18.14(2/3)

Indefinite_Ordered_Sets child of Ada.Containers A.18.16(2/3)

Indefinite_Vectors child of Ada.Containers A.18.11(2/3)

Independent aspect C.6(6.3/3)

Independent pragma J.15.8(4/3), L(14.2/3)

independent subprogram 11.6(6/5)

Independent_Components aspect C.6(6.10/3)

Independent_Components pragma J.15.8(7/3), L(14.3/3)

independently addressable 9.10(1/5) specified C.6(8.1/4)

index of an array 3.6(9.a) of an element of an open direct file A.8(3) in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(15) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(23) in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(43.1/2), A.4.4(43.2/2), A.4.4(44), A.4.4(45), A.4.4(45.1/2), A.4.4(46) in Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.3(8.1/2), A.4.3(8.2/2), A.4.3(9), A.4.3(10), A.4.3(10.1/2), A.4.3(11) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(38.1/2), A.4.5(38.2/2), A.4.5(39), A.4.5(40), A.4.5(40.1/2), A.4.5(41)

Index attribute 6.1.1(30.2/5)

index parameter of an array aggregate 4.3.3(6.1/5)

index range 3.6(13)

index subtype 3.6(9)

index type 3.6(9) container aggregate 4.3.5(25/5) indexed aggregate 4.3.5(25/5)

Index_Check 11.5(14) [partial] 4.1.1(7), 4.1.2(7), 4.3.3(20.4/5), 4.3.3(29/3), 4.3.3(30), 4.3.4(20/5), 4.5.3(8), 4.6(51/5), 4.7(4/5), 4.8(10/2)

index_constraint 3.6.1(2) used 3.2.2(7), P.1

Index_Error in Ada.Strings A.4.1(5)

Index_Non_Blank in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(46.1/2), A.4.4(47) in Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.3(11.1/2), A.4.3(12) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(41.1/2), A.4.5(42)

index_subtype_definition 3.6(4) used 3.6(3), P.1

indexable container object 4.1.6(5/3)

indexable container type 1.3.1(39/5), 4.1.6(5/3)

indexed aggregate 4.3.5(25/5)

indexed_component 4.1.1(2) used 4.1(2/5), P.1

indexing constant 4.1.6(12/3) variable 4.1.6(16/3)

individual membership test 4.5.2(26.1/3)

indivisible C.6(10/4)

inferable discriminants B.3.3(20/2)

Information child of Ada.Directories A.16(124/2) child of Ada.Wide_Directories A.16.2(2/5) child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Directories A.16.2(3/5)

information hiding See package 7(1) See private types and private extensions 7.3(1)

information systems C(1), F(1)

informative 1.1.2(18)

inherently mutable object 3.3(13/3)

inheritance See derived types and classes 3.4(1/2) See also tagged types and type extension 3.9(1)

inherited from an ancestor type 3.4.1(11)

inherited component 3.4(11), 3.4(12)

inherited discriminant 3.4(11)

inherited entry 3.4(12)

inherited protected subprogram 3.4(12)

inherited subprogram 3.4(17/2)

initial value reduction attribute 4.5.10(24/5)

Initial_Directory in Ada.Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names A.16.1(12/3)

initialization of a protected object 9.4(14) of a protected object C.3.1(10/3), C.3.1(11/3) of a task object 9.1(12/1), J.7.1(7) of an object 3.3.1(18/2)

initialization expression 3.3.1(1/3), 3.3.1(4)

Initialize 7.6(2) in Ada.Finalization 7.6(6/2), 7.6(8/2)

initialized allocator 4.8(4)

initialized by default 3.3.1(18/2)

Inline aspect 6.3.2(5.1/3)

Inline pragma J.15.1(2/3), L(15.1/3)

innermost dynamically enclosing 11.4(2)

input A.6(1/5)

Input aspect 13.13.2(38/5)

Input attribute 13.13.2(22), 13.13.2(32)

Input clause 13.3(7/2), 13.13.2(38/5)

Input'Class aspect 13.13.2(38/5)

input-output unspecified for access types A.7(6)

Insert in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(19/5), A.18.3(20/5), A.18.3(21/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(19/5), A.18.5(20/5), A.18.5(21/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(19/5), A.18.8(20/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(18/5), A.18.6(19/5), A.18.6(20/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(18/5), A.18.9(19/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(39/5), A.18.2(40/5), A.18.2(41/5), A.18.2(42/5), A.18.2(43/5) in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(60), A.4.4(61) in Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.3(25), A.4.3(26) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(55), A.4.5(56)

Insert_Child in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(48/5), A.18.10(49/5), A.18.10(50/5)

Insert_Space in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(48/5), A.18.2(49/5)

Insert_Vector in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(36/5), A.18.2(37/5), A.18.2(38/5)

inspectable object H.3.2(5/2)

inspection point H.3.2(5/2)

Inspection_Point pragma H.3.2(3), L(16)

instance of a generic function 12.3(13) of a generic package 12.3(13) of a generic procedure 12.3(13) of a generic subprogram 12.3(13) of a generic unit 12.3(1)

instructions for comment submission 0.2(57.22/5)

int in Interfaces.C B.3(7)

Integer 3.5.4(11), 3.5.4(21) in Standard A.1(12)

integer literal 2.4(1)

integer literals 3.5.4(14), 3.5.4(30)

integer type 1.3.1(40/5), 3.5.4(1)

Integer_Address in System.Storage_Elements 13.7.1(10/3)

Integer_Arithmetic child of System.Atomic_Operations C.6.4(3/5)

Integer_IO in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(52)

Integer_Literal aspect 4.2.1(3/5)

Integer_N B.2(8)

Integer_Text_IO child of Ada A.10.8(21)

integer_type_definition 3.5.4(2) used 3.2.1(4/2), P.1

Integer_Wide_Text_IO child of Ada A.11(2/2)

Integer_Wide_Wide_Text_IO child of Ada A.11(3/2)

interaction between tasks 9(1/5)

interface 3.9.4(4/2) limited 3.9.4(5/2) nonlimited 3.9.4(5/2) protected 3.9.4(5/2) synchronized 3.9.4(5/2) task 3.9.4(5/2) type 3.9.4(4/2)

interface to assembly language C.1(4/3)

interface to C B.3(1/4)

interface to COBOL B.4(1/3)

interface to Fortran B.5(1/3)

interface to other languages B(1)

interface type 1.3.1(42/5)

Interface_Ancestor_Tags in Ada.Tags 3.9(7.4/2)

interface_list 3.9.4(3/2) used 3.4(2/2), 3.9.4(2/2), 7.3(3/3), 9.1(2/3), 9.1(3/5), 9.4(2/3), 9.4(3/3), 12.5.1(3/5), P.1

interface_type_definition 3.9.4(2/2) used 3.2.1(4/2), 12.5.5(2/2), P.1

Interfaces B.2(3/5)

Interfaces.C B.3(4/5)

Interfaces.C.Pointers B.3.2(4/5)

Interfaces.C.Strings B.3.1(3/5)

Interfaces.COBOL B.4(7/5)

Interfaces.Fortran B.5(4/5)

Interfaces_Assertion_Check 11.5(23.7/5)

interfacing aspect B.1(0.1/3)

interfacing pragma J.15.5(1/3) Convention J.15.5(1/3) Export J.15.5(1/3) Import J.15.5(1/3)

internal call 9.5(3/3)

internal code 13.4(7)

internal node of a tree A.18.10(2/4)

internal requeue 9.5(7)

Internal_Tag in Ada.Tags 3.9(7/2)

interpretation of a complete context 8.6(10) of a constituent of a complete context 8.6(15) overload resolution 8.6(14)

interrupt C.3(2) example using asynchronous_select 9.7.4(10), 9.7.4(12)

interrupt entry J.7.1(5)

interrupt handler C.3(2)

Interrupt_Clocks_Supported in Ada.Execution_Time D.14(9.1/3)

Interrupt_Handler aspect C.3.1(6.2/3)

Interrupt_Handler pragma J.15.7(2/3), L(17.1/3)

Interrupt_Id in Ada.Interrupts C.3.2(2/5)

Interrupt_Priority aspect D.1(6.3/3)

Interrupt_Priority pragma J.15.11(4/3), L(18.1/3)

Interrupt_Priority subtype of Any_Priority in System 13.7(16)

Interrupts child of Ada C.3.2(2/5) child of Ada.Execution_Time D.14.3(3/5)

Intersection in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(29/5), A.18.8(30/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(30/5), A.18.9(31/5)

intertask communication 9.5(1) See also task 9(1/5)

Intrinsic calling convention 6.3.1(4)

invalid cursor of a list container A.18.3(153/2) of a map A.18.4(76/2) of a set A.18.7(97/2) of a tree A.18.10(222/3) of a vector A.18.2(248/2)

invalid representation 13.9.1(9)

invariant 1.3.1(44/5), 7.3.2(2/3) class-wide 7.3.2(3/5)

invariant check 7.3.2(9/4)

invariant expression 7.3.2(2/3)

Inverse in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(46/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Real_Arrays G.3.1(24/2)

Inverted_Exclamation in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

Inverted_Question in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

involve an inner product complex G.3.2(56/2) real G.3.1(34/2)

IO_Assertion_Check 11.5(23.8/5)

IO_Exceptions child of Ada A.13(3/5)

IS1 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(16)

IS2 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(16)

IS3 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(16)

IS4 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(16)

Is_A_Group_Member in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(8/2)

Is_Abstract in Ada.Tags 3.9(7.5/3)

Is_Alphanumeric in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(12/3)

Is_Ancestor_Of in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(21.2/5)

Is_Attached in Ada.Interrupts C.3.2(5)

Is_Basic in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(8.1/5)

Is_Callable in Ada.Task_Identification C.7.1(4/3)

Is_Character in Ada.Characters.Conversions A.3.4(3/2)

Is_Control in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(5/3)

Is_Current_Directory_Name in Ada.Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names A.16.1(7/3)

Is_Decimal_Digit in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(10/3)

Is_Descendant_At_Same_Level in Ada.Tags 3.9(7.1/2)

Is_Digit in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(9/3)

Is_Empty in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(12/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(11/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(13/5) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(10/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(16/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(10/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(12/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(23/5)

Is_Full_Name in Ada.Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names A.16.1(8/3)

Is_Graphic in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(19/3)

Is_Held in Ada.Asynchronous_Task_Control D.11(3/5)

Is_Hexadecimal_Digit in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(11/3)

Is_In in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(13) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(13) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(13/2)

Is_ISO_646 in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(10)

Is_Leaf in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(21.1/5), A.18.10(21/5)

Is_Letter in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(6/3)

Is_Line_Terminator in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(14/3)

Is_Lock_Free in System.Atomic_Operations.Exchange C.6.2(8/5) in System.Atomic_Operations.Integer_Arithmetic C.6.4(8/5) in System.Atomic_Operations.Modular_Arithmetic C.6.5(8/5) in System.Atomic_Operations.Test_And_Set C.6.3(7/5)

Is_Lower in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(7/3)

Is_Mark in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(15/3)

Is_Member in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(8/2)

Is_NFKC in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(18.1/5)

Is_Nul_Terminated in Interfaces.C B.3(24), B.3(35), B.3(39.16/2), B.3(39.7/2)

Is_Open in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(10) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(10) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(12) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(13)

Is_Other_Format in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(16/3)

Is_Parent_Directory_Name in Ada.Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names A.16.1(6/3)

Is_Punctuation_Connector in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(17/3)

Is_Relative_Name in Ada.Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names A.16.1(9/3)

Is_Reserved in Ada.Interrupts C.3.2(4)

Is_Root in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(20.1/5), A.18.10(20/5)

Is_Root_Directory_Name in Ada.Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names A.16.1(5/3)

Is_Round_Robin in Ada.Dispatching.Round_Robin D.2.5(4/5)

Is_Simple_Name in Ada.Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names A.16.1(4/3)

Is_Sorted in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(48/2) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(76/2)

Is_Space in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(18/3)

Is_Special in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(13/3)

Is_Split in Ada.Iterator_Interfaces 5.5.1(4.3/5)

Is_String in Ada.Characters.Conversions A.3.4(3/2)

Is_Subset in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(39/2) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(40/2) in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(14) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(14) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(14/2)

Is_Terminated in Ada.Task_Identification C.7.1(4/3)

Is_Upper in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(4/5) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(8/3)

Is_Valid in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(4/5) in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(4/5)

Is_Wide_Character in Ada.Characters.Conversions A.3.4(3/2)

Is_Wide_String in Ada.Characters.Conversions A.3.4(3/2)

ISO 1989:2002 1.2.1(4/5)

ISO 3166-1:2020 1.2(4.1/5)

ISO 639-3:2007 1.2(1.1/3)

ISO 8601-1:2019 1.2.1(6/5)

ISO/IEC 10646:2020 1.2(8/5), 3.5.2(2/5), 3.5.2(3/5), 3.5.2(4/5)

ISO/IEC 14882:2020 1.2.1(9/5)

ISO/IEC 1539-1:2018 1.2.1(3/5)

ISO/IEC 60559:2020 1.2.1(10/5), G.2.2(11.a/5)

ISO/IEC 6429:1992 1.2.1(5/5)

ISO/IEC 646:1991 1.2.1(2/5)

ISO/IEC 8859-1:1998 1.2.1(7/5)

ISO/IEC 9899:2018 1.2.1(8/5)

ISO_646 subtype of Character in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(9)

ISO_646_Set in Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(4)

issue an entry call 9.5.3(8)

italics formal parameters of attribute functions 3.5(18.a) implementation-defined 1.1.3(5.c) nongraphic characters 3.5.2(2/5) pseudo-names of anonymous types 3.2.1(7/2), A.1(2) syntax rules 1.1.4(14) terms introduced or defined 1.3(1/5)

italics, like this 1(2.ll)

iterable container object 5.5.1(11/5)

iterable container object for a loop 5.5.2(12/5)

iterable container type 1.3.1(45/5), 5.5.1(11/5)

Iterate in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(45/5), A.18.3(46.1/5), A.18.3(46.2/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(37/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(49/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(42/5), A.18.10(44/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(50/5), A.18.6(51.1/5), A.18.6(51.2/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(60/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(73/5), A.18.2(74.1/5), A.18.2(74.2/5) in Ada.Environment_Variables A.17(8/5)

Iterate_Children in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(68.1/5), A.18.10(68/5), A.18.10(70/5)

Iterate_Subtree in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(43.1/5), A.18.10(43/5), A.18.10(45.1/5), A.18.10(45/5)

iterated_component_association 4.3.3(5.1/5) used 4.3.3(5/5), P.1

iterated_element_association 4.3.5(21/5) used 4.3.5(18/5), 4.5.10(3/5), P.1

iterating procedure 5.5.3(9/5), 5.5.3(27/5)

iteration cursor subtype 5.5.1(6/5)

iteration_scheme 5.5(3/5) used 5.5(2), P.1

iterator 1.3.3(16/5) array component 5.5.2(3/3) container element 5.5.2(3/3) forward 5.5.2(4/5) generalized 5.5.2(3/3) parallel 5.5.2(4/5) reverse 5.5.2(4/5) sequential 5.5.2(4/5)

iterator construct 5.5(6.2/5)

iterator filter 1.3.3(18/5), 5.5(6.2/5)

iterator object 5.5.1(6/5)

iterator type 5.5.1(6/5)

iterator_actual_parameter_part 5.5.3(5/5) used 5.5.3(4/5), P.1

Iterator_Element aspect 5.5.1(9/5)

iterator_filter 5.5(4.1/5) used 5.5(4/5), 5.5.2(2/5), 5.5.3(2/5), P.1

Iterator_Interfaces child of Ada 5.5.1(2/5)

iterator_parameter_association 5.5.3(6/5) used 5.5.3(5/5), P.1

iterator_parameter_specification 5.5.3(3/5) used 5.5.3(2/5), P.1

iterator_procedure_call 5.5.3(4/5) used 5.5.3(2/5), P.1

iterator_specification 5.5.2(2/5) used 4.3.3(5.1/5), 4.3.5(21/5), 4.5.8(1/3), 5.5(3/5), P.1

Iterator_View aspect 5.5.1(9.1/5)


j in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types G.1.1(5) in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(10)

Jorvik D.13(1/5)


Key in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(13.1/5), A.18.5(13/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(51.1/5), A.18.8(51/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(12.1/5), A.18.6(12/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(64.1/5), A.18.9(64/5)

key type container aggregate 4.3.5(8/5), 4.3.5(9/5)

key_choice 4.3.5(20/5) used 4.3.5(19/5), P.1

key_choice_list 4.3.5(19/5) used 4.3.5(18/5), P.1

keyword 2.9(2.c/5)

Kind in Ada.Directories A.16(25/2), A.16(40/2)

known discriminants 3.7(26)

known on entry postcondition 6.1.1(20/5)

known to be constrained 3.3(23.1/3)

known to denote the same object 6.4.1(6.5/3)

known to have no variable views 3.3(13.1/5)

known to refer to the same object 6.4.1(6.12/3)

Known_Conflict_Checks conflict check policy 9.10.1(22/5)

known_discriminant_part 3.7(4) used 3.2.1(3/3), 3.7(2), 9.1(2/3), 9.4(2/3), P.1

Known_Parallel_Conflict_Checks conflict check policy 9.10.1(12/5)

Known_Tasking_Conflict_Checks conflict check policy 9.10.1(16/5)


label 5.1(7) used 5.1(2/3), 5.1(3), P.1

Landau symbol O(X) A.18(3/2)

language interface to assembly C.1(4/3) interface to non-Ada B(1) in Ada.Locales A.19(6/3)

Language code standard 1.2(1.1/3)

language-defined categories [partial] 3.2(10/2)

language-defined category of types 3.2(2/5)

language-defined check 11.5(2/3), 11.6(1/3)

language-defined class [partial] 3.2(10/2) of types 3.2(2/5)

Language-defined constants Q.5(1/3)

Language-defined exceptions Q.4(1/3)

Language-Defined Library Units A(1)

Language-defined objects Q.5(1/3)

Language-defined packages Q.1(1/3)

Language-defined subprograms Q.3(1/3)

Language-defined subtypes Q.2(1/3)

Language-defined types Q.2(1/3)

Language-defined values Q.5(1/3)

Language_Code in Ada.Locales A.19(4/4)

Language_Unknown in Ada.Locales A.19(5/3)

Last in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(35/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(31/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(43/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(61/5) in Ada.Iterator_Interfaces 5.5.1(4/3)

Last attribute 3.5(13), 3.6.2(5)

last element of a hashed set A.18.8(68/2) of a set A.18.7(6/2) of an ordered set A.18.9(81/3)

last node of a hashed map A.18.5(46/2) of a map A.18.4(6/2) of an ordered map A.18.6(58/3)

Last(N) attribute 3.6.2(6)

last_bit 13.5.1(6) used 13.5.1(3), P.1

Last_Bit attribute 13.5.2(4/2)

Last_Child in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(62.1/5), A.18.10(62/5)

Last_Child_Element in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(63.1/5), A.18.10(63/5)

Last_Element in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(36/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(32/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(44/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(62/5)

Last_Index in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(60/5)

Last_Key in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(33/5)

Last_Valid attribute 3.5.5(7.3/4)

lateness D.9(12/5)

Latin-1 3.5.2(2/5)

Latin_1 child of Ada.Characters A.3.3(3/5)

Layout aspect 13.5(1)

Layout_Error in Ada.IO_Exceptions A.13(4) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(85/5)

LC_A in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_A_Acute in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_A_Circumflex in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_A_Diaeresis in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_A_Grave in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_A_Ring in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_A_Tilde in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_AE_Diphthong in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_B in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_C in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_C_Cedilla in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_D in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_E in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_E_Acute in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_E_Circumflex in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_E_Diaeresis in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_E_Grave in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_F in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_G in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_German_Sharp_S in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

LC_H in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_I in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_I_Acute in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_I_Circumflex in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_I_Diaeresis in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_I_Grave in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(25)

LC_Icelandic_Eth in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_Icelandic_Thorn in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_J in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_K in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_L in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_M in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_N in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_N_Tilde in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_O in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(13)

LC_O_Acute in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_O_Circumflex in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_O_Diaeresis in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_O_Grave in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_O_Oblique_Stroke in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_O_Tilde in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_P in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

LC_Q in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

LC_R in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

LC_S in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

LC_T in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

LC_U in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

LC_U_Acute in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_U_Circumflex in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_U_Diaeresis in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_U_Grave in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_V in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

LC_W in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

LC_X in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

LC_Y in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

LC_Y_Acute in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_Y_Diaeresis in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(26)

LC_Z in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

Leading_Nonseparate in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(23)

Leading_Part attribute A.5.3(54)

Leading_Separate in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(23)

leaf node of a tree A.18.10(4/3)

Leap_Seconds_Count subtype of Integer in Ada.Calendar.Arithmetic 9.6.1(11/2)

leaving 7.6.1(3/5)

left 7.6.1(3/5)

left parenthesis 2.1(15/5)

left square bracket 2.1(15/5)

Left_Angle_Quotation in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

Left_Curly_Bracket in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

Left_Parenthesis in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

Left_Square_Bracket in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(12)

legal construct 1.1.2(27) partition 1.1.2(29)

legality determinable via semantic dependences 10(3.c)

legality rules 1.1.2(27)

length of a dimension of an array 3.6(13) of a list container A.18.3(3/2) of a map A.18.4(5/2) of a one-dimensional array 3.6(13) of a set A.18.7(5/2) of a vector container A.18.2(2/2) in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(11/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(10/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(12/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(9/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(11/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(21/5) in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(9) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(6) in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(11) in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(34), B.4(39), B.4(44)

Length attribute 3.6.2(9)

Length(N) attribute 3.6.2(10)

Length_Check 11.5(15) [partial] 4.5.1(8), 4.6(37), 4.6(52)

Length_Error in Ada.Strings A.4.1(5)

Length_Range subtype of Natural in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(8)

less than operator 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1)

less than or equal operator 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1)

less-than sign 2.1(15/5)

Less_Case_Insensitive child of Ada.Strings A.4.10(13/5) child of Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.10(18/5) child of Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.10(16/3) child of Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.10(21/5)

Less_Than_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(10)

letter a category of Character A.3.2(24)

letter_lowercase 2.1(9/2) used 2.3(3/2), P.1

letter_modifier 2.1(9.2/2) used 2.3(3/2), P.1

letter_other 2.1(9.3/2) used 2.3(3/2), P.1

Letter_Set in Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(4)

letter_titlecase 2.1(9.1/2) used 2.3(3/2), P.1

letter_uppercase 2.1(8/2) used 2.3(3/2), P.1

level accessibility 3.10.2(3/5) library 3.10.2(22)

lexical element 2.2(1)

lexicographic order 4.5.2(26/3)

LF in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

library 10.1.4(9/5) [partial] 10.1.1(9) informal introduction 10(2) See also library level, library unit, library_item

library level 3.10.2(22)

library unit 1.3.3(19/5), 10.1(3), 10.1.1(9) informal introduction 10(2) See also language-defined library units

library unit aspect 13.1.1(32/5)

library unit pragma J.15(7/5) All_Calls_Remote J.15.15(7/5) Elaborate_Body J.15.14(7/5) Preelaborate J.15.14(7/5) Pure J.15.14(7/5) Remote_Call_Interface J.15.15(7/5) Remote_Types J.15.15(7/5) Shared_Passive J.15.15(7/5)

library_item 10.1.1(4) informal introduction 10(2) used 10.1.1(3), P.1

library_unit_body 10.1.1(7) used 10.1.1(4), P.1

library_unit_declaration 10.1.1(5) used 10.1.1(4), P.1

library_unit_renaming_declaration 10.1.1(6) used 10.1.1(4), P.1

lifetime 3.10.2(3/5)

limited interface 3.9.4(5/2)

limited type 1.3.1(46/5), 7.5(3/3) becoming nonlimited 7.3.1(5/1), 7.5(16) immutably 7.5(8.1/3)

limited view 10.1.1(12.1/2)

Limited_Controlled in Ada.Finalization 7.6(7/5)

limited_with_clause 10.1.2(4.1/2) used 10.1.2(4/2), P.1

line 2.2(2/3) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(38/5)

line terminator A.10(7)

Line_Length in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(25/5)

link name B.1(35)

link-time error See post-compilation error 1.1.2(29) See post-compilation error 1.1.5(4)

Link_Name aspect B.1(1/3)

Linker_Options pragma B.1(8), L(19)

linking See partition building 10.2(2/5)

List in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(6/5), A.18.3(51.2/5)

list container A.18.3(1/2)

List pragma 2.8(21), L(20)

List_Iterator_Interfaces in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(9.3/3), A.18.3(51.7/5)

literal 4.2(1) based 2.4.2(1) decimal 2.4.1(1) numeric 2.4(1) See also aggregate 4.3(1)

little endian 13.5.3(2)

load time C.4(3)

local to 8.1(14)

Local_Image in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(35.1/5)

local_name 13.1(3) used 13.3(2), 13.4(2), 13.5.1(2/5), 13.5.1(3), C.5(3), J.15.2(2/5), J.15.3(2/3), J.15.5(2/3), J.15.5(3/3), J.15.5(4/3), J.15.6(2/3), J.15.8(2/3), J.15.8(3/3), J.15.8(4/3), J.15.8(5/3), J.15.8(6/3), J.15.8(7/3), J.15.13(2/3), L(3.1/3), L(4.1/3), L(5.1/3), L(8.1/3), L(9), L(13.1/3), L(14.1/3), L(14.2/3), L(14.3/3), L(21.2/3), L(24.1/3), L(37.2/3), L(38.1/3), L(39.1/3), P.1

Local_Time_Offset in Ada.Calendar.Time_Zones 9.6.1(6/5)

locale A.19(1/3) active A.19(8/3)

Locales child of Ada A.19(3/5)

lock-free C.6.1(5/5)

locking policy D.3(6/2) Ceiling_Locking D.3(7)

Locking_Policy pragma D.3(3), L(21)

Log in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(3) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(4)

Logical in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(7)

logical operator 4.5.1(2) See also not operator 4.5.6(3)

logical thread of control 1.3.4(9/5), 9(1/5)

logical_operator 4.5(2)

long in Interfaces.C B.3(7)

Long_Binary in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(10)

long_double in Interfaces.C B.3(17)

Long_Float 3.5.7(15), 3.5.7(16/5), 3.5.7(17)

Long_Floating in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(9)

Long_Integer 3.5.4(22), 3.5.4(25), 3.5.4(28)

Look_Ahead in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(43/5)

loop parallel 5.5(8.1/5) sequential 5.5(9/5)

loop body procedure 5.5.3(15/5)

loop cursor 5.5.2(12/5)

loop iterator 5.5.2(10/5) container element iterator 5.5.2(12/5)

loop parameter 5.5(6/5), 5.5.2(7/5)

loop_parameter_specification 5.5(4/5) used 4.3.5(21/5), 4.5.8(1/3), 5.5(3/5), P.1

loop_parameter_subtype_indication 5.5.2(2.1/5) used 5.5.2(2/5), P.1

loop_statement 5.5(2) used 5.1(5/5), P.1

low line 2.1(15/5)

low-level programming C(1)

Low_Line in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(12)

Low_Order_First 13.5.3(2) in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(25) in System 13.7(15/2)

lower bound of a range 3.5(4)

lower-case letter a category of Character A.3.2(25)

Lower_Case_Map in Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(5)

Lower_Set in Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(4)

LR(1) 1.1.4(14.a)


Machine attribute A.5.3(60)

machine code insertion 13.8(1), C.1(2/5)

machine numbers of a fixed point type 3.5.9(8/2) of a floating point type 3.5.7(8)

machine scalar 13.3(8.1/3)

Machine_Code child of System 13.8(7)

Machine_Emax attribute A.5.3(8)

Machine_Emin attribute A.5.3(7)

Machine_Mantissa attribute A.5.3(6)

Machine_Overflows attribute A.5.3(12), A.5.4(4)

Machine_Radix aspect F.1(1/5)

Machine_Radix attribute A.5.3(2), A.5.4(2)

Machine_Radix clause 13.3(7/2), F.1(1/5)

Machine_Rounding attribute A.5.3(41.1/2)

Machine_Rounds attribute A.5.3(11), A.5.4(3)

macro See generic unit 12(1)

Macron in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

main subprogram for a partition 10.2(7)

malloc See allocator 4.8(1)

Map in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(3/5), A.18.5(37.3/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(4/5), A.18.6(51.4/5)

map container A.18.4(1/2)

Map_Iterator_Interfaces in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(6.3/5), A.18.5(37.8/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(7.3/5), A.18.6(51.9/5)

Maps child of Ada.Strings A.4.2(3/5)

mark_non_spacing 2.1(9.4/2), 2.1(9.5/2) used 2.3(3.1/3), P.1

mark_spacing_combining used 2.3(3.1/3), P.1

marshalling E.4(9)

Masculine_Ordinal_Indicator in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

master 1.3.4(10/5), 7.6.1(3/5)

master construct 1.3.3(21/5), 7.6.1(3/5)

master of a call 3.10.2(10.1/3)

match a character to a pattern character A.4.2(54) a character to a pattern character, with respect to a character mapping function A.4.2(64) a string to a pattern string A.4.2(54) value of nonoverridable aspect 13.1.1(18.4/5)

matching components 4.5.2(16)

Max in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(18/5) in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(21/5)

Max attribute 3.5(19)

Max_Alignment_For_Allocation attribute 13.11.1(4/5)

Max_Asynchronous_Select_Nesting restriction D.7(18/1)

Max_Base_Digits 3.5.7(6) in System 13.7(8)

Max_Binary_Modulus 3.5.4(7) in System 13.7(7)

Max_Decimal_Digits in Ada.Decimal F.2(5)

Max_Delta in Ada.Decimal F.2(4)

Max_Digits 3.5.7(6) in System 13.7(8)

Max_Digits_Binary in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(11)

Max_Digits_Long_Binary in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(11)

Max_Entry_Queue_Length aspect D.4(18/5)

Max_Entry_Queue_Length restriction D.7(19.1/2)

Max_Image_Length restriction H.4(23.11/5)

Max_Image_Width in Ada.Numerics.Discrete_Random A.5.2(25) in Ada.Numerics.Float_Random A.5.2(13)

Max_Int 3.5.4(14) in System 13.7(6)

Max_Length in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(5)

Max_Mantissa in System 13.7(9)

Max_Nonbinary_Modulus 3.5.4(7) in System 13.7(7)

Max_Picture_Length in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(8)

Max_Protected_Entries restriction D.7(14)

Max_Scale in Ada.Decimal F.2(3)

Max_Select_Alternatives restriction D.7(12)

Max_Size_In_Storage_Elements attribute 13.11.1(3/5)

Max_Storage_At_Blocking restriction D.7(17/1)

Max_Task_Entries restriction D.7(13)

Max_Tasks restriction D.7(19/1)

maximum box error for a component of the result of evaluating a complex function G.2.6(3/5)

maximum line length A.10(11)

maximum page length A.10(11)

maximum relative error for a component of the result of evaluating a complex function G.2.6(3/5) for the evaluation of an elementary function G.2.4(2)

Maximum_Length in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(12.3/5)

Meaningful_For in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(22.1/5)

Members in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(8/2)

Membership in Ada.Strings A.4.1(6)

membership test 4.5.2(2/3)

membership_choice 4.4(3.2/4) used 4.4(3.1/5), P.1

membership_choice_list 4.4(3.1/5) used 4.4(3/4), P.1

Memory_Size in System 13.7(13)

mentioned in a with_clause 10.1.2(6/2)

Merge in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(50/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(78/5)

message See dispatching call 3.9.2(1/5)

method See dispatching subprogram 3.9.2(1/5)

methodological restriction 10.1.3(13.a)

metrics 1.1.2(35)

Micro_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

Microseconds in Ada.Real_Time D.8(14/2)

Middle_Dot in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

Milliseconds in Ada.Real_Time D.8(14/2)

Min in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(18/5) in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(21/5)

Min attribute 3.5(16)

Min_Delta in Ada.Decimal F.2(4)

Min_Handler_Ceiling in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(7/2) in Ada.Execution_Time.Timers D.14.1(6/2)

Min_Int 3.5.4(14) in System 13.7(6)

Min_Scale in Ada.Decimal F.2(3)

minus 2.1(15/5)

minus operator 4.5(1), 4.5.3(1), 4.5.4(1)

Minus_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

Minute in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(25/2)

Minute_Number subtype of Natural in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(20/2)

Minutes in Ada.Real_Time D.8(14/2)

mixed-language programs B(1), C.1(4/3)

Mod attribute 3.5.4(16.1/2)

mod operator 4.5(1), 4.5.5(1)

mod_clause J.8(1) used 13.5.1(2/5), P.1

mode 6.1(16) used 6.1(15/5), 12.4(2/3), P.1 in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(9) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(9) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(11) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(12)

mode conformance 6.3.1(16/3) required 8.5.4(4/5), 8.5.4(5/3), 12.6(7/3), 12.6(8/3), 13.1(13.2/5)

mode of operation nonstandard 1.1.5(11) standard 1.1.5(11)

Mode_Error in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(18) in Ada.IO_Exceptions A.13(4) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(15) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(26) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(85/5)

Model attribute A.5.3(68), G.2.2(7)

model interval G.2.1(4) associated with a value G.2.1(4)

model number G.2.1(3)

model-oriented attributes of a floating point subtype A.5.3(63)

Model_Emin attribute A.5.3(65), G.2.2(4)

Model_Epsilon attribute A.5.3(66)

Model_Mantissa attribute A.5.3(64), G.2.2(3/2)

Model_Small attribute A.5.3(67)

Modification_Time in Ada.Directories A.16(27/2), A.16(42/2)

modular type 3.5.4(1)

Modular_Arithmetic child of System.Atomic_Operations C.6.5(3/5)

Modular_IO in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(57)

modular_type_definition 3.5.4(4) used 3.5.4(2), P.1

module See package 7(1)

modulus of a modular type 3.5.4(7) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(10/2), G.3.2(30/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types G.1.1(9)

Modulus attribute 3.5.4(17)

Monday in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(17/2)

Month in Ada.Calendar 9.6(13) in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(22/2)

Month_Number subtype of Integer in Ada.Calendar 9.6(11/2)

More_Entries in Ada.Directories A.16(34/2)

Move in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(18/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(18/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(18/5) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(22/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(34/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(17/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(17/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(35/5) in Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.3(7)

multi-dimensional array 3.6(12)

Multiplication_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

multiply 2.1(15/5)

multiply operator 4.5(1), 4.5.5(1)

multiplying operator 4.5.5(1)

multiplying_operator 4.5(6) used 4.4(5), P.1

Multiprocessors child of System D.16(3/5)

Multiway_Trees child of Ada.Containers A.18.10(7/5)

mutable 3.7(28.b)

mutates 7.6(17.6/3)

MW in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(18)


n-dimensional array_aggregate 4.3.3(6)

NAK in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

name 4.1(2/5) [partial] 3.1(1/5) of (a view of) an entity 3.1(8) of a pragma 2.8(9) of an external file A.7(1) used 2.8(3/3), 3.2.2(4), 4.1(4), 4.1(5), 4.1(6), 4.1.5(4/3), 4.4(7/5), 4.5.10(5/5), 4.6(2), 4.8(2.1/3), 5.2(2), 5.5.2(2/5), 5.5.3(4/5), 5.7(2), 5.8(2), 6.1.2(8/5), 6.4(2), 6.4(3), 6.4(6), 8.4(3), 8.5.1(2/5), 8.5.2(2/3), 8.5.3(2/3), 8.5.4(2/3), 8.5.5(2/3), 9.5.3(2), 9.5.4(2/3), 9.8(2), 10.1.1(8), 10.1.2(4.1/2), 10.1.2(4.2/2), 10.2.1(20), 10.2.1(21), 11.2(5), 11.3(2.1/4), 11.3(2/2), 12.3(2/3), 12.3(5), 12.6(4), 12.7(2/3), 13.1(3), 13.1.1(4/5), 13.3(2), 13.11.3(3.1/4), 13.12(4.1/2), H.3.2(3), H.7.1(6/5), H.7.1(10/5), J.10(3/2), J.15.1(2/3), J.15.7(2/3), J.15.7(4/3), J.15.14(3/5), J.15.14(5/5), J.15.14(6/5), J.15.15(3/5), J.15.15(4/5), J.15.15(5/5), J.15.15(6/5), L(2.1/5), L(6.1/3), L(10), L(11), L(12.1/5), L(15.1/3), L(16), L(17.1/3), L(26.1/5), L(28.1/5), L(30.1/5), L(31.1/5), L(34.1/5), P.1 in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(9), A.8.4(18.12/5), A.8.4(18.5/5) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(9), A.8.1(15.12/5), A.8.1(15.5/5) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(11), A.12.1(26.12/5), A.12.1(26.5/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(12), A.10.1(85.12/5), A.10.1(85.5/5) in System 13.7(4)

name resolution rules 1.1.2(26/3)

Name_Case_Equivalence in Ada.Directories A.16(20.2/3)

Name_Case_Kind in Ada.Directories A.16(20.1/3)

Name_Error in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(18) in Ada.Directories A.16(43/2) in Ada.IO_Exceptions A.13(4) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(15) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(26) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(85/5)

named in a use clause 8.4(7.1/2) in a with_clause 10.1.2(6/2)

named association 6.4(7/5), 6.4.1(2/3), 12.3(6)

named component association 4.3.1(6)

named discriminant association 3.7.1(4)

named entry index 9.5.2(21)

named number 3.3(24)

named parameter association 6.4.1(2/3)

named type 3.2.1(7/2)

named_array_aggregate 4.3.3(4/5) used 4.3.3(2/5), P.1

named_container_aggregate 4.3.5(16/5) used 4.3.5(13/5), P.1

Names child of Ada.Interrupts C.3.2(12/5)

Nanoseconds in Ada.Real_Time D.8(14/2)

Native_Binary in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(25)

Natural 3.5.4(12)

Natural subtype of Integer in Standard A.1(13)

NBH in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

NBSP in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

needed of a compilation unit by another 10.2(2/5) remote call interface E.2.3(18) shared passive library unit E.2.1(11)

needed compilation unit 1.3.3(23/5), 10.2(2/5)

needed component 1.3.1(48/5) extension_aggregate record_component_association_list 4.3.2(6) record_aggregate record_component_association_list 4.3.1(9/5)

needs finalization 7.6(9.1/2) language-defined type A.4.5(72.1/2), A.5.2(15.1/2), A.5.2(27.1/2), A.5.6(23/5), A.5.7(26/5), A.8.1(17/2), A.8.4(20/2), A.10.1(86/2), A.12.1(27.1/2), A.16(102/2), A.18.2(147.3/3), A.18.2(84/2), A.18.3(56/2), A.18.3(86.3/3), A.18.4(4/2), A.18.4(41.3/3), A.18.7(4/2), A.18.7(36.4/3), A.18.7(96.2/3), A.18.10(124/3), A.18.10(73/3), A.18.18(27/3), A.18.18(54/3), D.14.2(13/2), D.15(8/2)

NEL in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

new See allocator 4.8(1)

New_Char_Array in Interfaces.C.Strings B.3.1(9)

New_Line in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(12/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(28/5)

New_Line_Count in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(5/5)

New_Page in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(31/5)

New_String in Interfaces.C.Strings B.3.1(10)

New_Vector in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(14.1/5)

newly constructed 4.4(9.7/5)

Next in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(37.1/5), A.18.3(37/5), A.18.3(39.1/5), A.18.3(39/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(28.1/5), A.18.5(28/5), A.18.5(29.1/5), A.18.5(29/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(41.1/5), A.18.8(41/5), A.18.8(42.1/5), A.18.8(42/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(34.1/5), A.18.6(34/5), A.18.6(35.1/5), A.18.6(35/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(45.1/5), A.18.9(45/5), A.18.9(46.1/5), A.18.9(46/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(63.1/5), A.18.2(63/5), A.18.2(64.1/5), A.18.2(64/5) in Ada.Iterator_Interfaces 5.5.1(3/3), 5.5.1(4.7/5)

Next_Sibling in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(64.1/5), A.18.10(64/5), A.18.10(65.1/5), A.18.10(65/5)

No_Abort_Statements restriction D.7(5/3)

No_Access_Parameter_Allocators restriction H.4(8.3/3)

No_Access_Subprograms restriction H.4(17)

No_Allocators restriction H.4(7)

No_Anonymous_Allocators restriction H.4(8.1/3)

No_Break_Space in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

No_Coextensions restriction H.4(8.2/3)

No_Conflict_Checks conflict check policy 9.10.1(22/5)

No_Controlled_Parts aspect H.4.1(2/5)

No_Delay restriction H.4(21)

No_Dependence restriction 13.12.1(6/2)

No_Deposit aspect 6.5.1(1.a/5)

No_Dispatch restriction H.4(19)

No_Dynamic_Attachment restriction D.7(10/3)

No_Dynamic_CPU_Assignment restriction D.7(10.1/4)

No_Dynamic_Priorities restriction D.7(9/2)

No_Element in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(9/2), A.18.3(51.5/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(6/2), A.18.5(37.6/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(6/2), A.18.8(59.5/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(11/3), A.18.10(70.5/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(7/2), A.18.6(51.7/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(7/2), A.18.9(74.5/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(11/2), A.18.2(79.5/5)

No_Exceptions restriction H.4(12/5)

No_Fixed_Point restriction H.4(15)

No_Floating_Point restriction H.4(14)

No_Hidden_Indirect_Globals restriction H.4(23.2/5)

No_Implementation_Aspect_Specifications restriction 13.12.1(1.1/3)

No_Implementation_Attributes restriction 13.12.1(2/2)

No_Implementation_Identifiers restriction 13.12.1(2.1/3)

No_Implementation_Pragmas restriction 13.12.1(3/2)

No_Implementation_Units restriction 13.12.1(3.1/3)

No_Implicit_Heap_Allocations restriction D.7(8)

No_Index in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(7/2)

No_IO restriction H.4(20/5)

No_Local_Allocators restriction H.4(8/1)

No_Local_Protected_Objects restriction D.7(10.2/3)

No_Local_Timing_Events restriction D.7(10.3/3)

No_Nested_Finalization restriction D.7(4/3)

No_Obsolescent_Features restriction 13.12.1(4/3)

No_Parallel_Conflict_Checks conflict check policy 9.10.1(10/5)

No_Protected_Type_Allocators restriction D.7(10.4/2)

No_Protected_Types restriction H.4(5)

No_Recursion restriction H.4(22)

No_Reentrancy restriction H.4(23)

No_Relative_Delay restriction D.7(10.6/3)

No_Requeue_Statements restriction D.7(10.7/3)

No_Return aspect 6.5.1(3.2/3)

No_Return pragma J.15.2(2/5), L(21.2/3)

No_Select_Statements restriction D.7(10.8/3)

No_Specific_Termination_Handlers restriction D.7(10.9/3)

No_Specification_of_Aspect restriction 13.12.1(6.1/3)

No_Standard_Allocators_After_Elaboration restriction D.7(19.2/3)

No_Tag in Ada.Tags 3.9(6.1/2)

No_Task_Allocators restriction D.7(7)

No_Task_Hierarchy restriction D.7(3/3)

No_Task_Termination restriction D.7(15.1/2)

No_Tasking_Conflict_Checks conflict check policy 9.10.1(11/5)

No_Tasks_Unassigned_To_CPU restriction D.7(10.10/4)

No_Terminate_Alternatives restriction D.7(6)

No_Unchecked_Access restriction H.4(18)

No_Unrecognized_Aspects restriction 13.12.1(6.4/5)

No_Unrecognized_Pragmas restriction 13.12.1(6.5/5)

No_Unspecified_Globals restriction H.4(23.1/5)

No_Use_Of_Attribute restriction 13.12.1(6.2/3)

No_Use_Of_Pragma restriction 13.12.1(6.3/3)

node of a list A.18.3(2/2) of a map A.18.4(5/2) of a tree A.18.10(2/4)

Node_Count in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(17/5)

nominal subtype 1.3.1(49/5), 3.3(23/5), 3.3.1(8/2) associated with a dereference 4.1(9/3) associated with a type_conversion 4.6(27) associated with an indexed_component 4.1.1(5) of a component 3.6(20) of a formal parameter 6.1(23/2) of a function result 6.1(23/2) of a generic formal object 12.4(9/2) of a name 4.1(9.b) of a qualified expression 4.7(3.1/3) of a record component 3.8(14) of an attribute reference 4.1.4(9/4) of an enumeration literal 3.5.1(6/3) of the result of a function_call 6.4(12/2)

nominal type 3.3(23/5)

Non_Preemptive child of Ada.Dispatching D.2.4(2.2/5)

Non_Preemptive_FIFO_Within_Priorities task disp. policy D.2.4(2/2)

nonblocking 9.5(21/5)

Nonblocking aspect 9.5(19/5)

nonblocking region 9.5(43/5)

nonconfirming aspect specification 13.1(18.2/5) operational aspect 13.1(18.2/5) operational item 13.1(18.2/5) representation aspect 13.1(18.2/5) representation item 13.1(18.2/5) representation value 13.1(18.2/5)

nondispatching call on a dispatching operation 3.9.2(1/5)

nonexistent 13.11.2(10/4), 13.11.2(16/3)

nongraphic character 4.10(12/5)

nonlimited interface 3.9.4(5/2)

nonlimited type 1.3.1(50/5), 7.5(7) becoming nonlimited 7.3.1(5/1), 7.5(16)

nonlimited_with_clause 10.1.2(4.2/2) used 10.1.2(4/2), P.1

nonnormative See informative 1.1.2(18)

nonoverridable aspect 13.1.1(18.3/5)

nonoverridable aspect Aggregate 4.3.5(12/5) Constant_Indexing 4.1.6(5.1/4) Default_Iterator 5.5.1(11.1/4) Implicit_Dereference 4.1.5(5.1/4) Integer_Literal 4.2.1(6/5) Iterator_Element 5.5.1(11.1/4) Max_Entry_Queue_Length D.4(20/5) No_Controlled_Parts H.4.1(3/5) Real_Literal 4.2.1(6/5) String_Literal 4.2.1(6/5) Variable_Indexing 4.1.6(5.1/4)

nonreturning 6.5.1(3.2/3)

nonstandard integer type 3.5.4(26/5)

nonstandard mode 1.1.5(11)

nonstandard real type 3.5.6(8/5)

normal completion 7.6.1(2/2)

normal library unit E.2(4/3)

normal state of an object 11.6(6/5), 13.9.1(4) [partial] 9.8(21), A.13(17)

normal termination of a partition 10.2(25.c)

Normalize_Scalars pragma H.1(3), L(22)

normalized exponent A.5.3(14)

normalized number A.5.3(10)

normative 1.1.2(14)

not equal operator 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1)

not in (membership test) 4.5(1), 4.5.2(2/3)

not operator 4.5(1), 4.5.6(3)

Not_A_Specific_CPU in System.Multiprocessors D.16(4/3)

Not_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

notes 1.1.2(38)

Notwithstanding 3.10.2(21.1/5), 7.6(17.5/3), 10.1.6(6/2), 10.2(18.c/5), 13.1.1(32/5), 13.14(15.3/5), B.1(22/3), B.1(38/3), C.3.1(19/3), E.2.1(8), E.2.1(11), E.2.3(18), H.6(7/2), J.3(6) [partial] J.15.5(8/3)

NUL in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5) in Interfaces.C B.3(20/1)

null access value 4.2(9/5)

null array 3.6.1(7)

null constraint 3.2(7/2)

null extension 3.9.1(4.1/2)

null pointer See null access value 4.2(9/5)

null procedure 6.7(3/5)

null range 3.5(4)

null record 3.8(15)

null slice 4.1.2(7)

null string literal 2.6(6)

null value of an access type 3.10(13/2)

Null_Address in System 13.7(12)

null_array_aggregate 4.3.3(3.1/5) used 4.3.3(2/5), P.1

Null_Bounded_String in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(7)

null_container_aggregate 4.3.5(14/5) used 4.3.5(13/5), P.1

null_exclusion 3.10(5.1/2) used 3.2.2(3/2), 3.7(5/5), 3.10(2/2), 3.10(6/2), 6.1(13/2), 6.1(15/5), 8.5.1(2/5), 12.4(2/3), P.1

Null_Id in Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(2/5)

Null_Occurrence in Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(3/5)

null_procedure_declaration 6.7(2/3) used 3.1(3/3), 9.4(8/4), P.1

Null_Ptr in Interfaces.C.Strings B.3.1(7)

Null_Set in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(5) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(5) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(5/2)

null_statement 5.1(6) used 5.1(4/2), P.1

Null_Task_Id in Ada.Task_Identification C.7.1(2/5)

Null_Unbounded_String in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(5)

Number of the Beast 6.6(6.a/3)

number sign 2.1(15/5)

Number_Base subtype of Integer in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.5(3/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(6)

number_decimal 2.1(10/2) used 2.3(3.1/3), P.1

number_declaration 3.3.2(2) used 3.1(3/3), P.1

number_letter 2.1(10.1/2) used 2.3(3/2), P.1

Number_Of_CPUs in System.Multiprocessors D.16(5/3)

Number_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

numeral 2.4.1(3) used 2.4.1(2), 2.4.1(4), 2.4.2(3), P.1

Numerator in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(7/5)

Numeric in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(20/3)

numeric type 3.5(1)

numeric_literal 2.4(2) used 4.4(7/5), P.1

numerics G(1) child of Ada A.5(3/5)

Numerics_Assertion_Check 11.5(23.9/5)


O(f(N)) A.18(3/2)

object 1.3.1(51/5), 3.3(2) [partial] 3.2(1) required 5.2(5/2), 6.4.1(5), 12.4(7), 13.1.1(6/3), 13.11(15/5), 13.11.3(4/3)

object-oriented programming (OOP) See dispatching operations of tagged types 3.9.2(1/5) See tagged types and type extensions 3.9(1)

object_declaration 3.3.1(2/3) used 3.1(3/3), 4.5.9(3/5), P.1

object_renaming_declaration 8.5.1(2/5) used 4.5.9(3/5), 8.5(2), P.1

Object_Size attribute 13.3(58.2/5)

obsolescent feature J(1/2)

occur immediately within 8.1(13)

occurrence of an interrupt C.3(2)

occurrence (of an exception) 11(1.c/5)

octal literal 2.4.2(1)

octal literal 2.4.2(1)

Old attribute 6.1.1(26/5)

one's complement modular types 3.5.4(27)

one-dimensional array 3.6(12)

one-pass context_clauses 10.1.2(1.a)

only as a completion entry_body 9.5.2(16)

OOP (object-oriented programming) See dispatching operations of tagged types 3.9.2(1/5) See tagged types and type extensions 3.9(1)

opaque type See private types and private extensions 7.3(1)

Open in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(7), A.8.4(18.11/5), A.8.4(18.4/5) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(7), A.8.1(15.11/5), A.8.1(15.4/5) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(9), A.12.1(26.11/5), A.12.1(26.4/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(10), A.10.1(85.11/5), A.10.1(85.4/5)

open alternative 9.7.1(14)

open entry 9.5.3(5) of a protected object 9.5.3(7/3) of a task 9.5.3(6/3)

operand of a qualified_expression 4.7(3/5) of a type_conversion 4.6(3)

operand interval G.2.1(6)

operand type of a type_conversion 4.6(3)

operates on a type 3.2.3(1/2)

operation 3.2(10.a)

operational aspect 1.3.1(53/5), 13.1(8.1/3) specifiable attributes 13.3(5/3)

operational item 13.1(1.1/1)

operative constituent 4.4(9.2/5)

operator 6.6(1) & 4.5(1), 4.5.3(3) * 4.5(1), 4.5.5(1) ** 4.5(1), 4.5.6(7) + 4.5(1), 4.5.3(1), 4.5.4(1) - 4.5(1), 4.5.3(1), 4.5.4(1) / 4.5(1), 4.5.5(1) /= 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1) < 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1) <= 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1) = 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1) > 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1) >= 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1) abs 4.5(1), 4.5.6(1) ampersand 4.5(1), 4.5.3(3) and 4.5(1), 4.5.1(2) binary 4.5(9) binary adding 4.5.3(1) concatenation 4.5(1), 4.5.3(3) divide 4.5(1), 4.5.5(1) equal 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1) equality 4.5.2(1) exponentiation 4.5(1), 4.5.6(7) greater than 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1) greater than or equal 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1) highest precedence 4.5.6(1) less than 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1) less than or equal 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1) logical 4.5.1(2) minus 4.5(1), 4.5.3(1), 4.5.4(1) mod 4.5(1), 4.5.5(1) multiply 4.5(1), 4.5.5(1) multiplying 4.5.5(1) not 4.5(1), 4.5.6(3) not equal 4.5(1), 4.5.2(1) or 4.5(1), 4.5.1(2) ordering 4.5.2(1) plus 4.5(1), 4.5.3(1), 4.5.4(1) predefined 4.5(9) relational 4.5.2(1) rem 4.5(1), 4.5.5(1) times 4.5(1), 4.5.5(1) unary 4.5(9) unary adding 4.5.4(1) user-defined 6.6(1) xor 4.5(1), 4.5.1(2)

operator precedence 4.5(1)

operator_symbol 6.1(9) used 4.1(3), 4.1.3(3), 6.1(5), 6.1(11), P.1

optimization 11.5(29/5), 11.6(1/3)

Optimize pragma 2.8(23), L(23)

or else (short-circuit control form) 4.5(1), 4.5.1(1)

or operator 4.5(1), 4.5.1(2)

Ordered_FIFO_Queuing queuing policy D.4(7.1/5)

Ordered_Maps child of Ada.Containers A.18.6(2/5)

Ordered_Sets child of Ada.Containers A.18.9(2/5)

ordering operator 4.5.2(1)

ordinary file A.16(45/2)

ordinary fixed point type 3.5.9(1), 3.5.9(8/2)

ordinary_fixed_point_definition 3.5.9(3) used 3.5.9(2), P.1

OSC in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(19)

other_control 2.1(13.1/2)

other_format 2.1(10.3/2)

other_private_use 2.1(13.2/2)

other_surrogate 2.1(13.3/2)

others choice 4.3.3(6.b)

output A.6(1/5)

Output aspect 13.13.2(38/5)

Output attribute 13.13.2(19), 13.13.2(29)

Output clause 13.3(7/2), 13.13.2(38/5)

Output'Class aspect 13.13.2(38/5)

outside a subtype 3.2(8/5)

overall interpretation of a complete context 8.6(10)

Overflow_Check 11.5(16) [partial] 3.5.4(20), 4.4(11), G.2.1(11), G.2.2(7), G.2.3(25), G.2.4(2), G.2.6(3/5)

Overlap in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(38/2) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(39/2)

Overlaps_Storage attribute 13.3(73.6/3)

overload resolution 8.6(1/3)

overloadable 8.3(7)

overloaded 8.3(6) enumeration literal 3.5.1(9)

overloading rules 1.1.2(26/3), 8.6(2)

overridable 8.3(9/1)

override 8.3(9/1), 12.3(17) a primitive subprogram 3.2.3(7/2) when implemented by 8.3(13.b/3), 9.1(9.2/3), 9.4(11.1/3)

overriding operation 1.3.2(2/5)

overriding_indicator 8.3.1(2/2) used 3.9.3(1.1/3), 6.1(2/3), 6.3(2/3), 6.7(2/3), 6.8(2/4), 8.5.4(2/3), 9.5.2(2/3), 10.1.3(3/3), 12.3(2/3), P.1

Overwrite in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(62), A.4.4(63) in Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.3(27), A.4.3(28) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(57), A.4.5(58)


Pack aspect 13.2(5.1/3)

Pack pragma J.15.3(2/3), L(24.1/3)

package 1.3.3(24/5), 7(1)

package instance 12.3(13)

package-private extension 7.3(14.a)

package-private type 7.3(14.a)

package_body 7.2(2/3) used 3.11(6), 10.1.1(7), P.1

package_body_stub 10.1.3(4/3) used 10.1.3(2), P.1

package_declaration 7.1(2) used 3.1(3/3), 10.1.1(5), P.1

package_renaming_declaration 8.5.3(2/3) used 8.5(2), 10.1.1(6), P.1

package_specification 7.1(3/3) used 7.1(2), 12.1(4), P.1

packed 13.2(5.1/3)

Packed_Decimal in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(12/3)

Packed_Format in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(26)

Packed_Signed in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(27)

Packed_Unsigned in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(27)

padding bits 13.1(7/5)

Page in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(39/5)

Page pragma 2.8(22), L(25)

page terminator A.10(7)

Page_Length in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(26/5)

Paragraph_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

parallel construct 1.3.3(26/5), 5.1(1/5)

parallel iterable container object 5.5.1(11/5)

parallel iterable container type 5.5.1(11/5)

parallel iterator 5.5.2(4/5)

parallel iterator object 5.5.1(6/5)

parallel iterator type 5.5.1(6/5)

parallel loop 5.5(8.1/5)

parallel processing See parallel construct 5.1(1/5) See task 9(1/5)

parallel_block_statement 5.6.1(2/5) used 5.1(5/5), P.1

Parallel_Calls aspect 9.10.1(24/5)

Parallel_Iterator in Ada.Iterator_Interfaces 5.5.1(4.1/5)

Parallel_Reduce(Reducer, Initial_Value) attribute 4.5.10(33/5)

Parallel_Reversible_Iterator in Ada.Iterator_Interfaces 5.5.1(4.8/5)

parameter explicitly aliased 6.1(23.1/3) See formal parameter 6.1(17) See generic formal parameter 12(1) See also discriminant 3.7(1/2) See also loop parameter 5.5(6/5)

parameter assigning back 6.4.1(17)

parameter copy back 6.4.1(17)

parameter mode 6.1(18/3)

parameter passing 6.4.1(1)

parameter_and_result_profile 6.1(13/2) used 3.10(5), 3.10(6/2), 6.1(4.2/2), P.1

parameter_association 6.4(5) used 5.5.3(6/5), 6.4(4), P.1

parameter_association_with_box 5.5.3(7/5) used 5.5.3(6/5), P.1

parameter_profile 6.1(12) used 3.10(5), 3.10(6/2), 6.1(4.1/2), 9.5.2(2/3), 9.5.2(3), 9.5.2(6), P.1

parameter_specification 6.1(15/5) used 6.1(14), P.1

Parameterless_Handler in Ada.Interrupts C.3.2(2/5)

Params_Stream_Type in System.RPC E.5(6)

Parent in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(59.1/5), A.18.10(59/5)

parent body of a subunit 10.1.3(8/2)

parent declaration of a library unit 10.1.1(10) of a library_item 10.1.1(10)

parent of a derived type 1.3.1(54/5)

parent subtype 3.4(3/2)

parent type 3.4(3/2)

parent unit of a library unit 10.1.1(10)

Parent_Tag in Ada.Tags 3.9(7.2/2)

parent_unit_name 10.1.1(8) used 6.1(5), 6.1(7), 7.1(3/3), 7.2(2/3), 10.1.3(7), P.1

parenthesized expression 4.4(9.1/5)

part of a type 3.2(6/2) of an object or value 3.2(6/2) of the nominal subtype 3.9.1(4.2/5)

partial view 1.3.1(56/5) of a type 7.3(4)

partition 1.3.3(27/5), 10.2(2/5)

partition building 10.2(2/5)

partition communication subsystem (PCS) E.5(1/2)

Partition_Check [partial] E.4(19)

Partition_Elaboration_Policy pragma H.6(3/2), L(25.1/2)

Partition_Id in System.RPC E.5(4)

Partition_Id attribute E.1(9)

pass by copy 6.2(2)

pass by reference 6.2(2)

passive partition E.1(2)

Pattern_Error in Ada.Strings A.4.1(5)

PC-map approach to finalization 7.6.1(24.s)

PCS (partition communication subsystem) E.5(1/2)

Peak_Use in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Priority_Queues A.18.31(7/5) in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Synchronized_Queues A.18.29(6/5) in Ada.Containers.Synchronized_Queue_Interfaces A.18.27(7/5) in Ada.Containers.Unbounded_Priority_Queues A.18.30(7/5) in Ada.Containers.Unbounded_Synchronized_Queues A.18.28(6/5)

pending interrupt occurrence C.3(2)

per-object constraint 3.8(18/2)

per-object expression 3.8(18/2)

percent sign 2.1(15/5)

Percent_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

perfect result set G.2.3(5)

perform indefinite insertion A.18(6/5)

periodic task example 9.6(39) See delay_until_statement 9.6(39)

Pi in Ada.Numerics A.5(3/5)

Pic_String in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(7)

Picture in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(4)

picture String for edited output F.3.1(1/3)

Picture_Error in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(9)

Pilcrow_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

plain_char in Interfaces.C B.3(11)

plane character 2.1(1/5)

PLD in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

PLU in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

plus operator 4.5(1), 4.5.3(1), 4.5.4(1)

plus sign 2.1(15/5)

Plus_Minus_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

Plus_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

PM in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(19)

point 2.1(15/5)

Pointer in Interfaces.C.Pointers B.3.2(5) See access value 3.10(1) See type System.Address 13.7(34/2)

pointer type See access type 3.10(1)

Pointer_Error in Interfaces.C.Pointers B.3.2(8)

Pointers child of Interfaces.C B.3.2(4/5)

polymorphism 3.9(1), 3.9.2(1/5)

pool default 13.11.3(4.2/4) subpool 13.11.4(18/3)

pool element 3.10(7/1), 13.11(11)

pool type 13.11(11)

pool-specific access type 3.10(7/1), 3.10(8)

Pool_of_Subpool in System.Storage_Pools.Subpools 13.11.4(9/3)

Pos attribute 3.5.5(2)

position 13.5.1(4) used 13.5.1(3), P.1

Position attribute 13.5.2(2/2)

position number 3.5(1) of an enumeration value 3.5.1(7) of an integer value 3.5.4(15)

positional association 6.4(7/5), 6.4.1(2/3), 12.3(6)

positional component association 4.3.1(6)

positional discriminant association 3.7.1(4)

positional parameter association 6.4.1(2/3)

positional_array_aggregate 4.3.3(3/5) used 4.3.3(2/5), P.1

positional_container_aggregate 4.3.5(15/5) used 4.3.5(13/5), P.1

Positive 3.5.4(12)

Positive subtype of Integer in Standard A.1(13)

Positive_Count subtype of Count in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(4) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(7) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(5)

POSIX 1.2.1(10.a/5)

possible interpretation 8.6(14) for direct_names 8.3(24) for selector_names 8.3(24)

Post aspect 6.1.1(4/5)

Post'Class aspect 6.1.1(5/5)

post-compilation error 1.1.2(29)

post-compilation rules 1.1.2(29)

postcondition 1.3.2(4/5)

postcondition check 6.1.1(35/3)

postcondition expression class-wide 6.1.1(5/5) explicit 7.3.4(23/5) specific 6.1.1(4/5)

potentially blocking operation 9.5(34/5) delay_statement 9.6(34), D.9(5) remote subprogram call E.4(17/5)

potentially conflict actions 9.10(17/5)

potentially signal 9.10(10.1/5)

potentially static expression 6.8(3.2/5)

potentially use-visible 8.4(8/3) [partial] 12.6(9.2/3)

Pound_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

pragma 1.3.3(29/5), 2.8(1), 2.8(2), L(1)

pragma argument 2.8(9)

pragma name 2.8(9)

pragma, categorization Pure J.15.15(9/5) Remote_Call_Interface J.15.15(9/5) Remote_Types J.15.15(9/5) Shared_Passive J.15.15(9/5)

pragma, configuration 10.1.5(8) Assertion_Policy 11.4.2(7/3) Detect_Blocking H.5(4/2) Discard_Names C.5(4) Locking_Policy D.3(5) Normalize_Scalars H.1(4) Partition_Elaboration_Policy H.6(5/2) Priority_Specific_Dispatching D.2.2(4/2) Profile 13.12(14/3) Queuing_Policy D.4(5) Restrictions 13.12(8/3) Reviewable H.3.1(4) Suppress 11.5(5/2) Task_Dispatching_Policy D.2.2(4/2) Unsuppress 11.5(5/2)

pragma, identifier specific to 2.8(10/3)

pragma, interfacing Convention J.15.5(1/3) Export J.15.5(1/3) Import J.15.5(1/3)

pragma, library unit J.15(7/5) All_Calls_Remote J.15.15(7/5) Elaborate_Body J.15.14(7/5) Preelaborate J.15.14(7/5) Pure J.15.14(7/5) Remote_Call_Interface J.15.15(7/5) Remote_Types J.15.15(7/5) Shared_Passive J.15.15(7/5)

pragma, program unit J.15(2/5) Inline J.15.1(1/3) library unit pragmas J.15(7/5)

pragma, representation 13.1(1/1) Asynchronous J.15.13(1/3) Atomic J.15.8(9/3) Atomic_Components J.15.8(9/3) Convention J.15.5(1/3) Discard_Names C.5(6) Export J.15.5(1/3) Import J.15.5(1/3) Independent J.15.8(9/3) Independent_Components J.15.8(9/3) No_Return J.15.2(1/3) Pack J.15.3(1/3) Unchecked_Union J.15.6(1/3) Volatile J.15.8(9/3) Volatile_Components J.15.8(9/3)

pragma_argument_association 2.8(3/3) used 2.8(2), 13.12(11/3), L(27.3/3), P.1

pragmas Admission_Policy D.4.1(3/5), L(1.1/5) All_Calls_Remote J.15.15(6/5), L(2.1/5) Assert 11.4.2(3/2), L(2.2/2) Assertion_Policy 11.4.2(6.1/3), 11.4.2(6/2), L(2.3/2), L(2.4/3) Asynchronous J.15.13(2/3), L(3.1/3) Atomic J.15.8(2/3), L(4.1/3) Atomic_Components J.15.8(5/3), L(5.1/3) Attach_Handler J.15.7(4/3), L(6.1/3) Conflict_Check_Policy 9.10.1(3/5), L(6.2/5) Convention J.15.5(4/3), L(8.1/3) CPU J.15.9(2/3), L(8.2/3) Default_Storage_Pool 13.11.3(3/3), L(8.3/3) Detect_Blocking H.5(3/2), L(8.4/2) Discard_Names C.5(3), L(9) Dispatching_Domain J.15.10(2/3), L(9.1/3) Elaborate 10.2.1(20), L(10) Elaborate_All 10.2.1(21), L(11) Elaborate_Body J.15.14(6/5), L(12.1/5) Export J.15.5(3/3), L(13.1/3) Generate_Deadlines D.2.6(9.4/5), L(13.2/5) Import J.15.5(2/3), L(14.1/3) Independent J.15.8(4/3), L(14.2/3) Independent_Components J.15.8(7/3), L(14.3/3) Inline J.15.1(2/3), L(15.1/3) Inspection_Point H.3.2(3), L(16) Interrupt_Handler J.15.7(2/3), L(17.1/3) Interrupt_Priority J.15.11(4/3), L(18.1/3) Linker_Options B.1(8), L(19) List 2.8(21), L(20) Locking_Policy D.3(3), L(21) No_Return J.15.2(2/5), L(21.2/3) Normalize_Scalars H.1(3), L(22) Optimize 2.8(23), L(23) Pack J.15.3(2/3), L(24.1/3) Page 2.8(22), L(25) Partition_Elaboration_Policy H.6(3/2), L(25.1/2) Preelaborable_Initialization J.15.14(4/5), L(25.3/5) Preelaborate J.15.14(3/5), L(26.1/5) Priority J.15.11(2/3), L(27.1/3) Priority_Specific_Dispatching D.2.2(2.2/2), L(27.2/2) Profile 13.12(11/3), L(27.3/3) Pure J.15.14(5/5), L(28.1/5) Queuing_Policy D.4(3), L(29) Relative_Deadline J.15.12(2/3), L(29.2/3) Remote_Call_Interface J.15.15(5/5), L(30.1/5) Remote_Types J.15.15(4/5), L(31.1/5) Restrictions 13.12(3), L(32) Reviewable H.3.1(3), L(33) Shared_Passive J.15.15(3/5), L(34.1/5) Storage_Size J.15.4(2/3), L(35.1/3) Suppress 11.5(4/2), J.10(3/2), L(36) Task_Dispatching_Policy D.2.2(2), L(37) Unchecked_Union J.15.6(2/3), L(37.2/3) Unsuppress 11.5(4.1/2), L(37.3/2) Volatile J.15.8(3/3), L(38.1/3) Volatile_Components J.15.8(6/3), L(39.1/3)

Pre aspect 6.1.1(2/5)

Pre'Class aspect 6.1.1(3/5)

precedence of operators 4.5(1)

precondition 1.3.2(5/5)

precondition check class-wide 6.1.1(33/3) specific 6.1.1(32/3)

precondition expression class-wide 6.1.1(3/5) specific 6.1.1(2/5)

Pred attribute 3.5(25)

predecessor element of an ordered set A.18.9(81/3)

predecessor node of an ordered map A.18.6(58/3)

predefined environment A(1)

predefined exception 11.1(4)

predefined library unit See language-defined library units

predefined operation of a type 3.2.3(1/2)

predefined operations of a discrete type 3.5.5(10) of a fixed point type 3.5.10(17) of a floating point type 3.5.8(3) of a record type 3.8(24) of an access type 3.10.2(34/2) of an array type 3.6.2(15)

predefined operator 4.5(9) [partial] 3.2.1(9/5)

predefined type 3.2.1(10) See language-defined types

predicate 4.5.8(3/3) used 4.5.8(1/3), P.1

predicate aspect 3.2.4(1/5)

predicate check allocator 3.2.4(31/5) enabled 3.2.4(7/3) in out parameters 3.2.4(31/5) object_declaration 3.2.4(31/5) subtype conversion 4.6(51/5)

predicate specification 3.2.4(1/5)

predicate-static 3.2.4(15/3)

Predicate_Failure aspect 3.2.4(14.2/4)

predicates satisfied 3.2.4(29.2/4)

predicates satisfied required membership 4.5.2(29/4) Valid attribute 13.9.2(3/4), K.2(263/4)

preelaborable of an elaborable construct 10.2.1(5)

preelaborable initialization 10.2.1(11.1/5)

Preelaborable_Initialization attribute 10.2.1(11.7/5)

Preelaborable_Initialization pragma J.15.14(4/5), L(25.3/5)

Preelaborate aspect 10.2.1(11/5)

Preelaborate pragma J.15.14(3/5), L(26.1/5)

preelaborated 10.2.1(11/5) [partial] 10.2.1(11/5), E.2.1(9) implementation requirements C.4(2)

preempt a running task D.2.3(9/2)

preference for root numeric operators and ranges 8.6(29) for universal access equality operators 8.6(29.1/3)

preference control See requeue 9.5.4(1)

prefix 4.1(4) of a prefixed view 4.1.3(9.2/3) used 4.1.1(2), 4.1.2(2), 4.1.3(2), 4.1.4(2/5), 4.1.4(4), 4.1.6(10/3), 4.5.10(2/5), 5.5.3(4/5), 6.4(2), 6.4(3), P.1

prefixed view 4.1.3(9.2/3)

prefixed view profile 6.3.1(24.1/2)

Prepend in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(22/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(45/5)

Prepend_Child in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(51/5)

Prepend_Vector in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(44/5)

prescribed result for the evaluation of a complex arithmetic operation G.1.1(42) for the evaluation of a complex elementary function G.1.2(35) for the evaluation of an elementary function A.5.1(37)

Previous in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(38.1/5), A.18.3(38/5), A.18.3(40.1/5), A.18.3(40/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(36.1/5), A.18.6(36/5), A.18.6(37.1/5), A.18.6(37/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(47.1/5), A.18.9(47/5), A.18.9(48.1/5), A.18.9(48/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(65.1/5), A.18.2(65/5), A.18.2(66.1/5), A.18.2(66/5) in Ada.Iterator_Interfaces 5.5.1(4/3)

Previous_Sibling in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(66.1/5), A.18.10(66/5), A.18.10(67.1/5), A.18.10(67/5)

primary 4.4(7/5) used 4.4(6), P.1

primitive by-reference 13.1(10/5)

primitive function A.5.3(17)

primitive operation [partial] 3.2(1)

primitive operations of a type 3.2.3(1/2)

primitive operations of a type 1.3.1(58/5)

primitive operator of a type 3.2.3(8)

primitive subprograms of a type 3.2.3(2)

priority D.1(15/5) of a protected object D.3(6/2)

Priority aspect D.1(6.2/3)

Priority attribute D.5.2(3/2)

priority inheritance D.1(15/5)

priority inversion D.2.3(11/2)

priority of an entry call D.4(9)

Priority pragma J.15.11(2/3), L(27.1/3)

Priority subtype of Any_Priority in System 13.7(16)

Priority_Queuing queuing policy D.4(8)

Priority_Specific_Dispatching pragma D.2.2(2.2/2), L(27.2/2)

private declaration of a library unit 10.1.1(12)

private descendant of a library unit 10.1.1(12)

private extension 1.3.1(60/5), 3.2(4.1/2), 3.9(2.1/2), 3.9.1(1/2) [partial] 7.3(14), 12.5.1(5/3)

private library unit 10.1.1(12)

private operations 7.3.1(1)

private part 8.2(5) of a package 7.1(6/2), 12.3(12.b) of a protected unit 9.4(11/2) of a task unit 9.1(9)

private type 1.3.1(61/5), 3.2(4.1/2) [partial] 7.3(14)

private types and private extensions 7.3(1)

private with_clause 10.1.2(4.b/2)

private_extension_declaration 7.3(3/3) used 3.2.1(2), P.1

private_type_declaration 7.3(2/3) used 3.2.1(2), P.1

procedural_iterator 5.5.3(2/5) used 5.5(3/5), P.1

procedure 1.3.2(6/5), 6(1) null 6.7(3/5)

procedure instance 12.3(13)

procedure_call_statement 6.4(2) used 5.1(4/2), 9.7.2(3.1/2), P.1

procedure_or_entry_call 9.7.2(3.1/2) used 9.7.2(3/2), 9.7.4(4/2), P.1

procedure_specification 6.1(4.1/2) used 6.1(4/2), 6.7(2/3), P.1

processing node E(2)

profile 6.1(22) associated with a dereference 4.1(10) fully conformant 6.3.1(18/3) mode conformant 6.3.1(16/3) No_Implementation_Extensions 13.12.1(10/3) subtype conformant 6.3.1(17/3) type conformant 6.3.1(15/2)

Profile pragma 13.12(11/3), L(27.3/3)

profile resolution rule name with a given expected profile 8.6(26)

progenitor 1.3.1(63/5)

progenitor subtype 3.9.4(9/2)

progenitor type 3.9.4(9/2)

program 1.3.3(31/5), 10.2(1)

program execution 10.2(1)

program library See library 10(2) See library 10.1.4(9/5)

program unit 1.3.3(32/5), 10.1(1)

program unit pragma J.15(2/5) Inline J.15.1(1/3) library unit pragmas J.15(7/5)

program-counter-map approach to finalization 7.6.1(24.s)

Program_Error raised by a nonreturning procedure 6.5.1(9/2) raised by Address of an intrinsic subprogram 13.3(11.1/3) raised by barrier failure 9.5.3(7/3) raised by closed alternatives 9.7.1(21) raised by detection of a bounded error 1.1.5(8/5), 4.2.1(17/5), 4.5.10(34/5), 4.8(11.1/2), 5.1(18/5), 5.5.3(28/5), 5.5.3(29/5), 6.2(12/3), 8.5.4(8.1/1), 9.4(20.1/2), 9.5.1(17/5), 9.5.1(18/5), 9.8(20/5), 10.2(26), 11.4.2(23.1/5), 13.9.1(9), 13.11.2(13), 13.11.2(15.2/4), A.18.2(238/3), A.18.2(239.1/3), A.18.2(239.2/3), A.18.2(239/2), A.18.2(247/2), A.18.3(152.1/3), A.18.3(152.2/3), A.18.3(152/2), A.18.4(75.7/3), A.18.4(75.8/3), A.18.7(96.19/3), A.18.7(96.20/3), A.18.10(220/3), A.18.10(221/3), A.18.18(68/3), A.18.18(69/3), A.18.19(10/3), A.18.20(14/3), A.18.21(15/3), A.18.22(12/3), A.18.23(15/3), A.18.24(12/3), A.18.25(14/3), A.18.32(11/5), C.7.1(17/3), D.3(13.7/5), D.10(10.2/5), D.10.1(15/3) raised by deteection of a bounded error H.5(5/5) raised by failed finalization 7.6.1(15), 7.6.1(16/5), 7.6.1(17), 7.6.1(17.2/1), 7.6.1(18/2) raised by failure of runtime check 3.2.4(29.1/4), 3.10.2(29), 3.11(14), 4.6(57/5), 4.8(10.1/3), 4.8(10.2/2), 4.8(10.3/2), 4.8(10.4/3), 5.5(8.1/5), 5.6.1(4/5), 6.5(8/5), 6.5(21/3), 7.6.1(20.b), 9.5.4(7.2/5), 11.1(4), 11.5(8.a), 11.5(19/5), 12.5.1(23.3/2), 13.3(75.1/3), 13.11.4(27/3), 13.11.4(30/3), B.3.3(22/2), C.3.1(10/3), C.3.1(11/3), C.3.1(13.1/5), C.3.2(20), D.3(13), D.3(13.5/5), D.4(22/5), D.4(23/5), D.5.2(6/3), D.7(7.1/3), D.7(10.5/3), D.7(19.1/2), E.4(18/1), H.4(23.11/5), J.7.1(7) raised by finalization of a protected object 9.4(20) raised for missing return statement 6.4(11/2) in Standard A.1(46)

Program_Error_Check 11.5(21/5) [partial] 3.2.4(29.1/4), 5.5(8.1/5), 5.6.1(4/5), 12.5.1(23.3/2), 13.3(75.1/3), B.3.3(22/2), H.4(23.11/5)

prohibited tampering with a holder A.18.18(29/5) tampering with a list A.18.3(61/5) tampering with a map A.18.4(7/5) tampering with a set A.18.7(7/5) tampering with a tree A.18.10(80/5) tampering with a vector A.18.2(90/5)

propagate 11.4(1) an exception by a construct 11.4(6.a) an exception by an execution 11.4(6.a) an exception occurrence by an execution, to a dynamically enclosing execution 11.4(6)

proper_body 3.11(6) used 3.11(5), 10.1.3(7), P.1

property stable 7.3.4(1/5)

property function 7.3.4(2/5)

protected action 9.5.1(4/4) complete 9.5.1(6) start 9.5.1(5/4)

protected calling convention 6.3.1(12/4)

protected declaration 9.4(1)

protected entry 9.4(1)

protected function 9.5.1(1)

protected interface 3.9.4(5/2)

protected object 9(3), 9.4(1)

protected operation 9.4(1)

protected procedure 9.5.1(1)

protected subprogram 9.4(1), 9.5.1(1)

protected tagged type 3.9.4(6/2)

protected type 1.3.1(65/5)

protected unit 9.4(1)

protected_body 9.4(7/3) used 3.11(6), P.1

protected_body_stub 10.1.3(6/3) used 10.1.3(2), P.1

protected_definition 9.4(4) used 9.4(2/3), 9.4(3/3), P.1

protected_element_declaration 9.4(6) used 9.4(4), P.1

protected_operation_declaration 9.4(5/1) used 9.4(4), 9.4(6), P.1

protected_operation_item 9.4(8/4) used 9.4(7/3), P.1

protected_type_declaration 9.4(2/3) used 3.2.1(3/3), P.1

ptrdiff_t in Interfaces.C B.3(12)

PU1 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(18)

PU2 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(18)

public declaration of a library unit 10.1.1(12)

public descendant of a library unit 10.1.1(12)

public library unit 10.1.1(12)

punctuation_connector 2.1(10.2/2) used 2.3(3.1/3), P.1

pure 10.2.1(15.1/5)

Pure pragma J.15.14(5/5), L(28.1/5)

pure-barrier-eligible D.7(1.1/5)

Pure_Barriers restriction D.7(10.11/5)

Put in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(7/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(42/5), A.10.1(48/5), A.10.1(55/5), A.10.1(60/5), A.10.1(66/5), A.10.1(67/5), A.10.1(71/5), A.10.1(72/5), A.10.1(76/5), A.10.1(77/5), A.10.1(82/5), A.10.1(83/5) in Ada.Text_IO.Bounded_IO A.10.11(4/2), A.10.11(5/2) in Ada.Text_IO.Complex_IO G.1.3(7), G.1.3(8/5) in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(14/5), F.3.3(15/5), F.3.3(16) in Ada.Text_IO.Unbounded_IO A.10.12(4/2), A.10.12(5/2)

Put_Image in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(17/5) in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(20/5)

Put_Image aspect 4.10(4/5)

Put_Image attribute 4.10(3/5)

Put_Line in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(50/5) in Ada.Text_IO.Bounded_IO A.10.11(6/2), A.10.11(7/2) in Ada.Text_IO.Unbounded_IO A.10.12(6/2), A.10.12(7/2)

Put_UTF_8 in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(10/5)


qualified_expression 4.7(2) used 4.1(2/5), 4.8(2/3), 13.8(2), P.1

quantified expression 4.5.8(0.1/4)

quantified_expression 4.5.8(1/3) used 4.4(7/5), P.1

quantifier 4.5.8(2/3) used 4.5.8(1/3), P.1

Query_Element in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(16.1/5), A.18.3(16/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(16.1/5), A.18.5(16/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(17.1/5), A.18.8(17/5) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(14/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(26.1/5), A.18.10(26/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(15.1/5), A.18.6(15/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(16.1/5), A.18.9(16/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(31/5), A.18.2(32.1/5), A.18.2(32/5)

Question in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(10)

Queue in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Priority_Queues A.18.31(4/3) in Ada.Containers.Bounded_Synchronized_Queues A.18.29(4/3) in Ada.Containers.Synchronized_Queue_Interfaces A.18.27(4/3) in Ada.Containers.Unbounded_Priority_Queues A.18.30(4/3) in Ada.Containers.Unbounded_Synchronized_Queues A.18.28(4/3)

queuing policy D.4(1/5), D.4(6) FIFO_Queuing D.4(7/5) Ordered_FIFO_Queuing D.4(7.1/5) Priority_Queuing D.4(8)

Queuing_Policy pragma D.4(3), L(29)

Quotation in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

quotation mark 2.1(15/5)

quoted string See string_literal 2.6(1)


raise an exception 11(1/3) an exception 11.3(4/4) an exception occurrence 11.4(3)

raise an exception 1.3.5(5/5)

Raise_Exception in Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(4/3)

raise_expression 11.3(2.1/4) used 4.4(3/4), P.1

raise_statement 11.3(2/2) used 5.1(4/2), P.1

Random in Ada.Numerics.Discrete_Random A.5.2(20/5) in Ada.Numerics.Float_Random A.5.2(8/5)

random number A.5.2(1)

range 3.5(3), 3.5(4) of a scalar subtype 3.5(7) used 3.5(2), 3.6(6), 3.6.1(3), 3.8.1(5/3), 4.4(3.2/4), P.1

Range attribute 3.5(14), 3.6.2(7)

Range(N) attribute 3.6.2(8)

range_attribute_designator 4.1.4(5) used 4.1.4(4), P.1

range_attribute_reference 4.1.4(4) used 3.5(3), P.1

Range_Check 11.5(17/5) [partial] 3.2.2(11), 3.5(24), 3.5(27), 3.5(39.12/3), 3.5(39.4/3), 3.5(39.5/3), 3.5(43/5), 3.5(55/5), 3.5.5(7), 3.5.9(19/4), 4.2(11/5), 4.3.3(28), 4.5.1(8), 4.5.6(6), 4.5.6(13), 4.6(28), 4.6(38), 4.6(46), 4.6(51/5), 4.7(4/5), 13.13.2(35/3), A.5.3(26), A.5.3(29), A.5.3(50), A.5.3(53), A.5.3(59), A.5.3(62), K.2(11), K.2(114), K.2(122), K.2(184), K.2(220), K.2(241), K.2(41), K.2(47)

range_constraint 3.5(2) used 3.2.2(6), 3.5.9(5/4), J.3(2/4), P.1

Ravenscar D.13(1/5)

RCI generic E.2.3(7/5) library unit E.2.3(7/5) package E.2.3(7/5)

Re in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(7/2), G.3.2(27/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types G.1.1(6)

re-raise statement 11.3(3/4)

read the value of an object 3.3(14) in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(12/5) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(12/5) in Ada.Storage_IO A.9(6) in Ada.Streams 13.13.1(5) in Ada.Streams.Storage.Bounded 13.13.1(28/5) in Ada.Streams.Storage.Unbounded 13.13.1(20/5) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(15/5), A.12.1(16/5) in System.RPC E.5(7)

Read aspect 13.13.2(38/5)

Read attribute 13.13.2(6), 13.13.2(14)

Read clause 13.3(7/2), 13.13.2(38/5)

Read'Class aspect 13.13.2(38/5)

ready a task state 9(10/5)

ready queue D.2.1(5/2)

ready task D.2.1(5/2)

Real in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(6)

real literal 2.4(1)

real literals 3.5.6(4)

real time D.8(18)

real type 1.3.1(66/5), 3.2(3), 3.5.6(1)

real-time systems C(1), D(1/5)

Real_Arrays child of Ada.Numerics G.3.1(31/2)

Real_Literal aspect 4.2.1(4/5)

Real_Matrix in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Real_Arrays G.3.1(4/2)

real_range_specification 3.5.7(3) used 3.5.7(2), 3.5.9(3), 3.5.9(4), P.1

Real_Time child of Ada D.8(3/5)

real_type_definition 3.5.6(2) used 3.2.1(4/2), P.1

Real_Vector in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Real_Arrays G.3.1(4/2)

receiving stub E.4(10)

reclamation of storage 13.11.2(1)

recommended level of support 13.1(20/3) Address attribute 13.3(15) Alignment attribute for objects 13.3(33) Alignment attribute for subtypes 13.3(29) aspect Pack 13.2(7/3) bit ordering 13.5.3(7) Component_Size attribute 13.3(71) enumeration_representation_clause 13.4(9) record_representation_clause 13.5.1(17) required in Systems Programming Annex C.2(2) Size attribute 13.3(42/5), 13.3(54) Stream_Size attribute 13.13.2(1.7/2) unchecked conversion 13.9(16) with respect to nonstatic expressions 13.1(21/3)

record 3.8(1) explicitly limited 3.8(13.1/3)

record extension 1.3.1(68/5), 3.4(5/2), 3.9.1(1/2)

Record layout aspect 13.5(1)

record type 1.3.1(69/5), 3.8(1)

record_aggregate 4.3.1(2) used 4.3(2/5), 13.8(14.b), P.1

record_component_association 4.3.1(4/2) used 4.3.1(3), P.1

record_component_association_list 4.3.1(3) used 4.3.1(2), 4.3.2(2), 4.3.4(3/5), P.1

record_definition 3.8(3/5) used 3.8(2), 3.9.1(2), P.1

record_delta_aggregate 4.3.4(3/5) used 4.3.4(2/5), P.1

record_extension_part 3.9.1(2) used 3.4(2/2), P.1

record_representation_clause 13.5.1(2/5) used 13.1(2/1), P.1

record_type_definition 3.8(2) used 3.2.1(4/2), P.1

Reduce(Reducer, Initial_Value) attribute 4.5.10(23/5), 4.5.10(32/5)

reducer subprogram 4.5.10(11/5)

reduction expression 1.3.3(34/5), 4.5.10(1/5)

reduction_attribute_designator 4.5.10(4/5) used 4.5.10(2/5), P.1

reduction_attribute_reference 4.5.10(2/5) used 4.1.4(2/5), P.1

reduction_specification 4.5.10(5/5) used 4.5.10(4/5), P.1

reference dangling 13.11.2(15.1/4) in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(17.4/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(17.4/5), A.18.5(17.6/5) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(19/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(31/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(16.4/5), A.18.6(16.6/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(34.4/5), A.18.2(34.6/5) in Ada.Interrupts C.3.2(10) in Ada.Task_Attributes C.7.2(5)

reference discriminant 4.1.5(3/3)

reference object 4.1.5(3/3)

reference parameter passing 6.2(2)

reference type 1.3.1(70/5), 4.1.5(3/3)

Reference_Preserving_Key in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(58.2/5), A.18.8(58.4/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(73.2/5), A.18.9(73.4/5)

Reference_Type in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(17.2/5), A.18.3(51.11/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(17.2/5), A.18.5(37.12/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(58.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(17/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(29/5), A.18.10(70.11/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(16.2/5), A.18.6(51.13/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(73.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(34.2/5), A.18.2(79.11/5)

references 1.2(1/3)

Registered_Trade_Mark_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

Reinitialize in Ada.Task_Attributes C.7.2(6)

relation 4.4(3/4) used 4.4(2), P.1

relational operator 4.5.2(1)

relational_operator 4.5(3) used 4.4(2.2/3), 4.4(3/4), P.1

relative deadline protected object D.3(13.2/5)

Relative_Deadline aspect D.2.6(9.2/3)

Relative_Deadline attribute D.5.2(3.1/5)

Relative_Deadline pragma J.15.12(2/3), L(29.2/3)

Relative_Deadline subtype of Time_Span in Ada.Dispatching.EDF D.2.6(9/5)

Relative_Name in Ada.Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names A.16.1(13/3)

relaxed mode G.2(1)

release execution resource associated with protected object 9.5.1(6)

rem operator 4.5(1), 4.5.5(1)

Remainder attribute A.5.3(45)

remote access E.1(5)

remote access type E.2.2(9/3)

remote access-to-class-wide type E.2.2(9/3)

remote access-to-subprogram type E.2.2(9/3)

remote call interface E.2(4/3), E.2.3(7/5)

remote procedure call asynchronous E.4.1(9/3)

remote subprogram E.2.3(7/5)

remote subprogram binding E.4(1/5)

remote subprogram call E.4(1/5)

remote types library unit E.2(4/3), E.2.2(4/5)

Remote_Call_Interface aspect E.2.3(7/5)

Remote_Call_Interface pragma J.15.15(5/5), L(30.1/5)

Remote_Types aspect E.2.2(4/5)

Remote_Types pragma J.15.15(4/5), L(31.1/5)

Remove_Task in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(8/2)

Rename in Ada.Directories A.16(12/2)

renamed entity 8.5(3)

renamed view 8.5(3)

renaming 1.3.3(35/5)

renaming-as-body 8.5.4(1/3)

renaming-as-declaration 8.5.4(1/3)

renaming_declaration 8.5(2) used 3.1(3/3), P.1

rendezvous 9.5.2(23.1/5)

repeatedly evaluated subexpression 6.1.1(22.12/5)

Replace in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(23/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(22/5), A.18.8(53/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(22/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(21/5), A.18.9(66/5)

Replace_Element in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(15/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(15/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(16/5) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(13/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(25/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(14/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(15/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(29/5), A.18.2(30/5) in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(27) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(21)

Replace_Slice in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(58), A.4.4(59) in Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.3(23), A.4.3(24) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(53), A.4.5(54)

Replenish in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(9/2)

Replicate in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(78), A.4.4(79), A.4.4(80)

representation change of 13.6(1/5)

representation aspect 1.3.1(71/5), 13.1(8/5) coding 13.4(7) convention, calling convention B.1(1/3) export B.1(1/3) external_name B.1(1/3) import B.1(1/3) layout 13.5(1) link_name B.1(1/3) record layout 13.5(1) specifiable attributes 13.3(5/3) storage place 13.5(1)

representation attribute 13.3(1/1) Bit_Order 13.5.3(3/5)

representation item 13.1(1/1)

representation of an object 13.1(7/5)

representation pragma 13.1(1/1) Asynchronous J.15.13(1/3) Atomic J.15.8(9/3) Atomic_Components J.15.8(9/3) Convention J.15.5(1/3) Discard_Names C.5(6) Export J.15.5(1/3) Import J.15.5(1/3) Independent J.15.8(9/3) Independent_Components J.15.8(9/3) No_Return J.15.2(1/3) Pack J.15.3(1/3) Unchecked_Union J.15.6(1/3) Volatile J.15.8(9/3) Volatile_Components J.15.8(9/3)

representation value 13.4(10.4/5), K.2(59.4/5)

representation-oriented attributes of a fixed point subtype A.5.4(1) of a floating point subtype A.5.3(1)

representation_clause See aspect_clause 13.1(4/1)

represented in canonical form A.5.3(10)

requested decimal precision of a floating point type 3.5.7(4)

requeue 9.5.4(1)

requeue target 9.5.4(3/3)

requeue-with-abort 9.5.4(13)

requeue_statement 9.5.4(2/3) used 5.1(4/2), P.1

require overriding 3.9.3(6/5) [partial] 6.1.1(16/3)

requires a completion 3.11.1(1/3), 3.11.1(6/3) declaration for which aspect Elaborate_Body is True 10.2.1(25/5) declaration of a partial view 7.3(4) deferred constant declaration 7.4(2/3) generic_package_declaration 7.1(5/2) generic_subprogram_declaration 6.1(20/3) incomplete_type_declaration 3.10.1(3/3) library_unit_declaration 10.2(18.c/5) package_declaration 7.1(5/2) protected entry_declaration 9.5.2(16) protected_declaration 9.4(11.2/2) subprogram_declaration 6.1(20/3) task_declaration 9.1(9.3/2)

requires late initialization 3.3.1(8.1/5)

Reraise_Occurrence in Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(4/3)

Reserve_Capacity in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(9/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(11/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(20/5)

reserved interrupt C.3(2)

reserved word 2.9(2/3)

Reserved_128 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

Reserved_129 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

Reserved_132 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

Reserved_153 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(19)

Reserved_Check [partial] C.3.1(10/3)

Reset in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(8) in Ada.Numerics.Discrete_Random A.5.2(21/5), A.5.2(24/5) in Ada.Numerics.Float_Random A.5.2(9/5), A.5.2(12/5) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(8) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(10) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(11)

resolution rules 1.1.2(26/3)

resolve overload resolution 8.6(14)

restriction 13.12(4/2) used 13.12(3), L(32)

restriction_parameter_argument 13.12(4.1/2) used 13.12(4/2), P.1

restrictions Immediate_Reclamation H.4(10) Max_Asynchronous_Select_Nesting D.7(18/1) Max_Entry_Queue_Length D.7(19.1/2) Max_Image_Length H.4(23.11/5) Max_Protected_Entries D.7(14) Max_Select_Alternatives D.7(12) Max_Storage_At_Blocking D.7(17/1) Max_Task_Entries D.7(13) Max_Tasks D.7(19/1) No_Abort_Statements D.7(5/3) No_Access_Parameter_Allocators H.4(8.3/3) No_Access_Subprograms H.4(17) No_Allocators H.4(7) No_Anonymous_Allocators H.4(8.1/3) No_Asynchronous_Control J.13(3/2) No_Coextensions H.4(8.2/3) No_Delay H.4(21) No_Dependence 13.12.1(6/2) No_Dispatch H.4(19) No_Dynamic_Attachment D.7(10/3) No_Dynamic_CPU_Assignment D.7(10.1/4) No_Dynamic_Priorities D.7(9/2) No_Exceptions H.4(12/5) No_Fixed_Point H.4(15) No_Floating_Point H.4(14) No_Hidden_Indirect_Globals H.4(23.2/5) No_Implementation_Aspect_Specifications 13.12.1(1.1/3) No_Implementation_Attributes 13.12.1(2/2) No_Implementation_Identifiers 13.12.1(2.1/3) No_Implementation_Pragmas 13.12.1(3/2) No_Implementation_Units 13.12.1(3.1/3) No_Implicit_Heap_Allocations D.7(8) No_IO H.4(20/5) No_Local_Allocators H.4(8/1) No_Local_Protected_Objects D.7(10.2/3) No_Local_Timing_Events D.7(10.3/3) No_Nested_Finalization D.7(4/3) No_Obsolescent_Features 13.12.1(4/3) No_Protected_Type_Allocators D.7(10.4/2) No_Protected_Types H.4(5) No_Recursion H.4(22) No_Reentrancy H.4(23) No_Relative_Delay D.7(10.6/3) No_Requeue_Statements D.7(10.7/3) No_Select_Statements D.7(10.8/3) No_Specific_Termination_Handlers D.7(10.9/3) No_Specification_of_Aspect 13.12.1(6.1/3) No_Standard_Allocators_After_Elaboration D.7(19.2/3) No_Task_Allocators D.7(7) No_Task_Hierarchy D.7(3/3) No_Task_Termination D.7(15.1/2) No_Tasks_Unassigned_To_CPU D.7(10.10/4) No_Terminate_Alternatives D.7(6) No_Unchecked_Access H.4(18) No_Unchecked_Conversion J.13(4/2) No_Unchecked_Deallocation J.13(5/2) No_Unrecognized_Aspects 13.12.1(6.4/5) No_Unrecognized_Pragmas 13.12.1(6.5/5) No_Unspecified_Globals H.4(23.1/5) No_Use_Of_Attribute 13.12.1(6.2/3) No_Use_Of_Pragma 13.12.1(6.3/3) Pure_Barriers D.7(10.11/5) Simple_Barriers D.7(10.12/5)

Restrictions pragma 13.12(3), L(32)

Result attribute 6.1.1(29/5)

result interval for a component of the result of evaluating a complex function G.2.6(3/5) for the evaluation of a predefined arithmetic operation G.2.1(8) for the evaluation of an elementary function G.2.4(2)

result range of a Random function A.5.2(40.2/5)

result subtype of a function 6.5(3/5)

return expression of expression function 6.8(3.1/5)

return object extended_return_statement 6.5(5.11/5) simple_return_statement 6.5(6/2)

return statement 6.5(1/2)

return_subtype_indication 6.5(2.3/2) used 6.5(2.1/5), P.1

returns a readable reference H.4(23.7/5)

returns a writable reference H.4(23.7/5)

reverse iterator 5.5.2(4/5)

Reverse_Elements in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(27/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(54/5)

Reverse_Find in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(42/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(70/5)

Reverse_Find_Index in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(69/2)

Reverse_Iterate in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(46/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(51/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(61/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(74/5)

Reverse_Iterate_Children in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(69.1/5), A.18.10(69/5)

Reverse_Solidus in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(12)

reversible iterable container object 5.5.1(11/5)

reversible iterable container type 5.5.1(11/5)

reversible iterator object 5.5.1(6/5)

reversible iterator type 5.5.1(6/5)

Reversible_Iterator in Ada.Iterator_Interfaces 5.5.1(4/3)

Reviewable pragma H.3.1(3), L(33)

RI in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

right parenthesis 2.1(15/5)

right square bracket 2.1(15/5)

Right_Angle_Quotation in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

Right_Curly_Bracket in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

Right_Parenthesis in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

Right_Square_Bracket in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(12)

Ring_Above in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

ripple effect 10.1.2(1.b/2)

root of a tree A.18.10(2/4) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(22/5)

root directory A.16(47.1/5)

root library unit 10.1.1(10)

root node of a tree A.18.10(2/4)

root type of a class 3.4.1(2/2)

Root_Buffer_Type in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(6/5)

root_integer 3.5.4(14) [partial] 3.4.1(8)

root_real 3.5.6(3) [partial] 3.4.1(8)

Root_Storage_Pool in System.Storage_Pools 13.11(6/5)

Root_Storage_Pool_With_Subpools in System.Storage_Pools.Subpools 13.11.4(4/5)

Root_Stream_Type in Ada.Streams 13.13.1(3/2)

Root_Subpool in System.Storage_Pools.Subpools 13.11.4(5/5)

rooted at a type 3.4.1(2/2)

roots the subtree A.18.10(3/4)

Rosen trick 13.9.1(14.e/3)

rotate B.2(9)

Rotate_Left B.2(6)

Rotate_Right B.2(6)

Round attribute 3.5.10(12)

Round_Robin child of Ada.Dispatching D.2.5(4/5)

Round_Robin_Within_Priorities task dispatching policy D.2.5(2/2)

Rounding attribute A.5.3(36)

RPC child of System E.5(3/5)

RPC-receiver E.5(21)

RPC_Receiver in System.RPC E.5(11)

RS in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

run-time error 1.1.2(30), 1.1.5(6), 11.5(2/3), 11.6(1/3)

run-time polymorphism 3.9.2(1/5)

run-time semantics 1.1.2(30)

run-time type See tag 3.9(3)

running a program See program execution 10.2(1)

running task D.2.1(6/2)

runtime check See language-defined check 11.5(2/3)

runtime name text entity with C.5(1.1/4)


safe range of a floating point type 3.5.7(9) of a floating point type 3.5.7(10/5)

safe separate compilation 10(3.b)

Safe_First attribute A.5.3(71), G.2.2(5)

Safe_Last attribute A.5.3(72), G.2.2(6)

safety-critical systems H(1/2)

same value for a limited type 6.2(10.f)

satisfied filter 5.5(6.2/5)

satisfies a discriminant constraint 3.7.1(11) a range constraint 3.5(4) an index constraint 3.6.1(7) for an access value 3.10(15/2)

satisfies the predicates of a subtype 3.2.4(29.2/4)

Saturday in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(17/2)

Save in Ada.Numerics.Discrete_Random A.5.2(24/5) in Ada.Numerics.Float_Random A.5.2(12/5)

Save_Occurrence in Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(6/2)

scalar type 1.3.1(72/5), 3.2(3), 3.5(1)

scalar_constraint 3.2.2(6) used 3.2.2(5), P.1

scale of a decimal fixed point subtype 3.5.10(11), K.2(216)

Scale attribute 3.5.10(11)

Scaling attribute A.5.3(27)

SCHAR_MAX in Interfaces.C B.3(6)

SCHAR_MIN in Interfaces.C B.3(6)

SCI in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(19)

scope informal definition 3.1(8) of (a view of) an entity 8.2(11) of a declaration 8.2(10) of a use_clause 8.4(6) of a with_clause 10.1.2(5) of an aspect_specification 8.2(10.1/3) of an attribute_definition_clause 8.2(10.1/3)

Search_Type in Ada.Directories A.16(31/2)

Second in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(26/2)

Second_Duration subtype of Day_Duration in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(20/2)

Second_Number subtype of Natural in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(20/2)

Seconds in Ada.Calendar 9.6(13) in Ada.Real_Time D.8(14/2)

Seconds_Count in Ada.Real_Time D.8(15)

Seconds_Of in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(28/2)

Section_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

secure systems H(1/2)

select an entry call from an entry queue 9.5.3(13), 9.5.3(16) immediately 9.5.3(8)

select_alternative 9.7.1(4) used 9.7.1(2), P.1

select_statement 9.7(2) used 5.1(5/5), P.1

selected_component 4.1.3(2) used 4.1(2/5), P.1

selection of an entry caller 9.5.2(24/5)

selective_accept 9.7.1(2) used 9.7(2), P.1

selector_name 4.1.3(3) used 3.7.1(3/5), 4.1.3(2), 4.3.1(5/5), 5.5.3(7/5), 6.4(5), 12.3(4), 12.7(3.1/2), P.1

semantic dependence of one compilation unit upon another 10.1.1(26/2)

semicolon 2.1(15/5) in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(10)

separate compilation 10.1(1) safe 10(3.b)

Separate_Interrupt_Clocks_Supported in Ada.Execution_Time D.14(9.2/3)

separator 2.2(3/2)

separator_line 2.1(12/2)

separator_paragraph 2.1(12.1/2)

separator_space 2.1(11/2)

sequence of characters of a string_literal 2.6(5)

sequence_of_statements 5.1(2/3) used 5.3(2), 5.4(3), 5.5(2), 5.6.1(2/5), 9.7.1(2), 9.7.1(5), 9.7.1(6), 9.7.2(3/2), 9.7.3(2), 9.7.4(3), 9.7.4(5), 11.2(2), 11.2(3/5), P.1

sequential actions 9.10(11/5), C.6(17)

sequential access A.8(2)

sequential file A.8(1/2)

sequential iterator 5.5.2(4/5)

sequential loop 5.5(9/5)

Sequential_IO child of Ada A.8.1(2/5)

service an entry queue 9.5.3(13)

set execution timer object D.14.1(12/2) group budget object D.14.2(15/2) termination handler C.7.3(9/2) timing event object D.15(9/2) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(3/5), A.18.8(59.2/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(4/5), A.18.9(74.2/5) in Ada.Environment_Variables A.17(6/2)

set container A.18.7(1/2)

Set_Bounded_String in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(12.1/2)

Set_Col in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(35/5)

Set_CPU in System.Multiprocessors.Dispatching_Domains D.16.1(12/3)

Set_Deadline in Ada.Dispatching.EDF D.2.6(9/5)

Set_Dependents_Fallback_Handler in Ada.Task_Termination C.7.3(5/2)

Set_Directory in Ada.Directories A.16(6/2)

Set_Error in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(15)

Set_Exit_Status in Ada.Command_Line A.15(9)

Set_False in Ada.Synchronous_Task_Control D.10(4/5)

Set_Handler in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(10/2) in Ada.Execution_Time.Timers D.14.1(7/2) in Ada.Real_Time.Timing_Events D.15(5/2)

Set_Im in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(8/2), G.3.2(28/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types G.1.1(7)

Set_Index in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(14/5) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(22/5)

Set_Input in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(15)

Set_Iterator_Interfaces in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(6.3/3), A.18.8(59.7/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(7.3/3), A.18.9(74.7/5)

Set_Length in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(22/5)

Set_Line in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(36/5)

Set_Line_Length in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(23/5)

Set_Mode in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(24)

Set_Output in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(15)

Set_Page_Length in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(24/5)

Set_Pool_of_Subpool in System.Storage_Pools.Subpools 13.11.4(10/5)

Set_Priority in Ada.Dynamic_Priorities D.5.1(4)

Set_Quantum in Ada.Dispatching.Round_Robin D.2.5(4/5)

Set_Re in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(8/2), G.3.2(28/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Types G.1.1(7)

Set_Relative_Deadline in Ada.Dispatching.EDF D.2.6(9/5)

Set_Specific_Handler in Ada.Task_Termination C.7.3(6/2)

Set_True in Ada.Synchronous_Task_Control D.10(4/5)

Set_Unbounded_String in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(11.1/2)

Set_Value in Ada.Task_Attributes C.7.2(6)

shared passive library unit E.2(4/3), E.2.1(4/5)

shared variable protection of 9.10(1/5)

Shared_Passive aspect E.2.1(4/5)

Shared_Passive pragma J.15.15(3/5), L(34.1/5)

shift B.2(9)

Shift_Left B.2(6)

Shift_Right B.2(6)

Shift_Right_Arithmetic B.2(6)

short in Interfaces.C B.3(7)

short-circuit control form 4.5.1(1)

Short_Float 3.5.7(16/5)

Short_Integer 3.5.4(25)

SI in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

signal as defined between actions 9.10(2/5) See interrupt C.3(1/3)

signal (an exception) See raise 11(1/3)

signal handling example 9.7.4(10)

signed integer type 3.5.4(1)

signed_char in Interfaces.C B.3(8)

Signed_Conversions in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(12/5)

signed_integer_type_definition 3.5.4(3) used 3.5.4(2), P.1

Signed_Zeros attribute A.5.3(13)

simple entry call 9.5.3(1)

simple name of a file A.16(47/2)

Simple_Barriers restriction D.7(10.12/5)

simple_expression 4.4(4) used 3.5(3), 3.5.4(3), 3.5.7(3), 3.5.9(5/4), 4.4(2.2/3), 4.4(3.2/4), 4.4(3/4), 5.5(3.1/5), 11.3(2.1/4), 13.5.1(5), 13.5.1(6), J.3(2/4), P.1

Simple_Name in Ada.Directories A.16(16/5), A.16(38/2) in Ada.Directories.Hierarchical_File_Names A.16.1(10/3)

simple_return_statement 6.5(2/2) used 5.1(4/2), P.1

simple_statement 5.1(4/2) used 5.1(3), P.1

Sin in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(4) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(5)

single class expected type 8.6(27/2)

single entry 9.5.2(20)

Single_Precision_Complex_Types in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(8)

single_protected_declaration 9.4(3/3) used 3.3.1(2/3), P.1

single_task_declaration 9.1(3/5) used 3.3.1(2/3), P.1

Sinh in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(6) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(7)

size of an object 13.1(7/5) in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(15) in Ada.Directories A.16(26/2), A.16(41/2) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(23)

Size (object) aspect 13.3(41)

Size (subtype) aspect 13.3(48)

Size attribute 13.3(40), 13.3(45)

Size clause 13.3(7/2), 13.3(41), 13.3(48)

size_t in Interfaces.C B.3(13)

Skip_Line in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(29/5)

Skip_Page in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(32/5)

slice 4.1.2(2) used 4.1(2/5), P.1 in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(28) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(22)

small of a fixed point type 3.5.9(8/2)

Small aspect 3.5.10(2/5)

Small attribute 3.5.10(2/5)

Small clause 3.5.10(2/5), 13.3(7/2)

smallest first order A.18(5/5)

SO in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

Soft_Hyphen in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

SOH in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

solidus 2.1(15/5) in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8)

Solve in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(46/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Real_Arrays G.3.1(24/2)

Sort in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(49/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(77/5)

SOS in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(19)

SPA in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(18)

Space in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(8) in Ada.Strings A.4.1(4/2)

special file A.16(45/2)

special graphic character a category of Character A.3.2(32)

Special_Set in Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(4)

specialized needs annex 1.3.3(36/5)

Specialized Needs Annexes 1.1.2(7)

specifiable of Address for entries J.7.1(6) of Address for stand-alone objects and for program units 13.3(12) of Alignment for first subtypes 13.3(26.4/2) of Alignment for objects 13.3(25/2) of Bit_Order for record types and record extensions 13.5.3(4) of Component_Size for array types 13.3(70) of External_Tag for a tagged type 13.3(75/3), K.2(65) of Input for a type 13.13.2(38/5) of Machine_Radix for decimal first subtypes F.1(1/5) of Output for a type 13.13.2(38/5) of Read for a type 13.13.2(38/5) of Size for first subtypes 13.3(48) of Size for stand-alone objects 13.3(41) of Small for fixed point types 3.5.10(2/5) of Storage_Pool for a nonderived access-to-object type 13.11(15/5) of Storage_Size for a nonderived access-to-object type 13.11(15/5) of Storage_Size for a task first subtype J.9(3/3) of Write for a type 13.13.2(38/5)

specifiable (of an attribute and for an entity) 13.3(5/3)

specific handler C.7.3(9/2)

specific postcondition expression 6.1.1(4/5)

specific precondition expression 6.1.1(2/5)

specific stable property function 7.3.4(5/5)

specific type 3.4.1(3/5)

Specific_Handler in Ada.Task_Termination C.7.3(6/2)

specified of an aspect of representation of an entity 13.1(17) of an operational aspect of an entity 13.1(18.1/5)

specified (not!) 1.1.3(18), M.2(1.a)

specified as independently addressable C.6(8.1/4)

specified discriminant 3.7(18)

Splice in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(30/5), A.18.3(31/5), A.18.3(32/2)

Splice_Children in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(57/5), A.18.10(58/5)

Splice_Subtree in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(55/5), A.18.10(56/5)

Split in Ada.Calendar 9.6(14) in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(29/2), 9.6.1(32/2), 9.6.1(33/2), 9.6.1(34/2) in Ada.Execution_Time D.14(8/2) in Ada.Real_Time D.8(16)

Split_Into_Chunks in Ada.Iterator_Interfaces 5.5.1(4.4/5)

Sqrt in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(3) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(4)

squirrel away 8.5.4(8.g), 13.9.1(14.e/3)

SS2 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

SS3 in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

SSA in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)

ST in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(19)

stabilized view list A.18.3(151.1/5) map A.18.4(75.1/5) set A.18.7(96.13/5) tree A.18.10(219.1/5) vector A.18.2(237.1/5)

stable list A.18.3(151.1/5) map A.18.4(75.1/5) set A.18.7(96.13/5) tree A.18.10(219.1/5) vector A.18.2(237.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(51.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(37.2/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(59.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(70.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(51.3/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(74.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(79.1/5)

stable property 1.3.1(73/5), 7.3.4(1/5)

stable property function class-wide 7.3.4(6/5) of a type 7.3.4(7/5) specific 7.3.4(5/5)

Stable_Properties aspect 7.3.4(5/5)

Stable_Properties'Class aspect 7.3.4(6/5)

stand-alone constant 3.3.1(23/5) corresponding to a formal object of mode in 12.4(10/2)

stand-alone object 3.3.1(1/3) [partial] 12.4(10/2)

stand-alone variable 3.3.1(23/5)

Standard A.1(4/5)

standard error file A.10(6)

standard input file A.10(5)

standard mode 1.1.5(11)

standard output file A.10(5)

standard storage pool 13.11(17)

Standard_Error in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(16), A.10.1(19)

Standard_Indent in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(13/5)

Standard_Input in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(16), A.10.1(19)

Standard_Output in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(16), A.10.1(19)

Start_Search in Ada.Directories A.16(32/2)

State in Ada.Numerics.Discrete_Random A.5.2(23) in Ada.Numerics.Float_Random A.5.2(11)

statement 5.1(3) used 5.1(2/3), P.1

statement_identifier 5.1(8) used 5.1(7), 5.5(2), 5.6(2), P.1

static 3.3.2(1.a/5), 4.9(1) constant 4.9(24/5) constraint 4.9(27) delta constraint 4.9(29) digits constraint 4.9(29) discrete_range 4.9(25) discriminant constraint 4.9(31) expression 4.9(2) function 4.9(18) index constraint 4.9(30) range 4.9(25) range constraint 4.9(29) scalar subtype 4.9(26/3) string subtype 4.9(26/3) subtype 4.9(26/3) subtype 12.4(9/2) value 4.9(13.a)

Static aspect 6.8(3.6/5)

static expression function 6.8(3.6/5)

static semantics 1.1.2(28)

Static_Predicate aspect 3.2.4(1/5)

statically compatible for a constraint and a scalar subtype 4.9.1(4/3) for a constraint and an access or composite subtype 4.9.1(4/3) for two subtypes 4.9.1(5/3)

statically constrained 4.9(32)

statically deeper 3.10.2(4), 3.10.2(17)

statically denote 4.9(14)

statically determined tag 3.9.2(1/5) [partial] 3.9.2(15), 3.9.2(19)

statically match for global aspects 4.9.1(1.5/5)

statically matching effect on subtype-specific aspects 13.1(14/5) for constraints 4.9.1(1/2) for ranges 4.9.1(3) for subtypes 4.9.1(2/5) required 3.9.2(10/2), 3.10.2(27.1/2), 4.6(24.15/2), 4.6(24.5/2), 6.3.1(16.3/3), 6.3.1(17/3), 6.3.1(23), 6.5(5.3/5), 7.3(13), 8.5.1(4.2/2), 12.4(8.1/2), 12.5.1(14), 12.5.3(6), 12.5.3(7), 12.5.4(3), 12.7(7)

Statically names 4.9(17.1/5)

statically tagged 3.9.2(4/2)

statically unevaluated 4.9(32.1/3)

Status_Error in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(18) in Ada.Directories A.16(43/2) in Ada.IO_Exceptions A.13(4) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(15) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(26) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(85/5)

Storage child of Ada.Streams 13.13.1(12/5)

storage deallocation unchecked 13.11.2(1)

storage element 13.3(8)

storage management user-defined 13.11(1)

storage node E(2)

storage place of a component 13.5(1) representation aspect 13.5(1)

storage place attributes of a component 13.5.2(1)

storage pool 3.10(7/1) default 13.11.3(4.2/4)

storage pool element 13.11(11)

storage pool object 1.3.1(74/5)

storage pool that supports subpools 13.11.4(18/3)

storage pool type 13.11(11)

Storage_Array in System.Storage_Elements 13.7.1(5)

Storage_Check 11.5(23) [partial] 11.1(6/5), 13.3(67), 13.11(17), D.7(17/1), D.7(18/1), D.7(19/1)

Storage_Count subtype of Storage_Offset in System.Storage_Elements 13.7.1(4)

Storage_Element in System.Storage_Elements 13.7.1(5)

Storage_Elements child of System 13.7.1(2/5)

Storage_Error raised by detection of a bounded error 8.5.4(8.1/1) raised by failure of runtime check 11.1(4), 11.1(6/5), 11.5(23), 13.3(67), 13.11(17), 13.11(18/5), D.7(17/1), D.7(18/1), D.7(19.3/3), D.7(19/1) in Standard A.1(46)

Storage_IO child of Ada A.9(3/5)

Storage_Offset in System.Storage_Elements 13.7.1(3)

Storage_Pool aspect 13.11(15/5)

Storage_Pool attribute 13.11(13)

Storage_Pool clause 13.3(7/2), 13.11(15/5)

storage_pool_indicator 13.11.3(3.1/4) used 13.11.3(3/3), L(8.3/3)

Storage_Pools child of System 13.11(5/5)

Storage_Size in System.Storage_Pools 13.11(9) in System.Storage_Pools.Subpools 13.11.4(16/3)

Storage_Size (access) aspect 13.11(15/5)

Storage_Size (task) aspect 13.3(65.2/3)

Storage_Size attribute 13.3(60/3), 13.11(14), J.9(2)

Storage_Size clause 13.3(7/2), 13.11(15/5)

Storage_Size pragma J.15.4(2/3), L(35.1/3)

Storage_Stream_Type in Ada.Streams.Storage 13.13.1(13/5)

Storage_Unit in System 13.7(13)

stream 1.3.1(76/5), 13.13(1) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(13) in Ada.Text_IO.Text_Streams A.12.2(4) in Ada.Wide_Text_IO.Text_Streams A.12.3(4) in Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO.Text_Streams A.12.4(4/2)

stream file A.8(1/2)

stream type 13.13(1)

stream-oriented attributes 13.13.2(1/3)

Stream_Access in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(4) in Ada.Text_IO.Text_Streams A.12.2(3/5) in Ada.Wide_Text_IO.Text_Streams A.12.3(3/5) in Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO.Text_Streams A.12.4(3/5)

Stream_Element in Ada.Streams 13.13.1(4/1)

Stream_Element_Array in Ada.Streams 13.13.1(4/1)

Stream_Element_Count subtype of Stream_Element_Offset in Ada.Streams 13.13.1(4/1)

Stream_Element_Offset in Ada.Streams 13.13.1(4/1)

Stream_IO child of Ada.Streams A.12.1(3/5)

Stream_Size aspect 13.13.2(1.5/2)

Stream_Size attribute 13.13.2(1.2/3)

Stream_Size clause 13.3(7/2)

Stream_Type in Ada.Streams.Storage.Bounded 13.13.1(27/5) in Ada.Streams.Storage.Unbounded 13.13.1(19/5)

Streams child of Ada 13.13.1(2/5)

strict mode G.2(1)

strict weak ordering A.18(5/5)

String in Standard A.1(37/3)

string type 3.6.3(1)

String_Access in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(7)

string_element 2.6(3) used 2.6(2), P.1

string_literal 2.6(2) used 4.4(7/5), 6.1(9), P.1

String_Literal aspect 4.2.1(5/5)

Strings child of Ada A.4.1(3/5) child of Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(22/5) child of Interfaces.C B.3.1(3/5)

Strings_Assertion_Check 11.5(23.10/5)

Strlen in Interfaces.C.Strings B.3.1(17)

structure See record type 3.8(1)

STS in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(18)

STX in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

SUB in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

Sub_Second in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(27/2)

subaggregate of an array_aggregate 4.3.3(6)

subcomponent 3.2(6/2) of the nominal subtype 3.9.1(4.2/5)

subpool 13.11.4(18/3)

subpool access type 13.11.4(22/3)

subpool handle 13.11.4(18/3)

Subpool_Handle in System.Storage_Pools.Subpools 13.11.4(6/3)

subpool_specification 4.8(2.1/3) used 4.8(2/3), P.1

Subpools child of System.Storage_Pools 13.11.4(3/5)

subprogram 1.3.2(7/5), 6(1) abstract 3.9.3(3/2) allows exit 5.5.3(19/5)

subprogram call 6.4(1)

subprogram instance 12.3(13)

subprogram property aspect definition 7.3.4(3/5)

subprogram_body 6.3(2/3) used 3.11(6), 9.4(8/4), 10.1.1(7), P.1

subprogram_body_stub 10.1.3(3/3) used 10.1.3(2), P.1

subprogram_declaration 6.1(2/3) used 3.1(3/3), 9.4(5/1), 9.4(8/4), 10.1.1(5), P.1

subprogram_default 12.6(3/2) used 12.6(2.1/3), 12.6(2.2/3), P.1

subprogram_renaming_declaration 8.5.4(2/3) used 8.5(2), 10.1.1(6), P.1

subprogram_specification 6.1(4/2) used 3.9.3(1.1/3), 6.1(2/3), 6.3(2/3), 8.5.4(2/3), 10.1.3(3/3), 12.1(3/3), 12.6(2.1/3), 12.6(2.2/3), P.1

subsequence reduction attribute 4.5.10(21/5)

subsystem 10.1(3)

subtree node which roots A.18.10(3/4) of a tree A.18.10(3/4)

Subtree_Node_Count in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(18.1/5), A.18.10(18/5)

subtype 1.3.1(77/5), 3.2(8/5) constraint of 3.2(8/5) of a generic formal object 12.4(10.c) type of 3.2(8/5) values belonging to 3.2(8/5) values outside of 3.2(8/5)

subtype (of an object) See actual subtype of an object 3.3(23/5) See actual subtype of an object 3.3.1(9/2)

subtype conformance 6.3.1(17/3), 12.3(11.j/3) [partial] 3.10.2(34/2), 9.5.4(17/5) required 3.9.2(10/2), 3.10.2(32/5), 4.6(24.20/3), 8.5.1(4.3/2), 8.5.4(5/3), 9.1(9.7/2), 9.1(9.8/2), 9.4(11.6/2), 9.4(11.7/2), 9.5.4(5/3), 12.4(8.2/2), 12.5.4(5/3)

subtype conversion bounds of a decimal fixed point type 3.5.9(16.a.1/1) bounds of a fixed point type 3.5.9(14.a.1/1) bounds of a floating point type 3.5.7(11.a.1/1) bounds of signed integer type 3.5.4(9.a.1/1) See type conversion 4.6(1/3) See also implicit subtype conversion 4.6(1/3)

subtype-specific attribute_definition_clause 13.3(7.a) of a representation item 13.1(8/5) of an aspect 13.1(8/5)

subtype_declaration 3.2.2(2/3) used 3.1(3/3), P.1

subtype_indication 3.2.2(3/2) used 3.2.2(2/3), 3.3.1(2/3), 3.4(2/2), 3.6(6), 3.6(7/2), 3.6.1(3), 3.8.1(5/3), 3.10(3), 4.8(2/3), 5.5.2(2.1/5), 6.5(2.3/2), 7.3(3/3), P.1

subtype_mark 3.2.2(4) used 3.2.2(3/2), 3.6(4), 3.7(5/5), 3.9.4(3/2), 3.10(6/2), 4.3.2(3), 4.4(3.2/4), 4.6(2), 4.7(2), 6.1(13/2), 6.1(15/5), 8.4(4/3), 8.5.1(2/5), 12.3(5), 12.4(2/3), 12.5(2.1/5), 12.5(2.2/5), 12.5.1(3/5), 13.8(14.b), H.7.1(6/5), P.1

subtypes of a profile 6.1(25)

subunit 1.3.3(37/5), 10.1.3(7), 10.1.3(8/2) of a program unit 10.1.3(8/2) used 10.1.1(3), P.1

Succ attribute 3.5(22)

Success in Ada.Command_Line A.15(8)

successor element of a hashed set A.18.8(68/2) of a set A.18.7(6/2) of an ordered set A.18.9(81/3)

successor node of a hashed map A.18.5(46/2) of a map A.18.4(6/2) of an ordered map A.18.6(58/3)

Sunday in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(17/2)

super See view conversion 4.6(5/5)

Superscript_One in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

Superscript_Three in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

Superscript_Two in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(22)

support external streaming 13.13.2(52/3)

Supported in Ada.Execution_Time.Interrupts D.14.3(3/5)

suppress a check 1.3.5(6/5)

Suppress pragma 11.5(4/2), J.10(3/2), L(36)

suppressed check 11.5(8/2)

Suspend_Until_True in Ada.Synchronous_Task_Control D.10(4/5)

Suspend_Until_True_And_Set_Deadline in Ada.Synchronous_Task_Control.EDF D.10(5.2/5)

Suspension_Object in Ada.Synchronous_Task_Control D.10(4/5)

Swap in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(28/5) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(22.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(37/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(55/5), A.18.2(56/5)

Swap_Links in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(29/5)

Symmetric_Difference in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(35/5), A.18.8(36/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(36/5), A.18.9(37/5)

SYN in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

synchronization 9(1/5)

Synchronization aspect 9.5(12/3)

synchronization_kind 9.5(10/3)

synchronized 1.3.1(78/5)

synchronized interface 3.9.4(5/2)

synchronized object 9.10(18/5)

synchronized tagged type 3.9.4(6/2)

Synchronized_Queue_Interfaces child of Ada.Containers A.18.27(3/5)

Synchronous_Barrier in Ada.Synchronous_Barriers D.10.1(5/3)

Synchronous_Barriers child of Ada D.10.1(3/5)

Synchronous_Task_Control child of Ada D.10(3/5)

syntactic category 1.1.4(15)

syntax complete listing P.1(1/5) cross reference P.2(1/3) notation 1.1.4(3) under Syntax heading 1.1.2(25)

System 13.7(3/5)

System.Address_To_Access_Conversions 13.7.2(2/5)

System.Atomic_Operations C.6.1(3/5)

System.Atomic_Operations.Exchange C.6.2(5/5)

System.Atomic_Operations.Integer_Arithmetic C.6.4(3/5)

System.Atomic_Operations.Modular_Arithmetic C.6.5(3/5)

System.Atomic_Operations.Test_And_Set C.6.3(3/5)

System.Machine_Code 13.8(7)

System.Multiprocessors D.16(3/5)

System.Multiprocessors.Dispatching_Domains D.16.1(3/5)

System.RPC E.5(3/5)

System.Storage_Elements 13.7.1(2/5)

System.Storage_Pools 13.11(5/5)

System.Storage_Pools.Subpools 13.11.4(3/5)

System_Assertion_Check 11.5(23.11/5)

System_Dispatching_Domain in System.Multiprocessors.Dispatching_Domains D.16.1(6/3)

System_Name in System 13.7(4)

systems programming C(1)


T italicized 4.5.1(3.b/2)

Tag in Ada.Tags 3.9(6/5)

Tag attribute 3.9(16), 3.9(18)

tag indeterminate 3.9.2(6/2)

tag of an object 3.9(3) class-wide object 3.9(22) object created by an allocator 3.9(21/5) preserved by type conversion and parameter passing 3.9(25) returned by a function 3.9(23), 3.9(24/2) stand-alone object, component, or aggregate 3.9(20)

Tag_Array in Ada.Tags 3.9(7.3/2)

Tag_Check 11.5(18) [partial] 3.9.2(16), 4.6(42), 4.6(52), 5.2(10), 6.5(8.2/5)

Tag_Error in Ada.Tags 3.9(8)

tagged incomplete view 3.10.1(2.1/4)

tagged type 1.3.1(80/5), 3.9(2/2) protected 3.9.4(6/2) synchronized 3.9.4(6/2) task 3.9.4(6/2)

Tags child of Ada 3.9(6/5)

Tail in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(72), A.4.4(73) in Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.3(37), A.4.3(38) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(67), A.4.5(68)

tail (of a queue) D.2.1(5/2)

tamper with cursors [partial] A.18(2.1/5) of a list A.18.3(61/5) of a map A.18.4(7/5) of a set A.18.7(7/5) of a tree A.18.10(80/5) of a vector A.18.2(90/5)

tamper with elements [partial] A.18(2.1/5) of a holder A.18.18(29/5) of a list A.18.3(61/5) of a map A.18.4(7/5) of a set A.18.7(7/5) of a tree A.18.10(80/5) of a vector A.18.2(90/5)

tampering prohibited for a holder A.18.18(29/5) prohibited for a list A.18.3(61/5) prohibited for a map A.18.4(7/5) prohibited for a set A.18.7(7/5) prohibited for a tree A.18.10(80/5) prohibited for a vector A.18.2(90/5)

Tampering_With_Cursors_Prohibited in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(10.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(7.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(8.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(15.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(8.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(9.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(12.1/5)

Tampering_With_Elements_Prohibited in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(10.2/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(7.2/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(15.2/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(8.2/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(12.2/5)

Tampering_With_The_Element_Prohibited in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(8.1/5)

Tan in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(4) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(5)

Tanh in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions G.1.2(6) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Elementary_Functions A.5.1(7)

target of an assignment operation 5.2(3) of an assignment_statement 5.2(3)

target name 5.2.1(1/5)

target object of a requeue_statement 9.5(7) of the name of an entry or a protected subprogram 9.5(2/3)

target statement of a goto_statement 5.8(3)

target subtype of a type_conversion 4.6(3)

target_name 5.2.1(2/5) used 4.1(2/5), P.1

task 9(1/5) activation 9.2(1) completion 9.3(1) dependence 9.3(1) execution 9.2(1) termination 9.3(1)

task declaration 9.1(1)

task dispatching D.2.1(4/5)

task dispatching point D.2.1(4/5) [partial] D.2.3(8/2), D.2.4(9/3)

task dispatching policy 9(10.a/3), D.2.2(6/2) [partial] D.2.1(5/2) EDF_Within_Priorities D.2.6(7/5) FIFO_Within_Priorities D.2.3(2/2) Non_Preemptive_FIFO_Within_Priorities D.2.4(2/2) Round_Robin_Within_Priorities D.2.5(2/2)

task interface 3.9.4(5/2)

task priority D.1(15/5)

task state abnormal 9.8(4) blocked 9(10/5) callable 9.9(2) held D.11(4/2) inactive 9(10/5) ready 9(10/5) terminated 9(10/5)

task tagged type 3.9.4(6/2)

task type 1.3.1(82/5)

task unit 9(9)

Task_Array in Ada.Execution_Time.Group_Budgets D.14.2(6/2)

Task_Attributes child of Ada C.7.2(2/5)

task_body 9.1(6/3) used 3.11(6), P.1

task_body_stub 10.1.3(5/3) used 10.1.3(2), P.1

task_definition 9.1(4) used 9.1(2/3), 9.1(3/5), P.1

Task_Dispatching_Policy pragma D.2.2(2), L(37)

Task_Id in Ada.Task_Identification C.7.1(2/5)

Task_Identification child of Ada C.7.1(2/5)

task_item 9.1(5/1) used 9.1(4), P.1

Task_Termination child of Ada C.7.3(2/5)

task_type_declaration 9.1(2/3) used 3.2.1(3/3), P.1

Tasking_Check 11.5(23.2/5) [partial] 9.2(5), 9.5.3(21)

Tasking_Error raised by detection of a bounded error 13.11.2(13) raised by failure of runtime check 9.2(5), 9.5.3(21), 11.1(4), 11.5(23.1/5) in Standard A.1(46)

template 12(1) for a formal package 12.7(4) See generic unit 12(1)

term 4.4(5) used 4.4(4), P.1

terminal interrupt example 9.7.4(10)

terminate_alternative 9.7.1(7) used 9.7.1(4), P.1

terminated a task state 9(10/5)

Terminated attribute 9.9(3)

termination abnormal 10.2(25.c) normal 10.2(25.c) of a partition 10.2(25.c) of a partition E.1(7)

termination handler C.7.3(8/3) fall-back C.7.3(9/2) specific C.7.3(9/2)

Termination_Handler in Ada.Task_Termination C.7.3(4/2)

Terminator_Error in Interfaces.C B.3(40)

Test_And_Set child of System.Atomic_Operations C.6.3(3/5)

Test_And_Set_Flag in System.Atomic_Operations.Test_And_Set C.6.3(4/5)

tested type of a membership test 4.5.2(3/3)

text of a program 2.2(1)

Text_Buffer_Count in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(4/5)

Text_Buffers child of Ada.Strings A.4.12(3/5)

Text_IO child of Ada A.10.1(2/5)

Text_Streams child of Ada.Text_IO A.12.2(3/5) child of Ada.Wide_Text_IO A.12.3(3/5) child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO A.12.4(3/5)

Text_Truncated in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers.Bounded A.4.12(28/5)

thread logical 9(1/5)

throw (an exception) See raise 11(1/3)

thunk 13.14(19.i)

Thursday in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(17/2)

tick 2.1(15/5) in Ada.Real_Time D.8(6) in System 13.7(10)

tied accessibility levels 3.10.2(5/5)

Tilde in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

Time in Ada.Calendar 9.6(10/5) in Ada.Real_Time D.8(4)

time base 9.6(6/3)

time limit example 9.7.4(12)

time type 9.6(6/3)

Time-dependent Reset procedure of the random number generator A.5.2(34)

time-out example 9.7.4(12) See asynchronous_select 9.7.4(12) See selective_accept 9.7.1(1) See timed_entry_call 9.7.2(1/5)

Time_Error in Ada.Calendar 9.6(18)

Time_First in Ada.Real_Time D.8(4)

Time_Last in Ada.Real_Time D.8(4)

Time_Of in Ada.Calendar 9.6(15) in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(30/2), 9.6.1(31/2) in Ada.Execution_Time D.14(9/2) in Ada.Real_Time D.8(16)

Time_Of_Event in Ada.Real_Time.Timing_Events D.15(6/2)

Time_Offset in Ada.Calendar.Time_Zones 9.6.1(4/2)

Time_Remaining in Ada.Execution_Time.Timers D.14.1(8/2)

Time_Span in Ada.Real_Time D.8(5)

Time_Span_First in Ada.Real_Time D.8(5)

Time_Span_Last in Ada.Real_Time D.8(5)

Time_Span_Unit in Ada.Real_Time D.8(5)

Time_Span_Zero in Ada.Real_Time D.8(5)

Time_Unit in Ada.Real_Time D.8(4)

Time_Zones child of Ada.Calendar 9.6.1(2/5)

timed_entry_call 9.7.2(2) used 9.7(2), P.1

Timer in Ada.Execution_Time.Timers D.14.1(4/2)

timer interrupt example 9.7.4(12)

Timer_Handler in Ada.Execution_Time.Timers D.14.1(5/5)

Timer_Resource_Error in Ada.Execution_Time.Timers D.14.1(9/2)

Timers child of Ada.Execution_Time D.14.1(3/5)

times operator 4.5(1), 4.5.5(1)

timing See delay_statement 9.6(1)

Timing_Event in Ada.Real_Time.Timing_Events D.15(4/5)

Timing_Event_Handler in Ada.Real_Time.Timing_Events D.15(4/5)

Timing_Events child of Ada.Real_Time D.15(3/5)

To_Ada in Interfaces.C B.3(22), B.3(26), B.3(28), B.3(32), B.3(37), B.3(39), B.3(39.10/2), B.3(39.13/2), B.3(39.17/2), B.3(39.19/2), B.3(39.4/2), B.3(39.8/2) in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(17), B.4(19) in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(13), B.5(14), B.5(16)

To_Address in System.Address_To_Access_Conversions 13.7.2(3/3) in System.Storage_Elements 13.7.1(10/3)

To_Basic in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(6), A.3.2(7) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(20.1/5), A.3.5(21.1/5)

To_Big_Integer in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(7/5), A.5.6(12/5), A.5.6(13/5)

To_Big_Real in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(9/5), A.5.7(13/5), A.5.7(14/5)

To_Binary in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(45), B.4(48)

To_Bounded_String in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(11)

To_C in Interfaces.C B.3(21), B.3(25), B.3(27), B.3(32), B.3(36), B.3(38), B.3(39.13/2), B.3(39.16/2), B.3(39.18/2), B.3(39.4/2), B.3(39.7/2), B.3(39.9/2)

To_Character in Ada.Characters.Conversions A.3.4(5/2)

To_Chars_Ptr in Interfaces.C.Strings B.3.1(8)

To_COBOL in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(17), B.4(18)

To_Cursor in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(25/5)

To_Decimal in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(35), B.4(40), B.4(44), B.4(47)

To_Display in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(36)

To_Domain in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(24) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(24) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(24/2)

To_Duration in Ada.Real_Time D.8(13)

To_Fortran in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(13), B.5(14), B.5(15)

To_Holder in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(9/5)

To_Index in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(26.1/5), A.18.2(26/5)

To_Integer in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(11/5) in System.Storage_Elements 13.7.1(10/3)

To_ISO_646 in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(11), A.3.2(12)

To_Long_Binary in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(48)

To_Lower in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(6), A.3.2(7) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(20/3), A.3.5(21/3)

To_Mapping in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(23) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(23) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(23/2)

To_Packed in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(41)

To_Picture in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(6)

To_Pointer in System.Address_To_Access_Conversions 13.7.2(3/3)

To_Quotient_String in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(19/5)

To_Range in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(24) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(25) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(25/2)

To_Ranges in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(10) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(10) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(10/2)

To_Real in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(10/5)

To_Sequence in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(19) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(19) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(19/2)

To_Set in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(9/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(10/5) in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(8), A.4.2(9), A.4.2(17), A.4.2(18) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(8), A.4.7(9), A.4.7(17), A.4.7(18) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(8/2), A.4.8(9/2), A.4.8(17/2), A.4.8(18/2)

To_String in Ada.Characters.Conversions A.3.4(5/2) in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(14/5) in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(15/5) in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(12) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(11)

To_Time_Span in Ada.Real_Time D.8(13)

To_Unbounded_String in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(9), A.4.5(10)

To_Upper in Ada.Characters.Handling A.3.2(6), A.3.2(7) in Ada.Wide_Characters.Handling A.3.5(20/3), A.3.5(21/3)

To_Vector in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(13/5), A.18.2(14/5)

To_Wide_Character in Ada.Characters.Conversions A.3.4(4/2), A.3.4(5/2)

To_Wide_String in Ada.Characters.Conversions A.3.4(4/2), A.3.4(5/2)

To_Wide_Wide_Character in Ada.Characters.Conversions A.3.4(4/2)

To_Wide_Wide_String in Ada.Characters.Conversions A.3.4(4/2)

token See lexical element 2.2(1)

Trailing_Nonseparate in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(23)

Trailing_Separate in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(23)

transfer of control 5.1(14/2)

Translate in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(53), A.4.4(54), A.4.4(55), A.4.4(56) in Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.3(18), A.4.3(19), A.4.3(20), A.4.3(21) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(48), A.4.5(49), A.4.5(50), A.4.5(51)

Translation_Error in Ada.Strings A.4.1(5)

Transpose in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(34/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Real_Arrays G.3.1(17/2)

Tree in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(8/5), A.18.10(70.2/5)

Tree_Iterator_Interfaces in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(13/3), A.18.10(70.7/5)

triggering_alternative 9.7.4(3) used 9.7.4(2), P.1

triggering_statement 9.7.4(4/2) used 9.7.4(3), P.1

Trim in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(67), A.4.4(68), A.4.4(69) in Ada.Strings.Fixed A.4.3(31), A.4.3(32), A.4.3(33), A.4.3(34) in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(61), A.4.5(62), A.4.5(63), A.4.5(64)

Trim_End in Ada.Strings A.4.1(6)

True 3.5.3(1)

Truncation in Ada.Strings A.4.1(6)

Truncation attribute A.5.3(42)

Tuesday in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(17/2)

two's complement modular types 3.5.4(29)

type 1.3.1(84/5), 3.2(1) abstract 3.9.3(1.2/2) needs finalization 7.6(9.1/2) of a subtype 3.2(8/5) stable property function of 7.3.4(7/5) synchronized tagged 3.9.4(6/2) See also tag 3.9(3) See also language-defined types

type conformance 6.3.1(15/2) [partial] 3.4(17/2), 8.3(8), 8.3(26/2), 10.1.4(4/3) required 3.11.1(5), 4.1.4(17/5), 8.6(26), 9.1(9.2/3), 9.1(9.5/3), 9.4(11.1/3), 9.4(11.4/3), 9.5.4(3/3), 12.4(5/2)

type conversion 4.6(1/3) access 4.6(24.11/2), 4.6(24.18/2), 4.6(24.19/2), 4.6(47) arbitrary order 1.1.4(18) array 4.6(24.2/2), 4.6(36) composite (non-array) 4.6(21/3), 4.6(40) enumeration 4.6(21.1/2), 4.6(34) numeric 4.6(24.1/2), 4.6(29) unchecked 13.9(1) See also qualified_expression 4.7(1)

type conversion, implicit See implicit subtype conversion 4.6(1/3)

type extension 3.9(2/2), 3.9.1(1/2)

type invariant 7.3.2(2/3) class-wide 7.3.2(3/5) See also invariant

type of a discrete_range 3.6.1(4)

type of a range 3.5(4)

type parameter See discriminant 3.7(1/2)

type profile See profile, type conformant 6.3.1(15/2)

type property aspect definition 7.3.4(3/5)

type resolution rules 8.6(20/2) if any type in a specified class of types is expected 8.6(21) if expected type is specific 8.6(22) if expected type is universal or class-wide 8.6(21)

type tag See tag 3.9(3)

type-related aspect 13.1(8.1/3), 13.1(8/5) attribute_definition_clause 13.3(7.a) operational item 13.1(8.1/3) representation item 13.1(8/5)

type_conversion 4.6(2) used 4.1(2/5), P.1 See also unchecked type conversion 13.9(1)

type_declaration 3.2.1(2) used 3.1(3/3), P.1

type_definition 3.2.1(4/2) used 3.2.1(3/3), P.1

Type_Invariant aspect 7.3.2(2/3)

Type_Invariant'Class aspect 7.3.2(3/5)

Type_Set in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(7)

types of a profile 6.1(29)


UC_A_Acute in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_A_Circumflex in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_A_Diaeresis in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_A_Grave in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_A_Ring in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_A_Tilde in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_AE_Diphthong in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_C_Cedilla in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_E_Acute in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_E_Circumflex in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_E_Diaeresis in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_E_Grave in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_I_Acute in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_I_Circumflex in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_I_Diaeresis in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_I_Grave in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(23)

UC_Icelandic_Eth in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

UC_Icelandic_Thorn in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

UC_N_Tilde in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

UC_O_Acute in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

UC_O_Circumflex in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

UC_O_Diaeresis in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

UC_O_Grave in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

UC_O_Oblique_Stroke in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

UC_O_Tilde in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

UC_U_Acute in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

UC_U_Circumflex in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

UC_U_Diaeresis in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

UC_U_Grave in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

UC_Y_Acute in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(24)

UCHAR_MAX in Interfaces.C B.3(6)

UI 1.3(1.f/5)

ultimate ancestor of a type 3.4.1(10/2)

unary adding operator 4.5.4(1)

unary operator 4.5(9)

unary_adding_operator 4.5(5) used 4.4(4), P.1

Unbiased_Rounding attribute A.5.3(39)

Unbounded child of Ada.Streams.Storage 13.13.1(18/5) child of Ada.Strings A.4.5(3/5) child of Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(18/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(5)

Unbounded_IO child of Ada.Text_IO A.10.12(3/5)

Unbounded_Priority_Queues child of Ada.Containers A.18.30(2/5)

Unbounded_Slice in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(22.1/2), A.4.5(22.2/2)

Unbounded_String in Ada.Strings.Unbounded A.4.5(4/5)

Unbounded_Synchronized_Queues child of Ada.Containers A.18.28(2/5)

unchecked storage deallocation 13.11.2(1)

unchecked type conversion 13.9(1)

unchecked union object B.3.3(6/3)

unchecked union subtype B.3.3(6/3)

unchecked union type B.3.3(6/3)

Unchecked_Access attribute 13.10(3), H.4(18) See also Access attribute 3.10.2(24/1)

Unchecked_Conversion child of Ada 13.9(3/5)

Unchecked_Deallocation child of Ada 13.11.2(3/5)

Unchecked_Union aspect B.3.3(3.2/3)

Unchecked_Union pragma J.15.6(2/3), L(37.2/3)

unconditionally evaluated subexpression 6.1.1(22.11/5)

unconstrained 3.2(9) object 3.3.1(9/2) object 6.4.1(16) subtype 3.2(9), 3.4(6), 3.5(7), 3.5.1(10), 3.5.4(9), 3.5.4(10), 3.5.7(11), 3.5.9(13), 3.5.9(16), 3.6(15/5), 3.6(16), 3.7(26), 3.9(15) subtype 3.10(14/3) subtype K.2(33)

unconstrained_array_definition 3.6(3) used 3.6(2), P.1

undefined result 11.6(5/5)

underline 2.1(15/5) used 2.4.1(3), 2.4.2(4), P.1

unevaluated determined to be 6.1.1(24.1/5)

Uniformity Issue (UI) 1.3(1.f/5)

Uniformity Rapporteur Group (URG) 1.3(1.f/5)

Uniformly_Distributed subtype of Float in Ada.Numerics.Float_Random A.5.2(8/5)

uninitialized allocator 4.8(4)

uninitialized variables 13.9.1(2) [partial] 3.3.1(21/5), 13.3(55.i)

union C B.3.3(1/3) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(26/5), A.18.8(27/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(27/5), A.18.9(28/5)

unit consistency E.3(6)

unit matrix complex matrix G.3.2(148/2) real matrix G.3.1(80/2)

unit vector complex vector G.3.2(90/2) real vector G.3.1(48/2)

Unit_Matrix in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(51/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Real_Arrays G.3.1(29/2)

Unit_Vector in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Complex_Arrays G.3.2(24/2) in Ada.Numerics.Generic_Real_Arrays G.3.1(14/2)

universal type 3.4.1(6/5)

universal_access [partial] 3.4.1(6/5), 4.2(8/5)

universal_fixed [partial] 3.4.1(6/5), 3.5.6(4)

universal_integer [partial] 3.4.1(6/5), 3.5.4(14), 3.5.4(30), 4.2(8/5)

universal_real [partial] 3.4.1(6/5), 3.5.6(4), 4.2(8/5)

unknown discriminants 3.7(26) [partial] 3.7(1.b/2)

unknown_discriminant_part 3.7(3) used 3.7(2), P.1

Unknown_Zone_Error in Ada.Calendar.Time_Zones 9.6.1(5/2)

unmarshalling E.4(9)

unsigned in Interfaces.C B.3(9) in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(23)

unsigned type See modular type 3.5.4(1)

unsigned_char in Interfaces.C B.3(10)

Unsigned_Conversions in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(13/5)

unsigned_long in Interfaces.C B.3(9)

Unsigned_N B.2(8)

unsigned_short in Interfaces.C B.3(9)

unspecified 1.1.3(18), M.2(1.a) [partial] 2.1(5/5), 3.9(4/2), 3.9(12.5/3), 4.5.2(13), 4.5.2(24.2/1), 4.5.5(21), 4.6(58.5/5), 6.1.1(34/5), 6.1.1(35/3), 6.2(11/3), 7.2(5), 7.6(17.4/3), 9.8(14), 9.10(1/5), 10.2(26), 11.1(6/5), 11.4.1(10.1/4), 11.5(27/2), 13.1(18), 13.7.2(5/2), 13.9.1(7), 13.11(20), 13.11(21.6/5), 13.13.2(36/2), A.1(1/3), A.5.1(34), A.5.2(28), A.5.2(34), A.5.3(41.3/2), A.7(6), A.10(8/5), A.10.7(8/3), A.10.7(12/3), A.10.7(17.3/2), A.10.7(19), A.14(1), A.18(5.v/5), A.18.2(231/3), A.18.2(252/2), A.18.2(83/2), A.18.3(145/3), A.18.3(157/2), A.18.3(55/2), A.18.4(3/2), A.18.4(80/2), A.18.5(43/2), A.18.5(44/2), A.18.5(45/2), A.18.5(46/2), A.18.6(56/3), A.18.6(57/2), A.18.7(3/2), A.18.7(101/2), A.18.7(87/2), A.18.7(88/2), A.18.8(65/2), A.18.8(66.1/3), A.18.8(66/2), A.18.8(67/2), A.18.8(68/2), A.18.8(86/2), A.18.8(87/2), A.18.9(114/2), A.18.9(79.1/3), A.18.9(79/3), A.18.9(80/2), A.18.10(227/3), A.18.10(72/3), A.18.26(5/3), A.18.26(9.4/3), A.18.26(9/3), B.3(46.a.1/1), D.2.2(6.1/2), D.8(19), E.3(5/1), G.1.1(40), G.1.2(33), G.1.2(48), H(4.1), H.2(1/5), K.2(136.4/2)

Unsuppress pragma 11.5(4.1/2), L(37.3/2)

update the value of an object 3.3(14) in Interfaces.C.Strings B.3.1(18), B.3.1(19)

Update_Element in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(17/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(17/5) in Ada.Containers.Indefinite_Holders A.18.18(15/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(27/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(16/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(33/5), A.18.2(34/5)

Update_Element_Preserving_Key in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(58/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(73/5)

Update_Error in Interfaces.C.Strings B.3.1(20)

upper bound of a range 3.5(4)

upper-case letter a category of Character A.3.2(26)

Upper_Case_Map in Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(5)

Upper_Set in Ada.Strings.Maps.Constants A.4.6(4)

URG 1.3(1.f/5)

US in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(6)

usage name 3.1(10)

use clause conflict A(4.k/5)

use-visible 8.3(4), 8.4(9)

use_clause 8.4(2) used 3.11(4/1), 10.1.2(3), 12.1(5), P.1

Use_Error in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(18) in Ada.Directories A.16(43/2) in Ada.IO_Exceptions A.13(4) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(15) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(26) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(85/5)

Use_Formal aspect H.7.1(3/5)

use_package_clause 8.4(3) used 8.4(2), P.1

use_type_clause 8.4(4/3) used 8.4(2), P.1

used generic formal parameters H.7.1(2/5)

user-defined assignment 7.6(1)

user-defined heap management 13.11(1)

user-defined literal 4.2.1(8/5)

user-defined literal aspect 4.2.1(2/5)

user-defined operator 6.6(1)

user-defined storage management 13.11(1)

UTC_Time_Offset in Ada.Calendar.Time_Zones 9.6.1(6.1/5)

UTF-16 A.4.11(46/3)

UTF-8 A.4.11(46/3)

UTF_16_Wide_String subtype of Wide_String in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(7/3)

UTF_8_String subtype of String in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(6/3)

UTF_Encoding child of Ada.Strings A.4.11(3/5)

UTF_String subtype of String in Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(5/3)


Val attribute 3.5.5(5)

Valid in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(5), F.3.3(12) in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(33), B.4(38), B.4(43)

Valid attribute 13.9.2(3/4), H(6/5)

Valid_Big_Integer subtype of Big_Integer in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(5/5)

Valid_Big_Real subtype of Big_Real in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(5/5)

value 3.2(10.a) representation 13.4(10.4/5), K.2(59.4/5) in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(36/2), 9.6.1(38/2) in Ada.Environment_Variables A.17(4.1/3), A.17(4/2) in Ada.Numerics.Discrete_Random A.5.2(26) in Ada.Numerics.Float_Random A.5.2(14) in Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.2(21) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(21) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(21/2) in Ada.Task_Attributes C.7.2(4) in Interfaces.C.Pointers B.3.2(6), B.3.2(7) in Interfaces.C.Strings B.3.1(13), B.3.1(14), B.3.1(15), B.3.1(16)

Value attribute 3.5(52)

value conversion 4.6(5/5)

value_sequence 4.5.10(3/5) used 4.5.10(2/5), P.1

values belonging to a subtype 3.2(8/5)

variable 3.3(13/3) required 5.2(5/2), 6.4.1(5), 12.4(7), 13.11(15/5), 13.11.3(4/3)

variable indexing 4.1.6(16/3)

variable object 3.3(13/3)

variable view 3.3(13/3)

Variable_Indexing aspect 4.1.6(3/5)

variadic C B.3(60.16/4)

variant 3.8.1(3) used 3.8.1(2), P.1 See also tagged type 3.9(1)

variant_part 3.8.1(2) used 3.8(4), P.1

Vector in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(8/5), A.18.2(79.2/5)

vector container A.18.2(1/2)

Vector_Iterator_Interfaces in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(11.3/5), A.18.2(79.7/5)

Vectors child of Ada.Containers A.18.2(6/5)

version of a compilation unit E.3(5/1)

Version attribute E.3(3)

vertical line 2.1(15/5)

Vertical_Line in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(14)

view 3.1(7) of a subtype (implied) 3.1(7.1/3) of a type (implied) 3.1(7.1/3) of an object (implied) 3.1(7.1/3)

view conversion 4.6(5/5)

view of an entity 1.3.1(86/5)

virtual function See dispatching subprogram 3.9.2(1/5)

Virtual_Length in Interfaces.C.Pointers B.3.2(13)

visibility direct 8.3(2), 8.3(21) immediate 8.3(4), 8.3(21) use clause 8.3(4), 8.4(9)

visibility rules 8.3(1)

visible 8.3(2), 8.3(14) aspect_specification 8.3(23.1/3) attribute_definition_clause 8.3(23.1/3) within a pragma in a context_clause 10.1.6(3) within a pragma that appears at the place of a compilation unit 10.1.6(5) within a use_clause in a context_clause 10.1.6(3) within a with_clause 10.1.6(2/2) within the parent_unit_name of a library unit 10.1.6(2/2) within the parent_unit_name of a subunit 10.1.6(4)

visible part 8.2(5) of a formal package 12.7(10/2) of a generic unit 8.2(8) of a package (other than a generic formal package) 7.1(6/2) of a protected unit 9.4(11/2) of a task unit 9.1(9) of a view of a callable entity 8.2(6) of a view of a composite type 8.2(7) of an instance 12.3(12.b)

visibly of an access type H.4(23.6/5)

volatile C.6(8/3)

Volatile aspect C.6(6.4/3)

Volatile pragma J.15.8(3/3), L(38.1/3)

Volatile_Components aspect C.6(6.8/3)

Volatile_Components pragma J.15.8(6/3), L(39.1/3)

VT in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(5)

VTS in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(17)


Wait_For_Release in Ada.Synchronous_Barriers D.10.1(6/5)

wchar_array in Interfaces.C B.3(33/3)

wchar_t in Interfaces.C B.3(30/1)

Wednesday in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(17/2)

well-formed picture String for edited output F.3.1(1/3)

Wide_Bounded child of Ada.Strings A.4.7(1/3)

Wide_Bounded_IO child of Ada.Wide_Text_IO A.11(4/3)

Wide_Character 3.5.2(3/5) in Standard A.1(36.1/5)

Wide_Character_Mapping in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(20/5)

Wide_Character_Mapping_Function in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(26)

Wide_Character_Range in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(6)

Wide_Character_Ranges in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(7)

Wide_Character_Sequence subtype of Wide_String in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(16)

Wide_Character_Set in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(4/5) in Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps.Wide_Constants A.4.8(48/2)

Wide_Characters child of Ada A.3.1(4/5)

Wide_Command_Line child of Ada A.15.1(2/5)

Wide_Constants child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(1/3), A.4.8(28/2)

Wide_Directories child of Ada A.16.2(2/5)

Wide_Environment_Variables child of Ada A.17.1(2/5)

Wide_Equal_Case_Insensitive child of Ada.Strings A.4.7(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Bounded A.4.7(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Fixed A.4.7(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Unbounded A.4.7(1/3)

Wide_Exception_Name in Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(2/5), 11.4.1(5/2)

Wide_Expanded_Name in Ada.Tags 3.9(7/2)

Wide_File_Names in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(18.1/5) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(15.1/5) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(26.1/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(85.1/5)

Wide_Fixed child of Ada.Strings A.4.7(1/3)

Wide_Get in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers.Unbounded A.4.12(21/5)

Wide_Get_UTF_16 in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers.Unbounded A.4.12(24/5)

Wide_Hash child of Ada.Strings A.4.7(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Bounded A.4.7(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Fixed A.4.7(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Unbounded A.4.7(1/3)

Wide_Hash_Case_Insensitive child of Ada.Strings A.4.7(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Bounded A.4.7(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Fixed A.4.7(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Unbounded A.4.7(1/3)

Wide_Image attribute 4.10(31/5), 4.10(39/5)

Wide_Maps child of Ada.Strings A.4.7(3/5)

wide_nul in Interfaces.C B.3(31/1)

Wide_Put in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(8/5)

Wide_Put_UTF_16 in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(11/5)

Wide_Space in Ada.Strings A.4.1(4/2)

Wide_String in Standard A.1(41/3)

Wide_Strings child of Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(30/5)

Wide_Text_IO child of Ada A.11(2/2)

Wide_Unbounded child of Ada.Strings A.4.7(1/3)

Wide_Unbounded_IO child of Ada.Wide_Text_IO A.11(5/3)

Wide_Value attribute 3.5(40)

Wide_Wide_Bounded child of Ada.Strings A.4.8(1/3)

Wide_Wide_Bounded_IO child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO A.11(4/3)

Wide_Wide_Character 3.5.2(4/5) in Standard A.1(36.2/5)

Wide_Wide_Character_Mapping in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(20/5)

Wide_Wide_Character_Mapping_Function in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(26/2)

Wide_Wide_Character_Range in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(6/2)

Wide_Wide_Character_Ranges in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(7/2)

Wide_Wide_Character_Sequence subtype of Wide_Wide_String in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(16/2)

Wide_Wide_Character_Set in Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(4/5)

Wide_Wide_Characters child of Ada A.3.1(6/5)

Wide_Wide_Command_Line child of Ada A.15.1(3/5)

Wide_Wide_Constants child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(1/3)

Wide_Wide_Directories child of Ada A.16.2(3/5)

Wide_Wide_Environment_Variables child of Ada A.17.1(3/5)

Wide_Wide_Equal_Case_Insensitive child of Ada.Strings A.4.8(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Bounded A.4.8(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Fixed A.4.8(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Unbounded A.4.8(1/3)

Wide_Wide_Exception_Name in Ada.Exceptions 11.4.1(2/5), 11.4.1(5/2)

Wide_Wide_Expanded_Name in Ada.Tags 3.9(7/2)

Wide_Wide_File_Names in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(18.8/5) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(15.8/5) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(26.8/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(85.8/5)

Wide_Wide_Fixed child of Ada.Strings A.4.8(1/3)

Wide_Wide_Get in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers.Unbounded A.4.12(22/5)

Wide_Wide_Hash child of Ada.Strings A.4.8(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Bounded A.4.8(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Fixed A.4.8(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Unbounded A.4.8(1/3)

Wide_Wide_Hash_Case_Insensitive child of Ada.Strings A.4.8(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Bounded A.4.8(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Fixed A.4.8(1/3) child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Unbounded A.4.8(1/3)

Wide_Wide_Image attribute 4.10(30/5), 4.10(38/5)

Wide_Wide_Maps child of Ada.Strings A.4.8(3/5)

Wide_Wide_Put in Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(9/5)

Wide_Wide_Space in Ada.Strings A.4.1(4/2)

Wide_Wide_String in Standard A.1(42.1/3)

Wide_Wide_Strings child of Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(38/5)

Wide_Wide_Text_IO child of Ada A.11(3/2)

Wide_Wide_Unbounded child of Ada.Strings A.4.8(1/3)

Wide_Wide_Unbounded_IO child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO A.11(5/3)

Wide_Wide_Value attribute 3.5(39.1/2)

Wide_Wide_Width attribute 3.5(37.1/5)

Wide_Width attribute 3.5(38/5)

Width attribute 3.5(39/5)

with_clause 10.1.2(4/2) mentioned in 10.1.2(6/2) named in 10.1.2(6/2) used 10.1.2(3), P.1

within immediately 8.1(13)

word 13.3(8)

Word_Size in System 13.7(13)

wording changes from Ada 2005 1.1.2(39.jj/3)

wording changes from Ada 2012 1.1.2(39.ww/5)

wording changes from Ada 83 1.1.2(39.j/2)

wording changes from Ada 95 1.1.2(39.w/2)

Write in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(13/5) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(12/5) in Ada.Storage_IO A.9(7) in Ada.Streams 13.13.1(6) in Ada.Streams.Storage.Bounded 13.13.1(29/5) in Ada.Streams.Storage.Unbounded 13.13.1(21/5) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(18/5), A.12.1(19/5) in System.RPC E.5(8)

Write aspect 13.13.2(38/5)

Write attribute 13.13.2(3), 13.13.2(11)

Write clause 13.3(7/2), 13.13.2(38/5)

Write'Class aspect 13.13.2(38/5)


xor operator 4.5(1), 4.5.1(2)


Year in Ada.Calendar 9.6(13) in Ada.Calendar.Formatting 9.6.1(21/2)

Year_Number subtype of Integer in Ada.Calendar 9.6(11/2)

Yen_Sign in Ada.Characters.Latin_1 A.3.3(21/3)

Yield in Ada.Dispatching D.2.1(1.3/5)

Yield aspect D.2.1(1.7/5)

Yield_To_Higher in Ada.Dispatching.Non_Preemptive D.2.4(2.2/5)

Yield_To_Same_Or_Higher in Ada.Dispatching.Non_Preemptive D.2.4(2.2/5)