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J.14 Character and Wide_Character Conversion Functions


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Static Semantics


The following declarations exist in the declaration of package Ada.Characters.Handling:

function Is_Character (Item : in Wide_Character) return Boolean
      renames Conversions.Is_Character;
   function Is_String    (Item : in Wide_String)    return Boolean
      renames Conversions.Is_String;
3/2function To_Character (Item       : in Wide_Character;
                         Substitute : in Character := ' ')
                         return Character
      renames Conversions.To_Character;
4/2function To_String    (Item       : in Wide_String;
                          Substitute : in Character := ' ')
                          return String
      renames Conversions.To_String;
5/2function To_Wide_Character (Item : in Character) return Wide_Character
      renames Conversions.To_Wide_Character;
6/2function To_Wide_String    (Item : in String)    return Wide_String
      renames Conversions.To_Wide_String;

Wording Changes from Ada 95

This subclause is new. These subprograms were moved to Characters.Conversions (see A.3.4).