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J.9 The Storage_Size Attribute


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Static Semantics


For any task subtype T, the following attribute is defined:


Denotes an implementation-defined value of type universal_integer representing the number of storage elements reserved for a task of the subtype T.

To be honest: T'Storage_Size cannot be particularly meaningful in the presence of the specification of the aspect Storage_Size, especially when the expression is dynamic, or depends on a discriminant of the task, because the Storage_Size will be different for different objects of the type. Even without such a specification, the Storage_Size can be different for different objects of the type, and in any case, the value is implementation defined. Hence, it is always implementation defined.

Storage_Size may be specified for a task first subtype that is not an interface via an attribute_definition_clause. When the attribute is specified, the Storage_Size aspect is specified to be the value of the given expression.

When this attribute is specified with an attribute_definition_clause, the associated aspect is set to the value of the expression given in the attribute_definition_clause, rather than the expression itself. This value is therefore the same for all objects of the type; in particular, it is not re-evaluated when objects are created. This is different than when the aspect is specified with an aspect_specification (see 13.3).

Wording Changes from Ada 95


We don't allow specifying Storage_Size on task interfaces. We don't need to mention class-wide task types, because these cannot be a first subtype.