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Q.1 Language-Defined Packages


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This subclause lists all language-defined packages.

Ada A.2(2/5)

Address_To_Access_Conversions child of System 13.7.2(2/5)

Arithmetic child of Ada.Calendar 9.6.1(8/5)

ASCII in Standard A.1(36.3/2)

Assertions child of Ada 11.4.2(12/5)

Asynchronous_Task_Control child of Ada D.11(3/5)

Atomic_Operations child of System C.6.1(3/5)

Big_Integers child of Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers A.5.5(3/5), A.5.6(2/5)

Big_Reals child of Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers A.5.7(2/5)

Bounded child of Ada.Streams.Storage 13.13.1(26/5) child of Ada.Strings A.4.4(3/5) child of Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(26/5)

Bounded_Doubly_Linked_Lists child of Ada.Containers A.18.20(1/3)

Bounded_Hashed_Maps child of Ada.Containers A.18.21(1/3)

Bounded_Hashed_Sets child of Ada.Containers A.18.23(1/3)

Bounded_Indefinite_Holders child of Ada.Containers A.18.32(1/5)

Bounded_IO child of Ada.Text_IO A.10.11(3/5)

Bounded_Multiway_Trees child of Ada.Containers A.18.25(1/3)

Bounded_Ordered_Maps child of Ada.Containers A.18.22(1/3)

Bounded_Ordered_Sets child of Ada.Containers A.18.24(1/3)

Bounded_Priority_Queues child of Ada.Containers A.18.31(2/5)

Bounded_Synchronized_Queues child of Ada.Containers A.18.29(2/5)

Bounded_Vectors child of Ada.Containers A.18.19(1/3)

C child of Interfaces B.3(4/5)

Calendar child of Ada 9.6(10/5)

Characters child of Ada A.3.1(2/5)

COBOL child of Interfaces B.4(7/5)

Command_Line child of Ada A.15(3/5)

Complex_Arrays child of Ada.Numerics G.3.2(53/2)

Complex_Elementary_Functions child of Ada.Numerics G.1.2(9/1)

Complex_Text_IO child of Ada G.1.3(9.1/2)

Complex_Types child of Ada.Numerics G.1.1(25/1)

Complex_IO child of Ada.Text_IO G.1.3(3/5) child of Ada.Wide_Text_IO G.1.4(1) child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO G.1.5(1/2)

Constants child of Ada.Strings.Maps A.4.6(3/5)

Containers child of Ada A.18.1(3/5)

Conversions child of Ada.Characters A.3.4(2/5) child of Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(15/5)

Decimal child of Ada F.2(2/5)

Decimal_Conversions in Interfaces.COBOL B.4(31)

Decimal_IO in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(73)

Decimal_Output in Ada.Text_IO.Editing F.3.3(11)

Direct_IO child of Ada A.8.4(2/5)

Directories child of Ada A.16(3/5)

Discrete_Random child of Ada.Numerics A.5.2(17/5)

Dispatching child of Ada D.2.1(1.2/5)

Dispatching_Domains child of System.Multiprocessors D.16.1(3/5)

Double_Precision_Complex_Types in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(10.1/5)

Doubly_Linked_Lists child of Ada.Containers A.18.3(5/5)

Dynamic_Priorities child of Ada D.5.1(3/5)

EDF child of Ada.Dispatching D.2.6(9/5) child of Ada.Synchronous_Task_Control D.10(5.2/5)

Editing child of Ada.Text_IO F.3.3(3/5) child of Ada.Wide_Text_IO F.3.4(1) child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO F.3.5(1/2)

Elementary_Functions child of Ada.Numerics A.5.1(9/1)

Enumeration_IO in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(79)

Environment_Variables child of Ada A.17(3/5)

Exceptions child of Ada 11.4.1(2/5)

Exchange child of System.Atomic_Operations C.6.2(5/5)

Execution_Time child of Ada D.14(3/5)

Finalization child of Ada 7.6(4/5)

Fixed child of Ada.Strings A.4.3(5/5)

Fixed_Conversions in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(14/5)

Fixed_IO in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(68)

Float_Random child of Ada.Numerics A.5.2(5/5)

Float_Text_IO child of Ada A.10.9(33)

Float_Wide_Text_IO child of Ada A.11(2/2)

Float_Wide_Wide_Text_IO child of Ada A.11(3/2)

Float_Conversions in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Reals A.5.7(13/5)

Float_IO in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(63)

Formatting child of Ada.Calendar 9.6.1(15/5)

Fortran child of Interfaces B.5(4/5)

Generic_Complex_Arrays child of Ada.Numerics G.3.2(2/5)

Generic_Complex_Elementary_Functions child of Ada.Numerics G.1.2(2/5)

Generic_Complex_Types child of Ada.Numerics G.1.1(2/5)

Generic_Dispatching_Constructor child of Ada.Tags 3.9(18.2/5)

Generic_Elementary_Functions child of Ada.Numerics A.5.1(3/5)

Generic_Bounded_Length in Ada.Strings.Bounded A.4.4(4)

Generic_Keys in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(50/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(62/5)

Generic_Real_Arrays child of Ada.Numerics G.3.1(2/5)

Generic_Sorting in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(47/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(75/5)

Group_Budgets child of Ada.Execution_Time D.14.2(3/5)

Handling child of Ada.Characters A.3.2(2/5) child of Ada.Wide_Characters A.3.5(3/5) child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Characters A.3.6(1/3)

Hashed_Maps child of Ada.Containers A.18.5(2/5)

Hashed_Sets child of Ada.Containers A.18.8(2/5)

Hierarchical_File_Names child of Ada.Directories A.16.1(3/5) child of Ada.Wide_Directories A.16.2(2/5) child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Directories A.16.2(3/5)

Indefinite_Doubly_Linked_Lists child of Ada.Containers A.18.12(2/3)

Indefinite_Hashed_Maps child of Ada.Containers A.18.13(2/3)

Indefinite_Hashed_Sets child of Ada.Containers A.18.15(2/3)

Indefinite_Holders child of Ada.Containers A.18.18(5/5)

Indefinite_Multiway_Trees child of Ada.Containers A.18.17(2/3)

Indefinite_Ordered_Maps child of Ada.Containers A.18.14(2/3)

Indefinite_Ordered_Sets child of Ada.Containers A.18.16(2/3)

Indefinite_Vectors child of Ada.Containers A.18.11(2/3)

Information child of Ada.Directories A.16(124/2) child of Ada.Wide_Directories A.16.2(2/5) child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Directories A.16.2(3/5)

Integer_Text_IO child of Ada A.10.8(21)

Integer_Wide_Text_IO child of Ada A.11(2/2)

Integer_Wide_Wide_Text_IO child of Ada A.11(3/2)

Integer_Arithmetic child of System.Atomic_Operations C.6.4(3/5)

Integer_IO in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(52)

Interfaces B.2(3/5)

Interrupts child of Ada C.3.2(2/5) child of Ada.Execution_Time D.14.3(3/5)

IO_Exceptions child of Ada A.13(3/5)

Iterator_Interfaces child of Ada 5.5.1(2/5)

Latin_1 child of Ada.Characters A.3.3(3/5)

List_Iterator_Interfaces in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(9.3/3), A.18.3(51.7/5)

Locales child of Ada A.19(3/5)

Machine_Code child of System 13.8(7)

Map_Iterator_Interfaces in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(6.3/5), A.18.5(37.8/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(7.3/5), A.18.6(51.9/5)

Maps child of Ada.Strings A.4.2(3/5)

Modular_Arithmetic child of System.Atomic_Operations C.6.5(3/5)

Modular_IO in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(57)

Multiprocessors child of System D.16(3/5)

Multiway_Trees child of Ada.Containers A.18.10(7/5)

Names child of Ada.Interrupts C.3.2(12/5)

Non_Preemptive child of Ada.Dispatching D.2.4(2.2/5)

Numerics child of Ada A.5(3/5)

Ordered_Maps child of Ada.Containers A.18.6(2/5)

Ordered_Sets child of Ada.Containers A.18.9(2/5)

Pointers child of Interfaces.C B.3.2(4/5)

Real_Arrays child of Ada.Numerics G.3.1(31/2)

Real_Time child of Ada D.8(3/5)

Round_Robin child of Ada.Dispatching D.2.5(4/5)

RPC child of System E.5(3/5)

Sequential_IO child of Ada A.8.1(2/5)

Set_Iterator_Interfaces in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(6.3/3), A.18.8(59.7/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(7.3/3), A.18.9(74.7/5)

Signed_Conversions in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(12/5)

Single_Precision_Complex_Types in Interfaces.Fortran B.5(8)

Stable in Ada.Containers.Doubly_Linked_Lists A.18.3(51.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Maps A.18.5(37.2/5) in Ada.Containers.Hashed_Sets A.18.8(59.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(70.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Maps A.18.6(51.3/5) in Ada.Containers.Ordered_Sets A.18.9(74.1/5) in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(79.1/5)

Standard A.1(4/5)

Storage child of Ada.Streams 13.13.1(12/5)

Storage_Elements child of System 13.7.1(2/5)

Storage_IO child of Ada A.9(3/5)

Storage_Pools child of System 13.11(5/5)

Stream_IO child of Ada.Streams A.12.1(3/5)

Streams child of Ada 13.13.1(2/5)

Strings child of Ada A.4.1(3/5) child of Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(22/5) child of Interfaces.C B.3.1(3/5)

Subpools child of System.Storage_Pools 13.11.4(3/5)

Synchronized_Queue_Interfaces child of Ada.Containers A.18.27(3/5)

Synchronous_Barriers child of Ada D.10.1(3/5)

Synchronous_Task_Control child of Ada D.10(3/5)

System 13.7(3/5)

Tags child of Ada 3.9(6/5)

Task_Attributes child of Ada C.7.2(2/5)

Task_Identification child of Ada C.7.1(2/5)

Task_Termination child of Ada C.7.3(2/5)

Test_And_Set child of System.Atomic_Operations C.6.3(3/5)

Text_Streams child of Ada.Text_IO A.12.2(3/5) child of Ada.Wide_Text_IO A.12.3(3/5) child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO A.12.4(3/5)

Text_Buffers child of Ada.Strings A.4.12(3/5)

Text_IO child of Ada A.10.1(2/5)

Time_Zones child of Ada.Calendar 9.6.1(2/5)

Timers child of Ada.Execution_Time D.14.1(3/5)

Timing_Events child of Ada.Real_Time D.15(3/5)

Tree_Iterator_Interfaces in Ada.Containers.Multiway_Trees A.18.10(13/3), A.18.10(70.7/5)

Unbounded child of Ada.Streams.Storage 13.13.1(18/5) child of Ada.Strings A.4.5(3/5) child of Ada.Strings.Text_Buffers A.4.12(18/5)

Unbounded_IO child of Ada.Text_IO A.10.12(3/5)

Unbounded_Priority_Queues child of Ada.Containers A.18.30(2/5)

Unbounded_Synchronized_Queues child of Ada.Containers A.18.28(2/5)

Unsigned_Conversions in Ada.Numerics.Big_Numbers.Big_Integers A.5.6(13/5)

UTF_Encoding child of Ada.Strings A.4.11(3/5)

Vector_Iterator_Interfaces in Ada.Containers.Vectors A.18.2(11.3/5), A.18.2(79.7/5)

Vectors child of Ada.Containers A.18.2(6/5)

Wide_Bounded child of Ada.Strings A.4.7(1/3)

Wide_Constants child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Maps A.4.7(1/3), A.4.8(28/2)

Wide_Equal_Case_Insensitive child of Ada.Strings A.4.7(1/3)

Wide_Fixed child of Ada.Strings A.4.7(1/3)

Wide_Hash child of Ada.Strings A.4.7(1/3)

Wide_Hash_Case_Insensitive child of Ada.Strings A.4.7(1/3)

Wide_Maps child of Ada.Strings A.4.7(3/5)

Wide_Text_IO child of Ada A.11(2/2)

Wide_Unbounded child of Ada.Strings A.4.7(1/3)

Wide_Bounded_IO child of Ada.Wide_Text_IO A.11(4/3)

Wide_Characters child of Ada A.3.1(4/5)

Wide_Command_Line child of Ada A.15.1(2/5)

Wide_Directories child of Ada A.16.2(2/5)

Wide_Environment_Variables child of Ada A.17.1(2/5)

Wide_File_Names in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(18.1/5) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(15.1/5) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(26.1/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(85.1/5)

Wide_Strings child of Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(30/5)

Wide_Unbounded_IO child of Ada.Wide_Text_IO A.11(5/3)

Wide_Wide_Constants child of Ada.Strings.Wide_Wide_Maps A.4.8(1/3)

Wide_Wide_Equal_Case_Insensitive child of Ada.Strings A.4.8(1/3)

Wide_Wide_Hash child of Ada.Strings A.4.8(1/3)

Wide_Wide_Hash_Case_Insensitive child of Ada.Strings A.4.8(1/3)

Wide_Wide_Text_IO child of Ada A.11(3/2)

Wide_Wide_Bounded child of Ada.Strings A.4.8(1/3)

Wide_Wide_Bounded_IO child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO A.11(4/3)

Wide_Wide_Characters child of Ada A.3.1(6/5)

Wide_Wide_Command_Line child of Ada A.15.1(3/5)

Wide_Wide_Directories child of Ada A.16.2(3/5)

Wide_Wide_Environment_Variables child of Ada A.17.1(3/5)

Wide_Wide_File_Names in Ada.Direct_IO A.8.4(18.8/5) in Ada.Sequential_IO A.8.1(15.8/5) in Ada.Streams.Stream_IO A.12.1(26.8/5) in Ada.Text_IO A.10.1(85.8/5)

Wide_Wide_Fixed child of Ada.Strings A.4.8(1/3)

Wide_Wide_Maps child of Ada.Strings A.4.8(3/5)

Wide_Wide_Strings child of Ada.Strings.UTF_Encoding A.4.11(38/5)

Wide_Wide_Unbounded child of Ada.Strings A.4.8(1/3)

Wide_Wide_Unbounded_IO child of Ada.Wide_Wide_Text_IO A.11(5/3)