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Contribute is built using Docusaurus. This gives us a great looking site while also supporting both Markdown and also React for more control where needed.


  1. Install Node and Yarn. yarn --version should show version 2 or higher.

  2. Then install the dependencies of this package. You might have to rerun this command after pulling the main branch if dependencies change.

cd ada-lang-io
yarn install
  1. Install the postcommit hooks to format your code appropriately.
yarn postinstall

Run and edit locally

  1. Run the site locally. This will open up your web browser to http://localhost:3000.
yarn start
  1. It will update as you make changes.

  2. Verify a clean build before you submit. This ensures that there are no broken links.

yarn build
  1. When you're satisfied with your work, send a pull request to ask to have your work added.

Generated docs

Ada Reference Manual

This is built with ada-auth.

Don't edit docs/arm/*.mdx files.

Ada Quality and Style Guide

The guide is converted from WiKi Book.

Don't edit docs/style-guide/*.mdx files. Use the converter instead.