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Contribute depends on your support to stay up-to-date and improve!

This site is built using Docusaurus. This gives us a great looking site while also supporting both Markdown and also React for more control where needed.


  1. Install Node 20.

Last development version:

$ npm --version

$ node --version
  1. Then install the dependencies of this package. You might have to rerun this command after pulling the main branch if dependencies change.
cd ada-lang-io
npm install

Run and edit locally

  1. Run the site locally. This will open up your web browser to http://localhost:3000.
npm run start
  1. It will update as you make changes.

  2. Verify a clean build before you submit. This ensures that there are no broken links.

 npm run build
  1. Verify your document changes are MDX 3 compliant with:
npx docusaurus-mdx-checker
  1. When you're satisfied with your work, send a pull request to ask to have your work added.

Generated docs

Ada Reference Manual

This is built with ada-auth.

Don't edit docs/arm/*.mdx files.

Ada Quality and Style Guide

The guide is converted from WiKi Book.

Don't edit docs/style-guide/*.mdx files. Use the converter instead.